BOTE2 – Episode 2 – Breakdown and Scoring

This week’s episode of The Challenge features a fun variety of scoring, with points awarded for things that can happen with your face: kissing, crying and vomiting.

SEASON 26 EP 2 (319th episode in the series)

Title: I Will Always Hate You (the title of an unreleased song from Whitney Houston fans, a remake of the classic, dedicated to Bobby Brown)

Episode starts with a night out at the bar. Zach flirts with Jenna, assuring her she can get a taller guy than Jay. In response, Jonna and Jay, watching their exes, awkwardly flirt. “Might as well.”

Johnny Portland (who has a girlfriend) flirts with Nany, reminiscing about their couch sex from last season. To add to my theory that Nany and Bananas never hooked up and MTV made it up so they could be partners, Johnny asks Nany about Bananas and she is like, “no, Johnny and I are not like that.” Watching Johnny Portland and Nany flirt, Averey complains to Jordan who tells her to get over it.

Back at the house, Averey cries (5 points) about Johnny and how they haven’t even talked about how hard it was for her to see him bang Nany on TV. Does she know she can talk to him about it?

Theresa takes this opportunity not to suggest Averey talk to Johnny and get this stuff off her chest, but to be like, “yeah, Nany is a slut.”

Zach and Jenna kiss (5 points each), Sarah calls them Ken and Barbie because they are pretty and dumb (more on Jenna’s stupidity later).

Jonna and Nany bond over hating everyone (really seems like Jonna just hates Zach and Nany hates Theresa) while Nia and Theresa are upstairs talking crap about Nany. Nia says something interesting, “[Nany’s] smashed the entire crew.” Should we take this literally in thinking that Nany has hooked up with The Challenge cameramen? Curious…

The challenge is called rounding the bases. It’s hilariously silly. Each base has a task. The slowest to complete the first task goes straight to the “elimination” Dome. The last 3 to complete each task are eliminated and the winner is the pair to complete the home base task first.

CT & Diem in the First Base Portion of Episode 2's Challenge

CT & Diem in the First Base Portion of Episode 2’s Challenge

Averey and Johnny come in last in the first suck and blow-move the card game portion of the program. They are going straight to the Dome.

For second base, the guys have to unscrew two balls and the ladies have to unscrew a bat. Someone was high when they came up with these obstacles. They’re terrific.

Jordan’s half hand is not great for unscrewing. Him and Sarah are one of the pairs in the bottom 3 and don’t move onto the next phase.

For third base, the 6 remaining pairs have to lick peanut butter off of a board to reveal a combination they will then use to open a lock.

This is kinda gross! Nany gags and bends over, but we don’t see her actually puke as it cuts to commercial (damn you, MTV editors!)

Jenna Vomits (5 points)

Jenna Vomits (5 points)

Jenna, who hates peanut butter, vomits from the peanut butter (5 points).

Jay and Jenna forfeit and what do you know? The veteran teams of Nany & Bananas, CT & Diem and Wes & Theresa make it to the final round, where they will have to “score with their ex” something T.J. says, “you’ve all done before.”

Bananas responds with an, “allegedly” because again, him and Nany didn’t hook up!

The guys have to stick a pole in a tube the ladies are holding. Nany & Bananas win (15 points each).

After formally declaring the winners and losers, T.J. said, “Johnny & Averey, you guys just couldn’t get it done, no communication,” to which Johnny said something about sucking and T.J. replied, “you sucked at that challenge, I’ll tell you that.” (10 points for making T.J. disappointed in anything besides quitting).

Back at the house, they’re rewarded with a power couple dinner, which looks like microwavable pizza. Nany is tempted to put Wes & Theresa in, but Bananas thinks Theresa is stronger than Averey and he’d rather not send in a pair that will come back at this point in the game. Bananas would prefer to throw in a rookie team, especially since Bananas knows that Wes has tried to form a minor alliance with them.

Nevertheless, they sit with Wes & Theresa. Nany & Bananas are so much like Wes & Theresa. Bananas is pretty much like, “who has the power now, Wes?”

Nany and Theresa have a stupid fight/tiff (not real verbal fight as they didn’t yell at each other) about how they don’t like each other. Theresa, in her attempt to stand for all that is holy in women’s ex-etiquette, tells Nany that if she wants to talk to Johnny Portland, she should do it “behind a tree” and not inconsiderately in front of Averey. Nany is perplexed because why does Theresa care what Nany does? Wes wants Theresa to apologize, but she can’t cause she’s not sorry. They both cry in frustration of not liking each other. (5 points each)

Wes tries to console Nany since Theresa misplayed that conversation from a strategic standpoint.

Nevertheless, all that drama doesn’t much matter because Nany & Bananas pick the rookies Thomas & Hailey.

Diem isn’t feeling well. CT thinks it’s from the peanut butter, but we all know what is coming. Sadness. Cringe.

A note from Super Awesome New League participant Giani re: Diem (after Episode 1) “It’s really great to see her out there, and I would be lying if it didn’t get at least a little dusty when she was on screen. When she reached the finish line, I kept thinking this is amazing and that extra effort with CT’s literal support was a great representation of her battle with cancer. Then I realized I was watching MTV’s the challenge, but still, beautiful moment.”

Yeah, that’s MTV: bringing you touching moments in show that includes a “put your rod in her tube” challenge.

Nevertheless, CT is super sweet in offering to take care of her and rightly advising her to skip the elimination (she’s not in it anyway). This is setting up a super sad next week.

To the Dome! Banded Together is the game. Each team will be tied to a rubber band around a post on one side of the Dome. They have to run to a pole on the other side and hold it for 5 seconds. This will be tough, because as one player goes towards the pole the other is pulled back, as they’re connected.

Banded Together Dome - BOTE2, Episode 2

Banded Together Dome – BOTE2, Episode 2

This is kinda like a team version of the tug of war elimination challenge from last season’s Free Agents.

Both teams have the same strategy, send the girls first with slack and then they will follow using their manly strength. Averey gets to the pole first, calls Johnny “baby” which he is not into and she swears means nothing, “it’s more of a sports ‘baby.'” Johnny Portland gets to the other side, pulling himself to the pole by grabbing her leg at the end. They win (25 points each).

Thomas & Hailey lose, Hailey cries (5 points).

Nany pulls Averey aside to say sorry and acknowledge the tension. Averey isn’t interested, “This has nothing to do with you… you don’t know me… so why would you care about how I feel?”

Nany clearly doesn’t like that Theresa is talking crap about her, while Averey doesn’t want to like Nany, because seeing someone hook up with your ex who you clearly still have feelings for doesn’t make you wanna be friends with them. I may be too old to care about this high school drama anymore, especially when there are not fighting points involved.

Meanwhile, Jenna asks Zach who the President of Wyoming is, before she realizes that there isn’t a President of every state. T.J. may as well automatically put her in the Dome for the trivia challenge now (if her and Jay make it that far).

Jonna and Jay kiss because their exes are flirting (5 points each).

The Battle of the Ex-iled is an exclusive thing, so each week’s winner will get points, but no points will occur from anything else we see on these 6 minute specials.

Scoring for Episode 2 is noted below:

BOTE2 - Ep 2 - Scores

BOTE2 – Ep 2 – Scores

A link to the excel file is here: BOTE2 Scores – Ep2

Best player performances of the episode: Johnny Portland (35 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Many players score 0 points.

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6 thoughts on “BOTE2 – Episode 2 – Breakdown and Scoring

  1. shamir says:

    it says Hailey is supposed to get 5 points…spreadsheet shows 0

  2. Chris says:

    How can you have this sentence, “Nany and Theresa have a stupid fight about how they don’t like each other.” and not award them each 5 points for verbal fighting?

  3. Chris (a different one) says:

    Verbal fights have the Potter Stewart problem, for sure, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. I’d say that if you could describe the exchange as a “tiff” or a “heated exchange” or something along those lines, then it doesn’t rise to the level of a 5-point fight.

    I suppose the alternative is to award five points to anyone who interacts with Nany in any way.

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