Fresh Meat III: Champions Edition

Today a smart and savy Desiree  Ximenez presented the following idea as a comment on an earlier post: “I think there should be a battle of the champions season! Take winners from previous seasons and put them all in to battle each other, another free agents game. Make it interesting and not to where we kind of already have an idea of whose going to win. Just a thought.”

TJ Lavin introduces the thirteen 'Fresh Meat' that the alumni will choose as their partners for Fresh Meat II, 4 Years Ago

TJ Lavin introduces the thirteen ‘Fresh Meat’ that the alumni will choose as their partners for Fresh Meat II, 4 Years Ago

I see that terrific concept and expand it. What about a new season where champions are paired with Fresh Meat?

Reasons why the Fresh Meat element is necessary here:

  1. MTV seems to prefer mixing in new people. That’s why the keep the minor league system (The Real World) going… I mean, it has to be. That show is only barely tolerable as a look into future Challenge competitors.
  2. It’s been a while since we’ve introduced new blood and that should increase the drama points with all the hooking up and the fighting would ensue.
  3. Fresh Meat format really means the contestant could be a mix of new people and the new Real World people. I mean, a rookie is a rookie, right?
  4. Looking at the seasons from the past 10 years, there’s only 20 or so women that qualify as champions. About 14 would be need to participate on a straight Champions season. At least four of these ladies are moms who may not be able to participate at this point (Paula, Tori, Veronica & Susie), I don’t think Tonya, after her tooth-brush rape experience is every coming back and there’s those that have seemed to move on with their lives (Jodi, Holly, Kina, Katie & Kendall), so there is a concern that if were champions only, there really wouldn’t be enough people.

This format could do a little rookies with veterans thing, embracing All Star champions and newbies alike.

Most likely champion side cast members:


  • Bananas
  • Frank (if he’s not really retired)
  • Zach
  • Tyler
  • Abram
  • Nehemiah


  • Laurel
  • Emily
  • Ashley
  • Carley
  • Rachel
  • Johanna

Who would you want to see on a Fresh Meat 3: Champions Edition season of The Challenge? Comment below.

Grantland came up with the idea of Rivals and MTV listened. While this platform isn’t nearly as well-known and covered as Grantland, I’m under the impression Twitter exists to empower the people (and for stalking, obviously… and for self-promotion and for celebrities to write out short, stupid thoughts). If you like this idea, tweet @MTV #FM3Champs (and up to 125 characters of other thoughts) and maybe the interns on the MTV account can pass on the message or however these things work!


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