Episode 2 – After Show – Why, MTV, why!?

The Challenge: Free Agents After Show is a special 20-minute program where former Challenge host Jonny Moseley speaks to cast members about the episode. It’s part unnecessary, uninteresting commentary and part stuff MTV really needs to include in the actual episodes!

Real World Vegas 2 Cast Members Nany and Dustin Discuss How Awesome It Is To Make Out with Everyone

Real World Vegas 2 Cast Members Nany and Dustin Discuss How Awesome It Is To Make Out with Everyone

For the episode 2 After Show, Nany and Dustin sat down with Jonny Moseley to discuss how much of a bummer it was that Dustin got eliminated so early… especially since he still had a dozen more ladies on the cast to make out with.

Then it is revealed that Jasmine and Isaac had sex on the beach (!!!?!?!?!?!!!!) and that the morning after Nany and Camila fought into the dawn hours, Cara Maria called out Camila for being a crazy drunk who gets into loud annoying fights… which Camila didn’t like (shocker) and they yelled at each other.

That’s 50 fantasy league scoring points (20 points for Jasmine, 20 for Isaac for their coitus, 5 for Cara Maria, 5 for Camila for their verbal fight) that were not awarded because MTV editors wanted to save some juicy bits for their stupid After Show!!! Unacceptable. Also, that’s one hot bang no one saw, and one instance of Cara Maria actually being rational that was hidden from the majority of viewers.

If there’s that much good stuff to show, which there obviously is, just make the first few episodes that have so many people in them 90 minutes long! Ugh, MTV. Get it together!

After the good, juicy info is revealed, Challenge “expert” Susie Meister breaks down the episode with Jonny Moseley. Her commentary is bleh. What’s pregnant Paula up to? She’d be better at this.


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