Free Agents – Season Review

Full Free Agents Review Coming Soon!

But for now… check out the fantasy value by points per player.

As a fantasy league, it’s always good to get the stats on the season and make mental notes for next season.

Below is a breakdown of points per player.

Free Agents - Points Per Player

Free Agents – Points Per Player

Some other fun notes:

  • Isaac made it 5 weeks, but accumulated zero points. We know he hooked up with Jonna, but because that was only shown in the After Show, no points for Isaac.
  • Preston made it the farthest with the least amount of points, surviving 2/3 of the game, but with only 30 points.
  • Most points in an episode (finale excluded) was Nany, with 55 points in Week 8.
  • Week with the least points for all players was Week 10. This makes sense as it’s late in the game and there are fewer people on challenge teams and fewer people to fight/hook-up.
  • Week with the most points for all players was surprisingly late, Week 8 – the drama-filled episode with Nany hooking up with both Cohutta and Johnny from Portland.

Speaking of Nany…

Below is a breakdown of points by cast member for hooking up:

he Challenge Free Agents Hook Ups by Player

The Challenge Free Agents Hook Ups by Player

Hook ups by player… different usage of the word player this time.

Nany dominated the hook up game. She hooked up with three different cast members (Cohutta, Aneesa and Johnny from Portland). Her and Johnny from Portland were the only people shown going farther than kissing. This is a shame because we know Isaac and Jonna hooked up, we know Laurel and Jordan did more than kiss… but, unfortunately, what’s not shown on camera is not counted.

Dear MTV editors, please take note of our fantasy game and edit accordingly! Too many points were left off the board due to holding out for the after show or secret bathroom hook ups (like Leroy and Nia were rumored to have).

Dustin and Nany were the only two who hooked up with more than one person. That does mean that Dustin would qualify for my

Below is a breakdown of points by cast member for drama. For this chart, drama includes: crying, nudity, open-mouth kissing, coitus, as well as verbal and physical fighting.

Drama Points by Player

Drama Points by Player

This is the part of the game where Nany killed it. Shout out to Camila, who didn’t last in the game too long, but managed to get in some fights and cry.

Unfortunately, these stats aren’t perfect because MTV hid drama in the After Show. I’ve said it a lot because I am very bitter!

Week 2 had the most drama, with 125 points. Weeks 1 and 11 had the least drama, just 5 points per episode.

Devyn was the only competitor to reach the finale without any drama. Just one cry during the finale for 5 points. She’s more comedy than drama, it seems.

Also worth noting, just 10 points for CT. He was quite calm… perhaps he’s mellowing with age? Perhaps other players have learned not to mess with him? Or perhaps he’s reduced his steroid intake, like MLB players have? I’m open to your theories… feel free to comment at the bottom!

He’s still quite the competitor though, as you can see in this next piece of chart excellence.

This one is a breakdown of points by cast member for game performance. For this chart, performance includes: winning a regular challenge, winning an elimination challenge, winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the final:

The Challenge Free Agents Players by Performance Points - No Finale

The Challenge Free Agents Players by Performance Points – No Finale

The finale is left out of this chart to so that we may see what players, going into the finale, were the best performers. From this chart, we can argue that the winning female competitors should have been Laurel, Cara Maria and Nany, since they “proved themselves” the most through the season. Obviously, with the nuances of this game including large teams, luck of the draw, etc., the best scores are not necessarily the best players.

The males competitors who scored the highest on performance going into the finale were Bananas, Zach and CT.

More performance notes:

  • Even though he was disqualified in week 3, Frank won two eliminations.
  • Cara Maria won three eliminations, sending home Nia, LaToya, and Jessica. That’s 75 of her total 105, which means she won three eliminations, but only two regular challenges.
  • Bananas won three eliminations, sending home Isaac, Jordan and CT.
  • Laurel won four eliminations, sending home Jasmine, Aneesa, Cara Maria and Theresa. That’s 100 points right there. She was also a winner of four regular challenges, good for another 60 points. It was the season of Laurel!
  • Nany and Jessica each had five regular challenge wins, more than any other competitors.

Other notes:

  • Frank was the only male to receive male crying points all season (Week 3, when he was told he could not participate anymore).
  • Bodily function fail… no one vomited or peed in public all season!
  • What doesn’t kill you may not make you stronger. The following competitors won the elimination challenge the week before they were eliminated themselves: Jordan, Cohutta, Leroy, CT, Aneesa and Cara Maria. (Not counting Frank here since he was not eliminated, but disqualified).

Calling out our own predictions…

  • I (Rachel) predicted the female winners to be 1. Laurel, 2. Cara Maria, 3. Camila (1 for 3 and in the correct place) and the male winners to be 1. CT, 2. Bananas, 3. Jordan (1 for 3, but not in the right place).
  • Giani predicted the female winners to be 1. Laurel, 2. Camilla, 3. Cara Maria (1 for 3 and in the correct place) and the male winners to be 1. Jordan, 2. CT, 3. Zach (1 for 3 and in the correct place). Not bad.
  • Both Giani and I sensed Frank didn’t have it in him and picked the wrong Portland season newbie to make the final. We both expected more from Camila, and thought CT could repeat.
  • The poll I put up in the Preseason Preview Post had CT, then Bananas and then Leroy at the top for the male competitors and Laurel, Cara Maria, followed by Camila and Nany tied at the top for the female competitors. Not only did I not have Devyn as an option for winning the season, but no one voted for the Someone else option.

Did you have any interesting observations? Share them below with a comment!



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2 thoughts on “Free Agents – Season Review

  1. Justin says:

    Have a couple differences from your scoring. Laurel had 30 in Episode 7 Summary but shows 35 here. Zach had 0 points in Episode 10 Summary but shows 15 points here. Lastly, Jonna is summing to 0 in your spreadsheet.

    Thanks for all your hard work this season!

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