The Diem Draft Dilemma

The upcoming season of MTV’s The Challenge Battle of the Exes 2 is the final season for cast members Diem Brown and Ryan Knight, who both passed away in November this year. Knight died suddenly, while Diem lost her long battle with ovarian cancer. We know the show was shot this summer and Diem collapsed during filming around August 17th. With this information, it seems as though she may have not been able to compete for the entire season. So should she be draftable for Fantasy league purposes?

Diem Brown

Diem Brown

Season 26 of the series reportedly finished filming in August. If Diem (and her partner CT) were able to participate in the entire season is not known.

On August 23rd, Us Weekly reported that Diem collapsed during filming, writing: “Brown was filming the upcoming season of The Challenge in Panama last week when she collapsed on set.” She was subsequently airlifted to a New York-area hospital, where she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer (her 3rd third cancer diagnosis since she made her MTV Challenge debut on Fresh Meat in 2006).

No one seems to know how far into the filming this was.

Format has been said to be about 2 challenges a week, with other days for filming interviews and days off.

This season features a new twist, too. After a team is eliminated, they won’t simply go home, but will have the opportunity to go head to head with the previous week’s “Ex-iled” winner.

So you can guess they lasted a while or kicked ass in the Ex-iled competition or had to leave episode 1 due to her illness returning. We just don’t know.

The easiest thing to do have a vote among the players in your league to decide if Diem (and perhaps CT as well) should be eligible to be drafted or not.

As long as everyone has the same information, players can draft according to their beliefs and theories about what happened this season with Diem. To control that everyone has access to the available facts, your draft should take place over a couple of hours, as opposed to gradually over days, so that if any new information is released, the members of your league with lower draft picks don’t have an advantage of knowing a more as/if additional timeline information about the season is released.

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