BOTE2 – Episode 4 – Breakdown and Scoring

This week’s episode of The Challenge features swinging, a new power couple, a three-peat and fantasy points from 6 categories!

SEASON 26 EP 4 (321st episode in the series)

Title: Crazy Stupid Love (In case you forgot that this is Battle of the Exes 2 – they’re all exes but they have to work together!!!)

Episode starts where last one left off, at the bar with shots being poured and Brittany and Adam making out (5 points each) and dry humping on the dance floor.

Zach and Jenna kiss (5 points each) in front of Jay and Jonna, who kiss in rebuttal (5 points each). As Jemmye says, this is a swingers club.

Nany talks to Jonna, who definitely has feelings about her definite ex, about how Nany maybe still has feelings for Bananas, a guy she maybe hooked up with years ago that no one ever talked about until this season. Remember that Nany and Bananas were both on last season’s Free Agents and this was never a conversation ever. Nany tries to make it seem like because this is exes and they’re on a team that it’s different. Not buying this at all.

On the topic of not happening occurrences, in her interview, Jemmye responds to an assumed question of if something happened on the bus ride back from the bar with Leroy. Jemmye, clearly wasted, seems to just have fallen asleep on his lap. But if MTV can try to make it more, they will. Good try, editors!

The next morning, Adam is gloating about how much Brittany is into him. Because the house is like a 7th grade hall between classes, Brittany finds out from Sarah immediately that Adam was talking about Brittany (because they asked him what was up), which leads to a quick verbal fight between Brittany and Adam/Adam’s ego (5 points each).

Onto the challenge! The Brush Off.

The way it works is the girls jump into a pool of paint, run up a cargo net and meet the boys, where they will have to transfer paint from their bodies to their partners. The guys will then jump onto a hanging canvas (looks like a punching bag) and fill in as many boxes as possible.

BOTE2 - Ep4 - Brush It Off Challenge - Cargo Net

BOTE2 – Ep4 – Brush It Off Challenge – Cargo Net

Last episode’s power couple Sarah and Jordan choose which pairs go in heat 1 and which get the advantage of watching and forming a strategy, going in heat 2.

Heat 1 is Leroy & Nia, Jay & Jenna, Brittany & Adam, Wes & Theresa and Knight & Jemmye.

Jenna seems to have a nice strategy of getting a lot of paint in her long hair and squeezing it out on Jay… though they are also putting paint on Jay’s back, which doesn’t seem to be very helpful. Averey notes this from the sidelines (advantage heat 2). Nia also seems to be doing alright, as she’s resigned herself to the humping strategy for paint exchange.

Jemmye has paint in her eyes. Knight falls off the canvas when he jumps on it. Wes and Theresa seem to also be struggling… looks like they are working with less paint than anyone else somehow.

Heat 2 teams seem to be doing much better. Sarah decides to stand over Jordan, wiping paint down on him, letting gravity and the drip factor work towards their advantage.

BOTE2 - Ep4 - Bananas Filling in Boxes

BOTE2 – Ep4 – Bananas Filling in Boxes

Jonna, looking to get some respect from Zach and prove to herself that she’s a worthy competitor, turns it up. She’s running back and forth pretty quickly.

T.J. gathers everyone around and makes it rain fantasy points! He says there were two teams that “killed it” – Sarah & Jordan and Zach & Jonna (10 points each). One team was the only team that filled in every box, winners of the challenge Zach & Jonna (15 points each).

The two worst teams: Wes & Theresa and Knight & Jemmye. Knight & Jemmye did the worst, though… straight to the dome for them.

As power couple, Zach & Jonna don’t know what to do really, so they call over buddies Knight & Jemmye to see who they want.

Knight is like, F it, gimme Bananas. But that’s not a good idea to Zach.

Jonna clarifies that they don’t wanna ruffle feathers so it should be one of the two rookie teams. Knight knows Zach doesn’t want his make out friend Jenna to go home, and says, “whoever you send in, I’m planning on coming back.” Good old optimism.

Zach & Jonna then call over Jay & Jenna to be sure that if Zach & Jonna spare Jay & Jenna, Jay & Jenna would return the favor (like they’d ever be in the power couple position, but okay).

Alone for the first time in a long time, Zach apologizes to Jonna for disappearing on her and the fact that they are and maybe can talk seems nice and productive and adult and stuff. Aw, so sweet.

Meanwhile, with Wes’ encouragement, Adam does some stripper moves for Nia, Averey, Jemmye and Jonna because, “maybe if I rub my d*** around her face, she won’t send me in.” Adam is making a strong case for Rookie of the Year.

But he doesn’t take his shorts off, so no nudity points.

Later (or earlier, it’s unclear), Adam talks to Jonna about how, ya know, he’s been in twice already and there are other rookies, so cut him some slack maybe? When will it end?

This appeals to Jonna, who was treated like rookie when she was a rookie.

Adam steps up his game a little, identifying that Zach makes the decisions and Zach is with Jenna.

Jonna approaches Zach to say Jay & Jenna should go in because if Brittany & Adam come back, they’ll go after them. Zach shuts this idea down, citing “statistics” which is what he calls, “I like Jenna’s ass.”

Zach & Jonna vote in Brittany & Adam. T.J. asks Jonna why and she is stuck being like, “based on the statistics of… umm, Zach?” Zach tries to say that Brittany & Adam aren’t as good competitors, but they have won two domes… oh Zach, just say you like Jenna. It’s too obvious to even try to hide it.

Jonna is embarrassed that she got exposed for having no power in her duo. She cries (5 points).

Dome time! Unfortunately for Jemmye & Knight, they are playing Breaking Up. Together, they have to pull a rope to bring a wrecking ball to cinder blocks. First team to break through the cinder blocks wins. Adam is excited, because he looks a little like Nitro from American Gladiators.

BOTE2 - Ep4 - Brittany and Adam's 3rd Dome Win

BOTE2 – Ep4 – Brittany and Adam’s 3rd Dome Win

Brittany & Adam take a rest when they need to and then go on to punch through, winning pretty easily.

Knight’s final interview touches on the best part of him, his honesty. He says, “I get called an a**hole quite a bit, but the truth hurts and nobody wants to say it, but if it’s the truth, I’m gunna say it.”

Back at the house, Nany cries to Bananas for no apparent reason (5 points). Maybe she’s bummed she has no one to hook up with? Perhaps she’s upset that she is not looking promising to score her namesake double hook up bonus this season?

Knight dislocates his shoulder during the Dome, but this isn’t revealed until the Battle of the Ex-iled webisode, so he’s not eligible for “leaving due to injury.”  Also, because Jemmye & Knight can’t participate in the Battle of the Ex-iled, JJ & Simone do not get winning points as they didn’t have to play this week.

Scoring for Episode 4 is noted below:

BOTE2 Scores - Ep4

BOTE2 Scores – Ep4

A link to the excel file is here: BOTE2 Scores – Ep4

Best player performances of the episode: Brittany, Adam and Jonna (35 points each)

Worst player performance of the episode: Many players score 0 points.

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12 thoughts on “BOTE2 – Episode 4 – Breakdown and Scoring

  1. Dr. Goodtime says:

    Knight can’t compete in exile due to injury… gotta be -50, right?

    • rachelarbeit says:

      No, the Battle of the Ex-iled is its own weird thing. Because it occurs outside of the regular show, in its weird webisode format, only winning yields points.

      Had Knight’s dislocated shoulder been diagnosed during the regular episode, it would have counted.

  2. Platticus says:

    I have a couple of questions / points of debate.

    1) I do not think Adam and Brittany should be awarded points for open mouth kissing this week. This was a clear case of repeat footage from the week before and essentially double counting. If they show a flashback from another season I don’t think that would be awarded points and this is no different.

    2) I think Jemmye and Leroy should gets points. Something was going on in the back of the bus there. Afterward she is clearly talking about his penis to Jonna. If that does not count as a hookup I’m not sure what does.

    3) Does Adam kiss Jonna when he is stripping for her? It looks very much like they were making out there even if it was innocent and in jest. There is no clear evidence either way but it is worth another look perhaps.

    4) Shouldn’t Simone and JJ get points for winning exile? I understand Knight couldn’t participate due to his shoulder, but Simone and JJ still won and advanced even if it was on a technicality. I think points need to be awarded in that instance.

    5) Also just a heads up, Nany was awarded 5 points for crying, but it is not reflected in the total category on your spreadsheet.


    • rachelarbeit says:

      Thanks for your post!

      1. It’s a different camera angle, so while it is a bit of a continuation from last week, it is not decidedly previous/flashback footage, which means they get the points.

      2. It sounds like she touched his penis, but by no means in a sexual way. There’s no sign of hook up/coitus here at all. No points. MTV editing really tried to make something out of nothing there.

      3. After rewatching in slow motion, I still don’t see anything, so no points.

      4. JJ & Simone got a week off from Ex-iled and didn’t have to play. We classify this as staying in the game by default as opposed to winning. Unfortunately, Ex-iled isn’t part of the main show, which means we are only counting real wins and nothing else from these webisode things.

      5. Thanks – updated this!

      • JJ Stewart says:

        It’s a different camera angle? It was one action, how can you score it as such? That would be like a touchdown in fantasy football, then when they showed it again after a commercial awarding points a second time.

      • rachelarbeit says:

        Unfortunately, the Challenge is not covered with the amount of detail as a football game. Since it was clearly a different angle (not a definite reply), it could have been another make out from another time that night (like another TD in the same game) so we scored it as its own make out.

      • George Mcdavid says:

        Just wanna say that Leeroy publicly acknowledged that he hooked up with Jemmye through twitter, so I definitely think he should get 5 points.

        See here:

      • rachelarbeit says:

        For our fantasy league, we only count what is shown on the show, nothing from after show, twitter, exclusives, etc.

  3. Kurt Lyn says:

    Can we get some more screentime for Nia? She was barely in this episode…

  4. Brian McDermott says:

    Hold the phone, Rachel. If exclusive material is not being counted, then what is the logic of tallying Ex-Iled webisode wins? Did I miss a post that said that these were going to count from now on? Clearly they are online exclusives…

  5. Chris says:

    I agree that JJ and Simone should not get any points. Points are awarded for winning Ex-Iled, not for not losing Ex-Iled.

    Imagine if there had been no elimination the night of the Adam/Brittney v. JJ/Simone eating challenge (which has happened in previous seasons due to injury or expulsion). Neither team would get points, even though both survived and moved on.

    The same result would obtain if TJ stepped in for some reason and told the power couple to not even bother choosing someone to go up against JJ and Simone because there would be no elimination that night.

    I think Rachel had to make a tough call on the Leroy/Jemmye and Adam/Brittany hook-ups. The decisions seem reasonable, can’t complaint too much.

    100% agree that Leroy and Nia need more screen time.

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