Free Agents – Episode 8 – Breakdown and Scoring

This week’s episode of The Challenge opens with a funeral for Devyn’s wig, Tamara because when you leave people in a house with no television or internet, what else are they supposed to do?

Funeral Procession for Devyn's Wig, Tamara... Complete with Bananas Appropriately Dressed

Funeral Procession for Devyn’s Wig, Tamara… Complete with Bananas Appropriately Dressed

Post-funeral at the bar, Leroy and Preston discuss the pressures of the game. “I’ll either see ya at the finish line or I won’t,” a realistic Preston states before saying that he’s not willling to get injured for the game. “It’s only money.” Foreshadowing?

Meanwhile, Nany and Cohutta are canoodling. Cohutta thinks Nany is adorable… which is maybe not the right word. Beautiful? Yes. Sexy? Yes. Crazy? Yes. Adorable? Not so sure about that one. Nevertheless, the compliment leads to kissing (5 points each) that is better described as open-mouth tonguing.

Nany tells Cohutta she doesn’t want to hurt him. Cohutta wisely replies with, “I don’t want you to hurt me.” Nany drops a “we’re just two different people.” Cohutta promises he won’t hurt her, but Nany assures him she will hurt him.

Back at the house, a drunken Nany starts flirting with Johnny from Portland and falls on his… well, you know. Blankets are covered. Coitus points awarded.

In interviewing, Nany pulls the “we were just laughing and then next thing I know…” Oh, Nany. Your whole convo with Cohutta happened for a reason.You’re attracted to Johnny from Portland. Pretty Nany, just let yourself be the free spirit single lady you are.

Maybe next season we should award bonus points for hooking up with two different people in one episode? Thoughts!? Leave ’em in the comments zone!

In the morning, Bananas gossips to Devyn, CT and Leroy that Johnny from Portland and Nany banged on the daybed, offering evidence of Johnny’s underwear still out there. Naturally, CT retrieves the evidence, Leroy inspects it and confirms that yes, these underwear have had sex. Bananas feels for Cohutta, who has no idea that the sexual encounter occurred.

Cohutta is being all cute to Nany in the morning and so innocent and sweetly asks, “Did I miss anything cool last night?” Nany dances around honesty by saying that “everyone in the house hooked up,” a bit of an exaggeration. Cohutta, not completely stupid, asks if she did anything stupid. Nany replies that yes, she did. “So did everybody else.” Part of her statement is true.

Cohutta is aware that Nany has crazy guy issues and doesn’t want to be close to anyone. We’ll see where this all goes…

But hey, this is the challenge! The challenge for this episode is to play “Hold The Pose.” Two teams of seven will go into two room areas, where they each have to strap themselves up in four different straps in their own designated color. The first team to hold themselves for one minute wins. The winners will be safe from elimination and choose someone from the losing team for elimination while the rest of the losing team will go to the draw.

Team Captains are Devyn and Johnny from Portland.

Devyn team: Zach, Cara Maria, CT, Nany, Leroy and Jessica.

Johnny from Portland team: Laurel, Bananas, Theresa, Cohutta, Preston and Aneesa.

Preston is picked last AGAIN!

Devyn's Team Holding Themselves Up for a Minute

Devyn’s Team Holding Themselves Up for a Minute

Johnny from Portland’s team gets Cohutta up pretty quickly. But after that, they’re not so efficient with their time and Devyn’s team works cohesively, communicating and placing people into their straps with an appropriate sense of urgency without panic.

Laurel is showing some negative attitude. Maybe she misses her man or hasn’t had steroid injections in a while… who knows. Laurel isn’t even confident that Aneesa and Theresa can hold up their own body weight, calling them “pathetic” in an interview.

There are only two people up on Johnny from Portland’s team while Devyn’s team holds their pose for a nerve-wracking minute. CT’s feet are inches above the sand in a very awkward pose he calls “crouching buddha, hidden yoda.” The entire team is worried, but they pull it off. Team Devyn victory. 15 points per participant.

Back at the house. Nany talks to Preston about how even though her and Cohutta are not a couple, she kinda feels bad about making Cohutta look like a fool. Nany says “that night I made out with Johnny” – so I guess she’s skipping the rest of that? Anyway, she cries. 5 more points for Nany.

Devyn’s team talks a bit and feels Preston’s free ride is over. Devyn tells Laurel she won’t vote for her. Theresa and Aneesa figure it’s one of them and try to get pumped that they could maybe take out Laurel, which would open up the girls’ game big time.

Devyn votes Aneesa, as does the rest of the team. Then they vote in Preston. “I finally got picked first!” Preston says, accepting his fate. Tall people in the elimination this week!

Nany “comes clean” to Cohutta, crying and telling Cohutta she feels bad and pushes people away. He encourages her to be vulnerable. In an interview, he says that Nany likes him but won’t admit it yet. Does he know that she also likes Johnny from Portland (or at least his body) and won’t admit that? It’s vague what exactly she told him happened.

Cohutta says that if she were 30% less pretty than she is, he’d never put up with this crap. That statement summarizes this showmance perfectly.

Elimination time! T.J. drops a “Devyn’s team absolutely killed it” – which is 10 more points for every player on Devyn’s team. This game has so many curveballs!

Laurel is up first and pulls the kill card. Aneesa is happy because she didn’t wanna go against her buddy, Theresa.

Tall vs Small in Episode 8's Elimination

Tall vs Small in Episode 8’s Elimination

Bananas pulls a blank and then Cohutta flips the kill card. Preston actually thinks he has a chance, which he does… he’s bigger than Cohutta.

They’re playing the run-into-each-other in the circular chained up gauntlet and get to the bell first. Best 2 out of 3. Cohutta out runs Preston and rings the bell first. In the second heat, Pretson slams Cohutta and pushes him back, but then trips and falls running for the bell. Preston out.

Laurel vs Aneesa

Laurel vs Aneesa

Laurel feels this is the first real elimination for her, since Aneesa is almost her size. First heat, the girls collide, but Laurel beats Aneesa by a second. Second heat, Aneesa plans on getting low, but they hit pretty much in the middle. It’s a photo finish, but Laurel gets it. Aneesa out.

Aneesa drops some tears on the way out. She really thought she could’ve taken Laurel. Theresa is sad to lose her friend, but is glad Aneesa put up a good showing and maybe even revealed that Laurel can be beat.

Back at the house, Nany invites Cohutta for a cuddle. They’re so cute?

Scoring for Episode 7 is shown below:

Free Agents Scoring - Ep8

Free Agents Scoring – Ep8

Because WordPress hates me and doesn’t always let me put in excel, a link to the excel file is here: Free Agents Scores – Ep8

Best player performance of the episode: Nany (55 points)

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