Free Agents – Reunion Notes

Nany + Cohutta = Longest Lasting Showmance of the Season

Nany + Cohutta = Longest Lasting Showmance of the Season

The season doesn’t really end until the entire cast can get together in a studio in NYC to fight some more.

Only 12 of the 28 cast members got to sit down with former host Jonny Moseley and review The Challenge Free Agents.

The first order of business was to review Zach making orgasm noises through the final, then congratulate the season winners, Laurel and Bananas. Bananas has won so many times that he notes the taxation of the winnings makes the amount not life changing. Essentially, this is his salary payment so he’s not moved. First-time winner Laurel’s plan for the money? She wants to invest it (eTrade account?) and she bought shoes.

MTV shows us a montage of Johnny from Portland’s amazing luck in the draw. In a relaxed and happy way, Johnny delivers one of the best lines of the reunion, saying: “I love the draw, Free Agents 2, I can’t wait.”

After host Jonny Moseley runs the reel recapping Theresa pushing for people to vote Laurel and then not voting Laurel herself (why have the blood on my hands?), Jonny Moseley (so many Jo(h)nnys!) asks Laurel if she considered Theresa a threat before this game. Laurel says, “no, never.”

Cara Maria, Theresa and Jessica at the Reunion Show

Cara Maria, Theresa and Jessica at the Reunion Show

Theresa replies with a, “of course you’d say that,” which prompts Laurel to justify her answer by saying that Theresa won her first elimination this season… which is not a bad point. Theresa is not into Laurel at all and says, “you be partners with Jasmine on one challenge, do it.”

Laurel defends Jasmine, saying she’s a good competitor, but then jumps on Theresa’s defensiveness and asks Theresa if she’s going to cry. This has heated up fast! In what seems like an awkward editing cut, there’s some more back and forth, with Laurel asking Theresa again if she’s going to cry. Theresa says, “why don’t I f***ing punch you right now?”

Laurel gets up and walks to Theresa, who is “sweating because you’re scared,” according to Laurel. Theresa won’t punch Laurel cause she’s not like that. Laurel seems to want the fight, but sits down. It’s super awkward. These two obviously don’t like each other at all. Rivals 3 partners? It’s tough because so many people hate Laurel, she could be partners with whoever.

Finally, Devyn gets into a more civilized disagreement with Theresa about voting strategy, shady behavior and Theresa blocking Nany and Devyn on Twitter (oh, snap!). Theresa and Devyn… Rivals 3 partners?

Onto the topic of male rivals… it’s time to discuss Jordan vs. Bananas. Jordan sticks to his feelings that it was in his best interest to go for the best, knowing that if he could take out the best, the game would be for the taking. A girl says, “I agree,” but we can’t see who, which is too bad. It’s also too bad that Moseley doesn’t ask if there’s an underlying sexual tension between him and Bananas!

When Moseley confronts Bananas on making low-blow comments to Jordan about his hand (well, his partial hand), Bananas says that Jordan does better with one hand (it’s one and a half hands, but whatever) than most do with two. Jordan correctly calls out Bananas. Which is it? Is Jordan a good competitor or is he a scrub who “did nothing on The Challenge” as Bananas said before their elimination? Bananas is too political to say he was wrong or that he just found Jordan annoying and their beef is left unresolved.

Nany & Laurel: Chicks with Challenge Boyfriends... for now

Nany & Laurel: Chicks with Challenge Boyfriends… for now

Enough fighting! What about the love? MTV shows a montage of Laurel and Jordan, Nany and Cohutta (punctuated by her moments with Johnny from Portland) and Jessica and Dustin. Status update time!

Laurel and Jordan? Still together! Devyn is surprised about this, since she herself failed at long distance relationship attempt after a showmance.

Nany and Cohutta? What about Johnny from Portland? Nany takes a moment to flip out at Bananas for not giving her a chance to tell Cohutta about Johnny from Portland. As we go on hearing Nany out, it’s clear she has issues. Cohutta liking her made her want to push him away. Johnny from Portland is fine with being used. Concluding the discussion, Moseley asks Nany and Cohutta for a relationship status. Cohutta and Nany are somewhere between him being her BF (best friend) and her BF (boyfriend). Cohutta seizes the spotlit moment and asks Nany to go to the prom with her. I guess that makes them officially in a relationship?

Jessica and Dustin? Jessica says that Dustin had something else going on at home and was totally shady. Wamp wamp.

There’s another Challenge relationship that had a dramatic season, the friendship between fresh meaters Cara Maria and Laurel. Moseley rolls the footage from the season and then asks what’s up. Cara Maria tries to clarify that their falling apart didn’t start from Cara fearing Laurel would put her into an elimination, but from an unaired fight in a van. Apparently, this fight started when Laurel was complaining about someone in production. Bananas chimes and says he agrees with Laurel about the person in production. Now I’m stuck wondering, “what is the production person doing that two cast members find so unacceptable? I WANT TO KNOW MORE!”

But instead, Laurel went off on Cara Maria because she’s probably not allowed to trash production too much. As for now? Laurel bought Cara Maria an insult and comeback book, a sweet and self-aware gesture. They hug it out.

And now, some fun unseen footage! It’s mostly your regular run-of-the-mill horsing around, highlight by some of the cast trying to catch an armadillo, Isaac sitting in the pool fully dressed andNia rubbing Leroy’s feet asking, “how about that alliance?”

A gem of a moment is Bananas playing, “last time CT was in an elimination…”

Leroy’s ending, “….the O.J. Simpson trial was on TV.”

Johnny from Portland’s ending, “I was learning how to walk.”

Zach’s ending, “Devyn’s tits were real.”

Well played, boys!

The highlight reel also shows Preston mooning Zach. That’s 5 nudity points for Preston that he could’ve earned if the MTV editors cared about our fantasy league rules!

Finally, in a moment of genuine cast taking over the show glory, Laurel remembers that Devyn was left on the bus one night. In true Devyn fashion, she tells a compelling story with humor and grace. She’s a true entertainer. See the reunion for full story.

The show concludes with questions from fans, nothing too crazy. Then Moseley asks if any of the cast have any questions for each other. Devyn asks Theresa if they’re cool now, said in a friendly, non-confrontational way, but Theresa shuts her down, replying “I don’t care, it’s up to you.” They kinda go back and forth and then Theresa ends with a “we can be cool, I’m not a harboring, angry person.” To be determined on that, Theresa. We’ll know by if they’re Rivals 3 competitors or not.

Til next season! And it can’t come soon enough.


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