Free Agents Dream Team – League Style

At the beginning of this fantasy season journey, I was found by Patrick, the managing editor of…

…like Officially Unoffical, Patrick was not desiring to rely on Grantland for consistent, timely Challenge scoring. He adopted our system for his league and invited us to play his version of the reality fantasy league game.
For’s league pool, they had each contestant pick 10 total cast members from the following list, separated by category (how the categories were divided up is unknown to me):

“Stars, guys” (Pick 3)

CT — Real World: Paris (2003)

Leroy — The Real World: Las Vegas (2011)

Zach — The Real World: San Diego (2011)

Johnny Bananas — The Real World: Key West (2006)

Frank — The Real World: San Diego (2011)

Dustin — The Real World: Las Vegas (2011)

Jordan — The Real World: Portland (2013)

“Stars, girls” (Pick 3)

Jemmye — The Real Wold: New Orleans (2010)

Laurel — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010)

Jonna — The Real World: Cancun (2009)

Aneesa — The Real World: Chicago (2002)

Camila — Spring Break Challenge (2010)

Cara Maria — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010)

Nia — The Real World: Portland (2013)

Nany — The Real World: Las Vegas (2011)

“Scrubs, guys” (Pick 2)

Swift — The Real World: St. Thomas (2012)

Isaac — The Real World: Sydney (2007)

Cohutta — The Real World: Sydney (2007)

Chet — The Real World: Brooklyn (2009)

Johnny — The Real World: Portland (2013)

Preston — The Real World: New Orleans (2010)

Brandon — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010)

“Scrubs, girls” (Pick 2)

Devyn — The Real World: Brooklyn (2009)

Emilee — The Real World: Cancun (2009)

Jessica — The Real World: Portland (2013)

LaToya — The Real World: St. Thomas (2012)

Jasmine — The Real World: Cancun (2009)

Theresa — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010)

22 of us were in this pool and every cast member was selected by at least 3 contestants.

I ended up winning this pool, with a team of Zach, Bananas, Dustin, Johnny from Portland, Brandon, Laurel, Camila, Cara Maria, LaToya and Theresa.

However, this was not the ideal team, of course. By points, here’s how Fantasy Sports Network’s set up breaks down (in retrospect, of course):

“Stars, guys” (Pick 3)

Best choice: Johnny Bananas — 260 points

2nd best choice: Zach — 125 points

3rd best choice: CT — 105 points

4th best choice: Jordan — 100 points

5th best choice: Leroy — 75 points

6th best choice: Frank — 70 points

Worst choice: Dustin — 10 points

“Stars, girls” (Pick 3)

Best choice: Laurel — 315 points

2nd best choice: Nany — 225 points

3rd best choice: Cara Maria — 145 points

4th best choice: Camila — 65 points

5th best choice: Jonna — 60 points

6th best choice: Aneesa — 50 points

7th best choice: Nia — 15 points

Worst choice: Jemmye — 0 points

“Scrubs, guys” (Pick 2)

Best choice: Johnny — 125 points

2nd best choice: Cohutta —85 points

3rd best choice: Swift — 45 points

4ht best choice: Preston — 30 points

Not a very good choice: Brandon — 15 points

Poor choice: Isaac — 0 points

Worst possible choice: Chet — -55 points

“Scrubs, girls” (Pick 2)

Best choice: Jessica —105 points

2nd best choice: Theresa — 90 points

3rd best choice: Devyn — 85 points

Mediocre choice: Jasmine — 35 points

Not a great choice: LaToya — 15 points

Worst choice: Emilee — 5 points

So the Dream Team in this format would be: Bananas, Zach, CT, Laurel, Nany, Cara Maria, Johnny from Portland, Cohutta, Jessica and Theresa

The anti-dream team, or Nightmare Group in this format would be: Leroy, Frank, Dustin, Aneesa, Nia, Jemmye, Isaac, Chet, LaToya and Emilee

Keep this in mind for next season! If next season has a lot of the same people as next season.

FYI: You can follow Fantasy Sports Network’s shenanigans on Twitter – @FNTSYSportsNet

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