BOTE2 – Battle of the Ex-iled 1

Thomas & Hailey vs. Jessica & Dustin

In the webisode for the Battle of the Ex-iled, the two first pairs out meet T.J. in the middle of no where, near the beach.

Hailey looking not the most into this challenge

Hailey looking not the most into this challenge

Their challenge (called Sweaters) is awesomely gross: they have an hour to fill a one liter container full of sweat with just what T.J. gives them (a squeegee, a rag,

Sweater Challenge Tools

Sweater Challenge Tools

and, well, the other stuff pictured right).

Thomas’ strategy is to stand still. Hailey laughs, but I’m not so sure he’s kidding.

Dustin’s strategy is to make sweat and gather it, which is actually the demands of the challenge and not a strategy.

Great insight from both male partners!

Both teams run around, do push ups, jumping jacks, etc.

As Jessica squeegees Dustin’s back, she says, “when I pictured seeing you naked, this isn’t exactly how I planned it.”  Insert gay porn comment here/so she still wants him.

Jessica pukes up a bunch of water, but this isn’t on the actual show, so no points. It’s a shame MTV doesn’t plan for the fantasy league.

Neither team reaches a liter, but Jessica & Dustin win (5 points each), thanks to Dustin’s sweaty balls. No wonder this is not on real TV.

Jessica & Dustin are sent to the ex-iled house, where they can have quality time together for Jessica to watch Dustin’s gay porn to see him naked in a less sweaty balls on the beach way (or a more sweaty balls on the beach way, not sure exactly what his porn stuff was like).

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