Free Agents – Episode 11 – Breakdown and Scoring

Two Eliminations: One Episode. It’s almost finale time!

An Up-Wall Battle for Cara Maria

An Up-Wall Battle for Cara Maria

This episode picks up where last week’s cliffhanger left off, because that’s how cliffhangers work. CT and Leroy face off in The Wall elimination challenge.

CT’s game plan is “climb that wall, hit the bell.” Straight-forward, accurate… and it works! As I expected, CT wins, but Leroy does make it closer than I thought it would be. T.J. complements Leroy for being classy and a gracious loser. Leroy is very likable and it’s a bummer to see him go, but he’s pretty pleased he made it as far as he did.

The more main event is the top two girls in the competition… two chicks from Fresh Meat:  one-handed Cara Maria and Laurel. They take to The Wall next and, just like with Jordan, having one and a half hands for climbing a wall is not ideal. Laurel wins easily. Cara Maria says f*** you to the wall and looks up at the far away bell sadly. Laurel and Cara Maria have a nice hug.

Cara Maria is obviously upset. She has a bit of a tantrum, kicking the wall. In an interview, she declares she’ll train harder and come back stronger next time. Um, maybe just don’t fracture your hand next time?

Elite 8 Drink to Their Success and/or Luck

Elite 8 Drink to Their Success and/or Luck

The Elite Eight are informed by T.J. that they’re moving the game to the Andes. Zach looks confused, “I don’t know what country that’s in?” Laurel informs him it’s in Chile. Good thing that question wasn’t in an actual challenge or anything.

Johnny from Portland is the only rookie in the Elite Eight and he’s all smiles.

Bananas and Laurel take a moment in celebration to stroke each other’s egos. Maybe if Jordan hadn’t already marked that territory… nevermind.

After a nice evening in Chile, T.J. meets the cast to let them know that there is only room for six people in the final, so it’s time for one last draw.

NOTE: I would’ve loved to see a quick challenge where the winner is safe, chooses one competitor to go into elimination and then the other two went to the draw. However, I do understand that there wasn’t enough time in the episode (and maybe not enough budget in Chile) to squeeze in another challenge.

The cast is stunned to hear about another twist (you’d think they’d be used to getting messed with at this point), but doesn’t really have enough time to freak out.

Final Draw for the Girls

Final Draw for the Girls

Zach goes first and flips a blank. Nany flips a blank. Johnny from Portland flips a blank. CT and Bananas will now face each other in an elimination. Rookie Johnny from Portland is in the money!

Nany and Devyn Thanking Their Lucky Stars, In the Money

Nany and Devyn Thanking Their Lucky Stars, In the Money

Devyn flips a blank. This means Devyn and Nany are in the money. Theresa and Laurel will now face each other in an elimination. For the second time in one episode, the two top chicks face each other in an elimination. For Theresa and Laurel, this is especially intense. Since Devyn and Nany are not the most intimidating competitors, whoever wins between Theresa and Laurel, is in a great position to win the final.

The elimination game is a trio of puzzles. The first is a tangram puzzle, just like they had at the swim and dig challenge not so long ago. Theresa hates it and gets flustered. She’s behind Laurel by a lot and is kinda looking freaked out. The second puzzle requires you take blocks to form a continuous line. Theresa makes up some time and is at the third puzzle at the same time as Laurel. The third puzzle is junior Sudoku, requiring the contestants to use tiles with numbers to make every row, column and one diagonal line equal fifteen.

Theresa is so flustered that she literally can’t add to fifteen and needs T.J. to check for her… and Theresa is wrong. Laurel finally figures it out. Victory for Laurel. Her second elimination challenge victory OF THE EPISODE. That’s 50 points.

Theresa leaves in tears (5 points), sad not only to have lost, but to have lost against Laurel.

Theresa Puzzled by the Puzzle

Theresa Puzzled by the Puzzle

It’s official: Nany and Devyn are in the money. This final is Laurel’s to lose.

CT Loses to Bananas

CT Loses to Bananas

Unlike Cutthroat, when CT used Bananas as a backpack to whoop his ass, CT doesn’t do well with the puzzles and loses to Bananas. There will not be a repeat champion, CT is out.

Back at home, Nany is getting pumped via disliking that Laurel expects to win. The volcano across the way from their house is rumbling. Zach wonders if “they” (MTV) did that on purpose. Zach is so funny. Johnny from Portland laughs.

Now it’s final time! All they have to do is climb the active volcano. This challenge will occur in 5 stages. For the first 3 stages, they are divided into guy/girl pairs. After each stage, partners trade, so that every guy and every lady have a chance to work together. The last two stages are individual. At the end, all the times are added up. The lowest time wins. In order to get paid, you have to finish the challenge. There had been jokes about if Devyn would even finish, now there’s a lot more pressure for her to do that.

Stage one is kayaking down a river. As you’d expect, Bananas and Laurel are in first place. Johnny from Portland and Nany work well together (hook up part 2 coming?) and are in second place. Bringing up the rear is Zach and Devyn.

If you’ve ever been in a two-person kayak or canoe before, you probably know that the person in the back steers. Devyn and Zach are going in circles. While everyone likes to blame Devyn for not being a great athlete, this is really on Zach to give direction here.

In further effort to show how little they know about rafting, Devyn and Zach don’t paddle when they hit the rapids, which makes them flip over. The Challenge rescue raft (didn’t know this was a thing), comes and gets Devyn. Zach is floating away ahead of them… is he dead!? We don’t know because it’s cliffhanger time AGAIN!

Also, we do know he’s not dead. But yeah, this final is, of course, to be continued.

Scoring for Episode 11 is shown below:

Free Agents Scores - Episode 11

Free Agents Scores – Episode 11

Because WordPress hates me and doesn’t always let me put in excel, a link to the excel file is here: Free Agents Scores – Ep11

Best player performance of the episode: Laurel (50 points)

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