Free Agents Fantasy League Scoring System

The Officially Unofficial MTV The Challenge: Free Agents Fantasy League Scoring System!

Hopefully by now you’re getting all your friends together and preparing for the upcoming Challenge season by organizing your fantasy league. Below is the scoring system we’ll use this season.

Remember that every week a day or two after an episode airs, we’ll post the officially unofficial scoring of the week.

Scoring system for Free Agents:

T.J. Lavin: Lover of Dogs, Hater of Quitters

T.J. Lavin: Lover of Dogs, Hater of Quitters

  • Making T.J. say, “You killed it”: 10 points
  • Making TJ express verbal disappointment in you quitting: -5 points
  • Making T.J. verbally express his disappointment in anything else about your behavior besides quitting: 10 points
  • Winning the regular challenge: 15 points
  • Winning elimination challenge: 25 points
  • Winning final challenge: 100 points
  • 2nd place at final challenge: 30 points
  • 3rd place at final challenge: 10 points
  • Leaving show due to injury: -50 points
  • Female Crying: 5 points
  • Male Crying: 20 points
  • Open-mouth kissing: 5 points per participant
  • Coitus (or pulling over covers in bed): 20 points per participant
  • Nudity: 10 points
  • Verbal Fighting: 5 points
  • Physical Fighting: 25 points (hard push and slapping counts in this category)
  • Being kicked off show for something other than injury: 100 points (must be eliminated outside of game play)
  • Vomiting: 5 points (limit 2 per episode)
  • Peeing in public, non-toilet: 10 points

NOTE: Flashbacks from previous challenges do not count towards scoring. Anything that happened off camera/was not shown, does not count in scoring. Anything that happened during the after show or the reunion does not count towards scores.

Post any and all questions and comments below.

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