Free Agents Draft Plans

A guide to drafting for The Challenge Free Agents! Challenge FA

The premiere of The Challenge is just over a week away! If you are planning a league, you should probably draft as soon as possible.

For our leagues, there will be 7 participants, and each participants will draft 4 cast members for their fantasy team (since there are 28 contestants on the show). However, if your group has more participants or fewer, you can make it work. You can either leave contestants undrafted or allow more than one participant to draft the same contestant.

Our suggestion is to get your group organized and then have someone enter all the participant and/or team names in the List Randomizer at in order to determine a draft order. Over email, your league can participate in a snake draft (where the positions flip flop every round, so if someone drafts first during the very first round, they’ll draft last the following round, then they’ll draft first again in the next round) by replying to all with their pick, and then the next person on the draft order list chooses, sharing their choice in a reply-all email, and so on.

It’s important to set a reasonable time range for the draft (probably getting this done before 8pm tomorrow night is a good idea, in case MTV comes out with a teaser special), so that no one at the end of the draft may be in an advantageous position by being privy to newly released challenge information.

Good luck and have fun!

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