Officially Unofficial’s Draft Results

I had so many people interested in participating in a Free Agents Fantasy League that I made two leagues… also, I wanted to play in two leagues. Both leagues have drafted, and here is how the drafts went…

This is what Jemmye looks like now...

This is what Jemmye looks like now…

In the O.G. League (the original gamers, most of the people who played in our league last season), the draft went as follows:

First round…

1. Sandy – CT
2. Garrett – Frank
3. Chris – Laurel
4. Rachel – Jordan
5. Caren – Nany
6. Mix – Zach
7. Carrie – Johnny Bananas

Second round…
8. Carrie – Jasmine
9. Mix – Nia
10. Caren-Leroy

11. Rachel – Cara Maria
12. Chris – Camilla
13. Garrett – Dustin
14. Sandy – Issac
Third round…
15. Sandy – Chet

16. Garrett – Emilee
17. Chris – Brandon N.
18. Rachel – Johnny from Portland
19. Caren – Jemmye
20. Mix – Cohutta
21. Carrie – Jonna

Fourth round…
22. Carrie – Brandon Swift
23. Mix – Theresa

24. Caren – Devyn

25. Rachel – LaToya

26. Chris – Jessica

27. Garrett – Aneesa

28. Sandy – Preston

The teams:

Sandy: CT, Isaac, Chet, Preston
Garrett: Frank, Dustin, Emilee, Aneesa
Chris: Laurel, Camila, Brandon N., Jessica
Rachel: Jordan, Cara Maria, Johnny R., LaToya
Caren: Nany, Leroy, Jemmye, Devyn
Mix: Zach, Nia, Cohutta, Theresa
Carrie: Johnny Bananas, Jasmine, Jonna, Brandon Swift
Sandy’s team is the only all-male team, but yet not as masculine as Garrett’s team.
Garrett’s team is most likely to have a steroid controversy.
Chris’ team is built around the return of Laurel. Very curious to see how she does and if she gets drunk enough to make out with Camila during and/or after Camilla’s requisite mental breakdown.
My team is the boys from Portland (hope that missing hand doesn’t get held against him – ha!) the wildcard that is Cara Maria (praying for no swimming challenges) and someone named Latoya Jackson. I wasn’t even high when I drafted.
Caren’s team is set to dominate on hook up points. From the preview, it seems Nany makes out with everyone and cries.
Mix’s team: second most likely to have a steroid controversy, second most likely to dominate hook up points. The success of this team very much depends on if Zach has grown any brain cells.
Carrie’s the team is the drama team 4real. I can’t even look at those names without hearing yelling noises and bleeps.

In the Super Awesome New League, the draft went as follows:

First round…

1. CT

2. Johnny Bananas
3. Laurel
4. Jemmye
5. Jordan

6. Frank
7. Zach
Second round…
8. Camila
9. Cara Maria
10. Leroy
11. Isaac
12. Emilee
13. Aneesa
14. Theresa
Third round…
15. Brandon
17. Nany
18. Devyn
19. Dustin
20. Jonna
21. Jasmine
Fourth round…
22. Johnny from Portland
23. Swift
24. Nia
25. LaToya
26. Jessica
27. Chet
28. Preston
The teams:

  • Stacey – CT, Theresa, Brandon & Preston
  • Rachel –  Johnny Bananas, Aneesa, Cohutta & Chet
  • Giani – Laurel, Emilee, Nany & Jessica
  • Madeline – Jemmye, Isaac, Devyn & LaToya
  • Me – Jordan, Leroy, Dustin & Nia
  • Libby – Frank, Cara Maria, Swift & Jonna
  • Erin – Camila, Zach, Johnny from Portland & Jasmine


Stacy’s Team consists of four members of the cast who may, if left alone together, have absolutely nothing to say to each other.

Rachel’s Team is half veterans (Bananas, Aneesa) and half little white boys.

Giani, the lone man in this league, has a team of all hot chicks. While this team promises to be quite amusing, if Laurel doesn’t steam roll the competition, Giani may have no chance to win.

Madeline took some chances, hoping that Jemmye can use her white trash powers to outperform the competition. The rest of her team are question marks, as it’s unclear how well Isaac, Devyn and LaToya can perform/hook up/cause drama.

My team consists of four people who may all sleep together, cause why not? It’s the Challenge and MTV leaves these aspiring models with unlimited booze and no entertainment.

Libby’s team is Super Awesome Drama 4real. There’s a 75% chance that someone from Libby’s team is involved in a fight at some point in every episode this season.

Erin’s team is physically impressive, while mentally not so much. If there is any kind of non-Challenge trivia or spelling bee or something, this team is in big trouble.










Preseason notes and predictions coming soon!

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