Challengers Day Jobs

On last week’s Challenge After Show (+peaking around Google for a little), we found out what some of the cast members do for their day jobs.

Devyn: Going to Be Able to Afford a Lot of Wigs for Quite a While

Devyn: Going to Be Able to Afford a Lot of Wigs for Quite a While

Devyn works at ZocDoc, as does Marie from St. Thomas. ZocDoc is an online medical care scheduling service that provides patients with free searches for medical care providers. The company is raising $150 million at a $1.6 billion valuation (according to Forbes)… so those ladies won’t be out of a day job anytime soon.

Also, even if it takes her a week, she will likely finish the final challenge tonight and be in the prize money.

Nany is a bartender. She probably does alright on the tips front.

CT is an actor… he has an IMDB page and everything!

Leroy, aka RoyLee (because he’s either got a good sense of the importance of having a unique name or he’s dyslexic) sells some merchandise via website, because why not?

Cara Maria is also in the selling stuff game. She has an Etsy store… not sure if that’s a real full time job for either of them, but I guess it’s enough?

Camila is a co-founder of Clean Start, a body cleanse company. This is hilarious. The chick who gets the most wasted and crazy every season takes her off-season life running a cleanse company. How can anyone not love that?

Cohutta is the owner of Old South Records. He’s “on a mission from the heavens to create actual moving, heartfelt music that forces listeners to acknowledge the emotion of excitement, love, heartbreak, and happiness.” The website has no information of any signed artists. Maybe that’s the heavens way of hating on country music?

Johnny from Portland (Portland Real World, he’s actually from Boston because Real World LOVES casting Boston guys for some reason… they love that obnoxious accent) at the time of his Real World casting video in 2012, was a cook. Unsure if he still does that. Unsure if he ever washed those undies he banged Nany in either. The internet doesn’t have ALL the information.

According to Google research, Laurel is a Sales Rep for Anheuser-Busch, even though her lean body suggests she’d never drink beer.

Zach: He Has Crotch in His Face for a Living?

Zach: He Has Crotch in His Face for a Living?

Zach “makes the big bucks at bachelorette parties”, which I guess means he’s a stripper?!?!


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