Free Agents – Episode 5 – Breakdown and Scoring

After a montage of egos and work outs, episode 5 of The Challenge begins with a challenge. I mean, hey, why not?

The 5th Free Agents Challenge is piggy back. Two teams of ten will compete in racing their players from one platform through ropes dangling above the water. But each team member has to hold position on a rope and then peel off from the back and move forward from there. The teams with the most players across in the fastest time wins!

PURPLE TEAM: Johnny from Portland, Theresa, Zach, Cara Maria, Jordan, Jonna, Leroy, Jessica, Swift and Devyn

YELLOW TEAM: Camila, Bananas, Laurel, CT, Nany, Cohutta, Aneesa, Isaac, Preston and Jasmine

Preston picked last AGAIN! He noticed.

Low-flying Challengers

Low-flying Challengers

Purple team doesn’t look great… Devyn is the first to fall, then Jessica. Swift moves, well, swiftly. But when he hits that last rope, he slides and falls into the water. Theresa stumbles off next. Zach makes it to the end, pulling in Cara Maria and Johnny from Portland. Jonna falls. Leroy makes it over.

All that’s left is Jordan, but he slides a bit.

Jordan only having one and a half hands, works against him again. He falls.

Cut to Bananas interview where he’s knockin’ Jordan, not mentioning the disability. Kinda hard to hold a rope without two hands!

Purple team: 4 across, 6 wet and angry

Yellow team looks better, but only in the beginning. It’s still exhausting to hold onto and navigate through the ropes. Nany and Aneesa fall simultaneously. They could do some synchronized swimming!

Bananas falls. Cut to Bananas interview where he describes the challenge as incredibly difficult.

Cohutta gets across, helping Laurel come to the platform, too.

Cohutta then is talkin’ ’bout how Johnny ain’t nothing but a wet banana, tellin’ the team what they’re doin’ wrong was just amazing. Cohutta should be have a talking bobble-head doll.

Camila falls, CT falls. Isaac gets across. Jasmine falls. Preston makes it.

Last picked Preston makes it across, which means yellow team got four players across, as did the purple team.

So, T.J., who did it faster?

Back from commercial, we learn that Preston didn’t touch the last rope with both hands, which means he didn’t really make it across. Purple wins. Cara Maria is safe for the first time all season. She nearly explodes.

In actuality, she celebrates by running around naked, but this is only in the TV episode, not the online version, so there’s more points left on the table. Have I told you lately how little regard for this fantasy league the MTV Challenge editors have? It’s ridiculous.

When the cast gets back to the house, Cara Maria starts talking about putting Bananas in. The team loves it.

Theresa: She's Pretty... Pretty Strategic

Theresa: She’s Pretty… Pretty Strategic

The girls? Theresa wants Laurel (her “#1 enemy”), using the whole “take out a strong competitor, who cares if she hates us?” mentality. Cara Maria is into the strategy but is not voting for Laurel, since they are Fresh Meat buddies.

Whatever happens with all the talking and arguing, it’s an individual game and the voting reflects that.

Jordan votes Nany. Jessica votes Aneesa (so much for that attemped alliance). Swift votes Nany. Jonna votes Laurel (since Laurel voted for her). Leroy votes Laurel with a hilarious, “when you get a chance to vote me in, please don’t,” thrown in there. Leroy charm: it’s terrific.

Devyn votes Laurel. Johnny from Portland votes Camila (since she voted for him). Zach votes Laurel. Theresa votes Jasmine, because there are enough Laurel votes out there. Devyn is pissed because Theresa played her and now a competitor who is likely to come back, is mad at someone like Devyn, not Theresa.

Cara Maria votes Aneesa, which is worthless. It’s Laurel. Laurel is going into the elimination. She’s not too happy about it because no one ever is. This is Laurel, though, she has to know she has a good chance of surviving… really good if she’s not in against Camila or Aneesa.

Guys turn. Cara Maria votes Bananas. Zach votes Bananas. Theresa votes for Preston (because he voted for her). Johnny from Portland votes for Bananas. Devyn votes Cohutta. Leroy votes Isaac. Jonna votes Preston. Swift votes Isaac. Jessica votes Isaac. That’s three votes for Bananas and three for Isaac. Jordan holds the tie-breaker and he puts Bananas in. The Bananas vs. Jordan rivalry builds. (Future partners for Rivals III?)

Devyn calls out Theresa for wussing with her vote and being “disintegris” – my new favorite word! Mad at Theresa, Devyn tells Laurel that Theresa orchestrated the vote that way. Laurel appreciates the inside knowledge and vows for revenge!

The elimination game is the same we saw in episode 1: Balls In (the power-ball American Gladiator event).

Powerball from American Gladiators... Which MTV's The Challenge Calls "Balls In"

Powerball from American Gladiators… Which MTV’s The Challenge Calls “Balls In”

Laurel is psyched… she likes her odds on this.

Jasmine Prepares for Her Doom

Jasmine Prepares for Her Doom

Jasmine pulls the kill card and everyone knows, she will be killed. As Cara Maria later says, “this is sad.” Laurel is so much bigger than Jasmine that it’s impressive that Jasmine scores one at all.

On the guys side, Isaac pulls the kill card. Unlike the ladies, these two are somewhat similar in size. Bananas has much better moves, though and wins pretty easily.

After his victory, Bananas gets on Jordan about a comment Jordan had made about Bananas earning his stripes. “You’ll be missing more than a hand when I’m done with you.” Bananas says. Some in the house aren’t pleased with that comment, but I’m just glad that Bananas has noticed that Jordan has a disadvantage on some of these challenges.

Jordan and Bananas proceed to yell at each other, talking s***. Hopefully, we see them against each other at some point.

Scoring for Episode 5 is noted below:

Free Agents Scores - Ep5Because WordPress hates me and doesn’t always let me put in excel, a link to the excel file is here: Free Agents Scores – Ep5

Best player performance of the episode: Bananas (30 points)

NEXT WEEK: T.J.’s favorite challenge… the trivia or you will be catapulted into the water challenge. Camila can’t wait and neither can I!

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