Was Free Agents Frank’s Last Challenge?

Frank was removed from The Challenge Free Agents in Episode 3, after being diagnosed with pneumonia. It was a bummer and somewhat anti-climactic for such a tough competitor to leave under those circumstance. Apparently, it was also the last time any of us will see him on an MTV challenge.

Frank Sweeney: Man of Many Bow Ties

Frank Sweeney: Man of Many Bow Ties

Viewers first met Frank in 2011 when he was a cast member on The Real World San Diego, round 2. Since then, Frank Sweeney has participated in 3 challenges, being part of the winning team on Battle of the Seasons.

Frank and Johnny Bananas on Rivals II

Frank and Johnny Bananas on Rivals II

Frank is very much one of those “characters” that you love to hate and/or hate to love. He’s a good competitor, he gets emotional (a crier and a screamer), and most notable, he speaks his mind.

On April 11th, Frank posted a note about his thoughts on his final season on The Challenge on Facebook. You can read it here.

It’s interesting that people who subject themselves to the exploitation that is reality TV often grow out of it and sometimes turn against it. That or he really did just come to the realization that it’s not a sustainable career and it’s time return to pursuing life as they were before television.

Part of what Frank seems to be over is his television caricature being shown as a “bad” guy. MTV’s editors portray him as a bit of a villain, for as much as one can be a villain in a quasi-American Gladiators situation.

Frank at the Rivals II Reunion, Where Knight Expressed His Dislike of Frank

Frank at the Rivals II Reunion, Where Knight Expressed His Dislike of Frank

It’s not easy to ignore all the comments floating around the web world. The internet is pretty hard on, um, everyone. But yes, even more cruel to people who are exposed on a larger scale and more well-known.

And maybe when Knight hit Frank on the Rivals II reunion, Frank thought, “what happened to my life that I’m living in modified Jerry Springer meets high school drama?”

But like actual professional athletes, there is also the chance of Frank coming out of retirement at some point… right? What do you think?

I hope Frank goes for one last Challenge. Seeing him leave for being sick is like if Mariano Rivera had retired after tearing his ACL catching a ball in practice. Oh God… I just compared Frank to Mariano Rivera. Maybe this has all gone too far and Frank should stick with his plan and be done.


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One thought on “Was Free Agents Frank’s Last Challenge?

  1. Use Logic says:

    I think Frank suffers from a mental illness or personality disorder. I think it is one’s personal responsibility to take care of whatever issues they have so that they don’t treat people horribly. I hope he has gotten it under control.

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