EX-tra Baggage MTV Battle of the Exes 2 Preview Special Notes

Notes from the preview for the upcoming season of The Challenge.the-challenge-battle-of-the-exes-2

If you missed MTV’s EX-tra Baggage Preview of Battle of the Exes 2 (premieres NEXT WEEK!), video clips can be found HERE.

Below are some fantasy notes from the preview special:

  • There will be crying points for Nany and Jonna (not a surprise, but they were shown in clips crying, so they are definitely getting points)
  • Zach seems interested in Jenna… sexually, of course
  • Zach and Jenna look as if they make out. (5 points per participant)
  • Zach and Jenna’s exes, Jonna and Jay, seem to take this as a cue to make out (5 points per participant)
  • Jemmye and Leroy in the back of a bus (nudity points for a dick flash? hook up points? unclear at this point)
  • Exes Brittany and Adam look like they make out (5 points per participant)
  • Leroy and Bananas mention they have girlfriends, so likelihood of them getting hook up points is looking pretty low. Bananas is no surprise, he was in that boat last season, but this is new for Leroy.

Non-fantasy note:

Possibly the closest Nany & Bananas got to hooking up

Possibly the closest Nany & Bananas got to hooking up

Bananas and Nany vaguely pretend they hooked up before they were even ever on a challenge together, right after her season of The Real World. Of all fake things to be bothered by on “reality” TV, it is annoying that this seems to be a made up relationship. It is perhaps irritating because Bananas and Nany are one of the best teams on the show, even though their pairing has not authenticity to it, and perhaps irritating because Nany hooked up with so many other guys that it’s not like these are two people MTV wanted to include but couldn’t find a way to include.

What do you think?

Meanwhile, on MTV’s website, they also seem to show the first 5 minutes of next week’s premiere episode… see it HERE or read the important parts, as noted below:

Johnny Bananas reminds us that he won last season.

Sarah says this is her 8th challenge… damn!

Leroy learned how to swim by watching videos on people swimming on the internet. Can you really learn to swim that way? We shall find out.

Cast members look somewhat surprised when T.J. announces it’s Battle of the Exes 2, even though, by looking around, they should be able to figure this one out. But, as Jemmye notes, a lot of these people have hooked up with each other, so there are a few options for teams out there.

T.J. announces the first team is Zach and Jonna and then the clip ends.

Battle of the Exes 2 premieres at 11pm next Tuesday, January 6th. 11pm?! Whatever happened to the 10 spot? Oh, that goes to Real World: Skeletons? Boo/lame. Scouting potential future rookies should come after the prime time of the main event!

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