It’s Official: Next Season of The Challenge is Battle of the Exes 2

New season premieres January 6th at 11pm!

The Challenge Season 26: Battle of the Exes 2

The Challenge Season 26: Battle of the Exes 2

The 26th season features two now deceased cast members: Diem Brown (passed away Nov. 14) and Ryan Knight (known as Knight on MTV, passed away Nov. 27). 11 other couple joined them on the cast of The Challenge, including partners from the recent MTV shows The Real World: Ex-plosion and Are You The One?

MTV is dedicating the season, filmed in Panama, to Diem and Knight.

Exes II is adding a new midseason twist called “Battle of the Ex-iled,” in which eliminated partners can return to reclaim their place in the competition (a la Top Chef’s Last Chance Kitchen). Fantasy points for returning to the competition will have to be determined later. Any and all thoughts on that are welcomed in the comments section below.

TJ Lavin is back at host because he’s amazing. The prize money of $350,000 remains the same as what contestants have battled for in recent seasons.

Cast List of the Season:

CT & Diem

Knight & Jemmye (dated on and after their Real World New Orleans season)

Johnny Bananas & Nany (hook up that happened off-screen somehow, someway)

Zach & Jonna (hooked up/started dating on Battle of the Seasons. They lived together in L.A. before breaking up)

Leroy & Nia (Hooked up on Free Agents, not caught on camera, but the flirting and hook up implication was)

Wes & Theresa (hooked up on Fresh Meat 2)

Jordan & Sarah (hooked up in Rivals II)

Johnny & Averey (couple on Real World Portland)

Thomas & Hailey (Exes from Real World Ex-plosion)

Dustin & Jessica (made out on Free Agents)

Adam & Brittany (from Are You The One? My guess is no, not the one)

Jay & Jenna (possibly the most annoying couple/exes situation on Real World Ex-plosion)

JJ & Simone (from Are You The One? Probably not the one)

Fantasy questions arise from this news…

Should the draft be for individual players or for teams?

What points should be changed? Should hook up values vary whether it is an ex or just someone else in the house?

If the Battle of the Ex-iled (BOTE, which is probably how some of the contestants think ‘boat is spelled) is an online extra/after show, does what happen there count for fantasy points?

Again, please comment with your thoughts! January 6th is only a little over a month away!!!

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4 thoughts on “It’s Official: Next Season of The Challenge is Battle of the Exes 2

  1. todd says:

    In a fantasy draft are we going to have to draft the couple together with each pick? If that’s the case I’m going with Wes & Theresa or Leroy & Nia with the #1 pick.

    • Mike says:

      I think it makes more sense to draft individuals. That way, each person can spread out their picks over more teams. In a 10-person league, you might only get to draft two teams, and those teams could be out really early.

  2. adam says:

    Ex hookups should absolutely count for a different amount of points than new ones. I just can’t figure out if they should count more or less. And BOTE points should definitely count regardless of where the content is hosted.

  3. Chris says:

    Agree with Mike and Adam. The fantasy rosters would be tiny if fantasy players drafted couples.

    With the ex hookups, maybe it makes sense to weigh the initial hookup more than a third-party hookup, but then severely discount subsequent hookups. I’m a bit worried that a couple might just get back together and skew the hookup point results.

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