Free Agents – Midseason Report

We’re halfway through this season of MTV’s The Challenge: Free Agents!!!

Highlights from the first half include, but are not limited to:

CT vs Theresa Basketball

CT vs Theresa Basketball


A sexy Theresa vs. CT basketball game…

…Nany’s drunken proposal to Cohutta, which led to bachelor and bachelorette party fun times at the house…

Jasmine is the Entertainment for Cohutta's Bachelor Party

Jasmine is the Entertainment for Cohutta’s Bachelor Party





At the halfway point, Nany has made out with 3 different cast members (Cohutta, Johnny from Portland & Aneesa – a 15 point total value).

MUCH IMPROVED (fantasy-wise): Nany earned just 25 points in all of last season (Rivals II) and she has already earned 85 points this season!

IMPRESSIVE ROOKIE SEASON: Upset of the first half of the season – LaToya takes out Jemmye in episode 1!

Rookie LaToya Takes Out Jemmye

Rookie LaToya Takes Out Jemmye

Rookie LaToya earned 40 points in her debut season, a value higher than most would expect.

DISAPPOINTING SEASON: Jemmye, who earned 95 points last season, did not get any fantasy league points this season.

FUTURE RIVALS: After show drama has Nia and Jasmine feuding. Meanwhile, still in the game, Jordan and Bananas hate each other. Are these future rivals pairs? If so, Jordan and Bananas will be tough to beat!

FUTURE EXES: Jordan and Laurel have been snuggling for most of the season. If When it doesn’t work out, they will qualify for a terrific team on the next round of Battle of the Exes. Nany and Cohutta have a little thing of their own going on – possible Battle of the Exes team, too.

MOST SIGNIFICANT LOSSES: Frank and Camila were surely expected to make it to the halfway mark and didn’t.

Halfway through the season, the picture is a bit clearer. But there are still plenty of viable options for victors.

Below is a breakdown of scoring by cast member by week:

Midseason Stats by Player

Midseason Stats by Player

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