Free Agents – Episode 6 – Breakdown and Scoring

T.J. Lavin - A Man Who Should Take Over Jeopardy When Trebek Retires

T.J. Lavin – A Man Who Should Take Over Jeopardy When Trebek Retires

Not So Trivial Pursuits: a game played by not-so-knowledgeable MTV reality show alum.

It’s Jonna’s birthday! Looks like a good time. On their way back to the house, the cast divides into two vans. One fun make-out van and one CT vs. Jordan van.

NOTE: I hate the MTV editing team. They have no respect for this game. It took top level detective skills, many times watching in slow motion and we still couldn’t full conclude who Jonna was making out with. Our Twitter @OfficiallyUnoff tweeted Devyn to see if it was her, and Devyn tweeted back that her and Aneesa “interpretive sexting.” Funny, not helpful for scoring, though.

Devyn & Aneesa: Interpretive Sexters

Devyn & Aneesa: Interpretive Sexters

We did, however, see Nany and Aneesa make out. Nany has made out with 3 cast members at the halfway mark of the season. T.J. should throw her a “you killed it” for that!

Back at home, Laurel and Jordan cuddle. It’s like it would kill MTV to show them hook up more. However, Laurel’s ass is out in the open because she doesn’t wear underwear or wears thongs. 10 non-sexy nudity points for Laurel.

The Challenge is T.J.’s favorite… trivia challenge! The contestants hang over the water by a rope. They will be asked questions. Once a player has gotten two questions wrong, they are released into the water. The first four guys and girls to be plummeted into the water are going straight into the draw. The powers that be randomly choose the order. This matters immensely because the game is incredibly flawed in that  going first puts you in a significant disadvantage.

Guys Round

Question to CT: What is the official language spoken in Uruguay? “Spanish” – CORRECT

Question to Leroy: Spell disguise – WRONG

"Dutch?" #OytotheVey

“Dutch?” #OytotheVey

Question to Bananas: What is the official language spoken in Australia? “Dutch” – WRONG (English, of course) Um, what the what, Bananas? Oy…

Question to Johnny from Portland: What is the main vitamin we get from the sun? “Vitamin C?” – WRONG (Vitamin D)

Question to Swift: What is the hardest substance in the human body? “I’d say your teeth” – CORRECT

Question to Cohutta: What country has the longest coastline? “Australia?” – WRONG (Canada)

Question to Zach: In fairy tales, who pricked her finger on a spinning wheel and slept for 100 years ? “Sleeping Beauty” – CORRECT

Question to Preston: In which century was the year 1678? “15th century” – WRONG (17th)

Question to Jordan: What is the capital of Italy? “Venice” WRONG (Rome)

Question to CT: How many stripes are on the American flag? “12” – WRONG (13, for the colonies… I know they’re nervous, but this is kinda hard to watch)

The Guys Are Suspended Over Water, To Be Released When They Answer Trivia Questions Wrong

The Guys Are Suspended Over Water, To Be Released When They Answer Trivia Questions Wrong

Question to Leroy: Who was the 3rd President of the U.S.A.? “I’m gunna have to go with Roosevelt” – WRONG (Jefferson, this is now officially painful to watch)

Question to Bananas: Statue of Liberty was gift to the U.S. from which country? “France” – CORRECT

Question to Johnny from Portland: Who won the World Series in 2012? – “St. Louis” WRONG (San Francisco)

Question to Swift: Which city hosted the 2013 Superbowl? “New Orleans” – CORRECT

Question to Cohutta: Which country does U2 come from? “Ireland” – CORRECT

Question to Zach: L.A. Galaxy play what sport? “Soccer” – CORRECT

Question to Preston: In which month is Labor Day? “September” – CORRECT

Question to Jordan: In which city is the Guggenheim museum? “See ya tomorrow, T.J.” – WRONG (New York – also, come on, Jordan… just guess!)

Question to CT: Who is the middle-weight champion of the UFC? [nothing] WRONG (Chris Weidman)

Question to Bananas: Who was Katy Perry’s first husband? “Russell Brand” – CORRECT (Way to know that and not what Aussies speak, Bananas – Yikes!)

Question to Swift: Spell Salmonella – WRONG

Question to Cohutta: Spell svelte – WRONG

Question to Zach: Spell bicentennial – WRONG

Question to Preston: Who won the 2013 Superbowl? “The Giants” – WRONG (Ravens)

Question to Bananas: Spell acquaintance – WRONG

Now it’s just Swift vs. Zach, but Swift has to go first… again, the game is relying on the random order to provide great advantage and disadvantage.

Question to Swift: Spell exacerbated – WRONG

Male draw: Leroy, Johnny from Portland, Jordan and CT

Male winner: Zach

Girls Round

Question to Camila: What is the longest bone in the body? “Thigh bone” – WRONG (not specific enough, femur)

Question to Laurel: What is the largest state in the U.S.?  “Texas” – WRONG (Alaska, oof Laurel)

Question to Jessica: What can be a box containing treasure or a part of the body? [nothing] WRONG (chest, although I agree with Jonna that booty should be an acceptable answer – also, that was the first thing that came to my mind. Happy birthday, Jonna!)

Question to Theresa: What is the largest country in the world?  “Canada” – WRONG (Russia, “I forget about that place”)

Question to Devyn: What is a female deer called? “A doe” – CORRECT [REPEAT! This question was asked in Battle of the Exes Season!]

Question to Cara Maria: What continent does the U.S. belong to? “What’s a continent?” – WRONG (Jeez, Cara!)

Question to Nany: What instrument measures temperature? “Thermometer” – CORRECT

Question to Aneesa: What do you call a shape with 5 sides? “Hexagon” – WRONG (Pentagon)

Question to Jonna: What does your heart pump? Blood – CORRECT (really? This is “Are You Smarter Than a 1st Grader?”)

Question to Camila: What is the capital of California? Los Angeles – WRONG [Sacramento]

Camila is Released After Answering Her 2nd Question Wrong

Camila is Released After Answering Her 2nd Question Wrong

Question to Laurel: Spell shallow – CORRECT

Question to Jessica: What hemisphere are we currently in? “Southern?” – CORRECT

Question to Theresa: Spell education – CORRECT

Question to Devyn: Which ocean is off the coast of California? “Pacific” – CORRECT

Question to Cara Maria: Who is the Vice President of the U.S.? “Joe Biden” – CORRECT [Question predicted in our S*** They Should Ask Preview!]

Question to Nany: What is the capital of Nevada? “Reno” – WRONG

Question to Aneesa: What country in the world has the largest population? “Asia” – WRONG (China, oh Aneesa…)

Question to Jonna: Who was the last President of the U.S.? “Obama” – Somehow wrong, T.J. says Bush. Strangely worded question.

Question to Laurel: Name either of President Obama’s children. “Sasha” – CORRECT

Question to Jessica: What do the initials JFK stand for? “John Francis Kennedy?” – WRONG (Jordan laughs from below)

Question to Theresa: How many faces are on Mount Rushmore? “4” – CORRECT

Question to Devyn: In what state would you find Yosemite National Park? “Wyoming?” – WRONG (California)

Question to Cara Maria: Spell nickel. CORRECT

Question to Nany: Whose face is on the $5 bill? “George Washington?” – WRONG (Lincoln)

Question to Jonna: Which Gossip Girl actress did Ryan Reynolds marry last year? “Blake Lively” – CORRECT

Question to Laurel: In the huge rock group R.E.M., what does R.E.M. stand for? “Radio Electronic Music” – WRONG (Rapid Eye Movement)

Question to Theresa: In what year did Michael Jackson die? “2012” – WRONG (2009)

Question to Devyn: In what year did MTV premiere? “1981” – CORRECT (most impressive answer of the game)

Question to Cara Maria: “Mahatma Gandhi” – WRONG

Now it’s Devyn or Jonna and Jonna has to answer correctly first..

Question to Jonna: What is the longest running race in the Olympic games? “3200?” – WRONG (Marathon)

Female draw: Camila, Aneesa, Jessica, Nany

Female winner: Devyn

That was the trivia game. No Challenge history questions! Sad face.

In a strange MTV move of weirdness, winners Devyn and Zach have to pick one person who is not in the draw to put into the elimination. This is a huge twist that is not discussed at all. Had the players known this, maybe they would have bombed the trivia (well, done worse than they already did) and taken their chance with the draw (25% chance of going in) if they thought that they’d get put in by nomination.

This means Devyn has to choose between Jonna (friend), Cara Maria (promise), Theresa (friend who made her look bad with Laurel) and Laurel (big move that would have Laurel hating on Devyn if/when she comes back).

Zach puts Swift in, Devyn agrees.

I’m curious about the fact that Zach and Devyn choose together. What would the tiebreak be if they opted not to pick the same people?

Girls turn. Devyn chooses Theresa for going back on her word. Zach is fine with that.

The elimination challenge is tug of war. Nany draws a blank. CT draws a blank. Aneesa draws a blank. Jordan draws the kill card. Camila draws the kill card.

Jordan in the Tug of War Elimination Challenge

Jordan in the Tug of War Elimination Challenge

Last time we saw this elimination game, Cara Maria and Nia spent over an hour battling. But this time, the producers snuck in another rope that the contestants can grab on to help pull themselves to the bell they must ring.

Jordan beats Swift easily.

Camila Struggles in the Tug of War Elimination vs. Theresa

Camila Struggles in the Tug of War Elimination vs. Theresa

The girls have a much more dramatic struggle, but Theresa gets herself in a good position, while Camila is sunken down crying on the other side. Theresa finally reaches out and rings the bell. Camila is eliminated.

Scoring for Episode 6 is noted below:

Free Agents Scores - Ep6

Free Agents Scores – Ep6


Because WordPress hates me and doesn’t always let me put in excel, a link to the excel file is here: Free Agents Scores – Ep6

Best player performance of the episode: Jordan and Theresa (30 points each)

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2 thoughts on “Free Agents – Episode 6 – Breakdown and Scoring

  1. Chris says:

    Something was up with Camila during that entire episode. Her performance has to hurt her stock in next season’s draft.

  2. Justin says:

    As awesome of an answer that booty would have been, booty is the treasure in the chest, not the actual chest itself.

    Also regarding your tiebreak question:

    Thanks for the scores!!

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