Free Agents – Episode 7 – Breakdown and Scoring

It’s that time of the week again! Challenge time!!!

Girls on the Grill

Girls on the Grill

We start watching Laurel and Jordan be all shmoopy, something Bananas and some others seem not very into. After that, we touch base with Theresa, who is mad that Devyn voted her in last time. Then we see Leroy talk about strategy. He figures that if he can’t win a challenge, he may as well end up in the draw where it is a matter of numbers and avoid maybe getting voted in.

While I like where his head is at, because it is an interesting element of the game to consider, Leroy is very well-liked in the house and not the kind of competitor people are really gunning after.

But onto the actual challenge.

Boys on the Buns

Boys on the Buns

This episode features a hilarious Challenge called, “Sausage Party” – an individual challenge. Wrapped in plastic wrap, the players roll across the sand through obstacles, racing to get onto a bun. It’s like The Challenge meets Double Dare.

Unlike last week, host T.J. Lavin explains that the draw will consist of the bottom three players. The winner will choose from those not in the draw to send into elimination. This is super important because if a contestant sees someone who hates them win, they may wanna fall back to the bottom three and take their chances at the draw, if they feel they will 100% be thrown in by their enemy. (I’m picturing a Bananas/Jordan situation here).

But girls go first!

Buddies Laurel and Cara Maria are way ahead of everyone else. rolling along nicely. Towards the end, Cara Maria can’t even possibly pass Laurel because Laurel is in her way. Nevertheless, they reach the buns around the same time, but Laurel gets up there first and takes the win.

Devyn, Nany and Jonna are the bottom three, going into the draw. All of the bottom three are out-sized by the others. Not looking good for those bottom three.

Guys go next.

Leroy doesn’t seem to get the memo and goes seemingly nowhere. He figures that since Laurel won and he’s voted for her, he may as well go by his previously mentioned strategy and take his chances on the draw… so he just parks his ass at the starting line.

With Zach and Johnny from Portland in the lead and Laurel (his make-out buddy) a victor, Jordan decides to fall back and take his chances with the draw because he’s confident he won’t get voted in and that he can work with his friends to get an opponent he wants in the elimination. So here we are with that strategy stuff I was wondering about earlier!

And what do you know it. Jordan’s friend from his season of the Real World, Johnny from Portland wins! Zach comes in second and screams for T.J. to get him out of plastic wrap because he “has a fear of being tied down.” Someone had a kinky ex!

Jordan, Preston and Leroy are the bottom three, going into the draw.

Laurel and Johnny from Portland sit around deliberating… with their buddy Jordan. Johnny from Portland wants to put Bananas in because he already voted for Bananas and because he wants to give Bananas to Jordan. “But what if Leroy or Preston pulls the kill card?” Laurel asks.

Later on, Zach decides that Jordan could eliminate the risk of missing his opportunity to go against Bananas if he just goes up first and flips all the cards.

CT overhears this entire plan while standing in the doorway, presumably smoking a cigarette. “Jordan’s major handicapped isn’t his hand, it’s his pride,” CT wisely states. [CT is, of course, referring to the fact that Jordan doesn’t have full fingers on his left hand.]

All the boys are so down with this idea because it guarantees that one of the top two guys is knocked out. Jordan figures this makes him a man of his word, because he’s gone back and forth over machismo bravado stuff with Bananas all season.

Aneesa Chats Up Laurel at the Bar

Aneesa Chats Up Laurel at the Bar

At the bar, Aneesa chats up Laurel, trying to save herself from being voted in. Aneesa really doesn’t bring up any good points, vaguely stating that maybe Jessica could get thrown in and ending with an odd kind-of “I thought we were friends” thing.

Laurel seems a bit annoyed by the conversation, as reflected by her voting for Aneesa. Because this show will not dare have a tie that can’t be broken between the two winners, Johnny from Portland follows suit and votes Aneesa. Johnny from Portland then votes Bananas, Laurel does, too.

Sitting by the pool, Jordan and Laurel talk about his plan. She’s confident that he can do it and thinks it’s a cool, kinda badass move. Jordan wants Laurel to tell him not to do it, because he’s actually starting to think about the fact that he’s not guaranteed a victory against Bananas.

But Laurel’s not gunna be like, “Oh, Jordan! Don’t take the chance and leave me, I need and/or love you!” Because she’s not like that.

At the elimination, we see it’s the wall. We knew this, of course, because they have been rotating in order. Johnny from Portland wonders if, since this isn’t a great event for Jordan, if he won’t go and flip all the cards.

Nany flips first, it’s blank. Jordan is next and what do you know, $125,000 be damned! Jordan goes up there and flips all of the tiles. Cool move? YES! Smart move? Maybe… maybe not. We shall see.

Leroy, however, is thrilled and throws a “Thanks man” to Jordan as he walks to the safe viewing area.

But before we get there, Jonna draws the kill card. Jonna is half Aneesa’s size.

Of course, the girl elimination is first. While Jonna has played this before, when she beat Emilee, Aneesa is a lot bigger and stronger. As expected, Aneesa beats Jonna.

Jordan vs Bananas - Elimination Wall Challenge

Jordan vs Bananas – Elimination Wall Challenge

For the main event, it’s Bananas vs. Jordan. They are neck and neck and then… Jordan falls. Oof.

Bananas is satisfied to beat his brand new enemy and possible Rivals III partner. Bananas starts to run his mouth and Aneesa (from the peanut gallery) tells him to shut up.

After T.J. gives him a tough time, Jordan at least leaves with his pride… so there’s that.

No goodbye for Laurel and we see her cry a little.

Then Laurel picks a bad time to congratulate Bananas and they get in a little argument because Bananas wants to vent about how crappy Bananas thinks Jordan is. Bananas even mentions to Laurel that maybe Jordan was after her because she’s the strongest player and it meant he could have power through her. Laurel says what her and Jordan has was real. We won’t get a good follow-up on that until the reunion.

Scoring for Episode 7 is shown below:

Free Agents Scores - Ep7

Free Agents Scores – Ep7

Because WordPress hates me and doesn’t always let me put in excel, a link to the excel file is here: Free Agents Scores – Ep7

Best player performance of the episode: Bananas and Laurel (30 points each)

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