BOTE2 – Episode 6 – Breakdown and Scoring

MTV is mean to their contestants and their viewers… so at least they’re equal opportunity.

Adam and Johnny Portland Chat at the Bar

Adam and Johnny Portland Chat at the Bar

SEASON 26 EP 6 (323rd episode in the series)

Title: Love Hurts (I thought Love Stank, but I guess no one has smellivison)

At the bar (always the same bar), Leroy and Nia celebrate taking out Bananas and Nany. Averey and Adam have sexual tension. If Averey didn’t have a boyfriend at home, she’d be all up on that. But these stupid, idiot MTV cast members don’t care about the fantasy points they’re leaving on the table by not hooking up and they come into these things with relationships at home. UNACCEPTABLE!

Averey doesn’t like that Johnny Portland and Adam are talking. There are only 14 people left, I mean, that’s not that many people to talk to. Calm down, Averey.

Back at the house, Sarah and Jordan talk about how they are so great because they get along so well. Famous last words? Foreshadowing?

The Challenge is Don’t You Forget About Me, which immediately makes the Simple Minds song stuck in my head for a while because how it is with catchy 80s songs.

Puzzle to be Memorized for Don't You Forget About Me Challenge

Puzzle to be Memorized for Don’t You Forget About Me Challenge

For this task, the guys will have to pull on a rope opening a 300-pound steel door. Under the door is a killer puzzle of different colors and shapes that look like the world’s most complicated flag. The ladies have to memorize this puzzle in the time their male counterparts can hold the door up. Once the men drop the door, the team has to climb a mountain and work on reassembling the pieces at the top.

Top of the Mountain Puzzle Board

Top of the Mountain Puzzle Board

If they can’t get it, the team will have to come all the way back down the mountain to look at the key again.

T.J. makes this sound not so bad, but again there’s a question of if/when/how MTV does quality control of these challenges.

From the beginning, this looks a lot more difficult than something that could possibly be done in one or even two trips.

Muscle man Zach can obviously hold his door up the longest. Him and Jonna trot up last, with Jonna repeating the pattern (at least in the beginning).

At the top, people have their pieces spread all over the place, which will obviously yield to confusion.

Meanwhile, Jordan wants to make a statement and they get to the top of the mountain first to try to put the puzzle together. Unfortunately, these puzzles have 2+ dozen pieces.

Jordan doesn’t seem pleased that this will take more than one trip and Sarah wisely suggests he stay with her on the walk up so she can talk to him/reminder herself about the pattern. Climbing a mountain is a long way to go without forgetting a hodgepodge of colors, shapes and sizes.

Also, the guys have to carry the puzzle pieces up and down the mountain, cause why not?

But Jordan is pissed his planned statement win may not occur and gets mad at Sarah. She vomits (5 points), which is probably more from running up and down the mountain than from Jordan, but it’s unclear.

Thanks to fatigue, Jay & Jenna drop their puzzle pieces by the trap doors, then Leroy & Nia show up and drop their bag. Leroy has no idea whose bag is whose and is too tired to even worry about it.

This challenge is a marathon. Wes & Theresa finish in under 3 hours, which is still a lot of time, but they win! (15 points each)

Jordan & Sarah finish their puzzle, except they’re missing a piece, they think Leroy & Nia have. Leroy & Nia show up, have no little black piece for Jordan & Sarah, but Leroy & Nia are able to finish their puzzle.

Jordan & Sarah stress, even though they clearly aren’t going to finish last and go to the dome and the winners have already won. Jay & Jenna have the piece that Jordan & Sarah need, and they finally get to the top. 3rd place for Jordan & Sarah.

Gladiator Zach Pulling Up the Trap Door

Gladiator Zach Pulling Up the Trap Door

Zach & Jonna gets mad at Jonna as they go up and down the mountain. Jonna threatens to quit, but her threat is as weak as her memorization ability.

Four and a half hours in, and T.J. has to make this a sudden death (because it’s almost dark and they can’t do this in the dark), giving the 4 teams who haven’t finished one more chance to get as much as possible correct.

Jay & Jenna seem to be working together, with her assigning him some pieces to memorize for her. Johnny Portland & Averey are also doing alright. Brittany & Adam and Zach & Jonna are clearly the worst. Brittany wants Adam to memorize half a row, but they can’t seem to help themselves/each other.

Brittany & Adam lose. They will be in their 4th dome.

NOTE: It was very tough to decide if Zach & Jonna were fighting and deserved verbal fighting points. Jonna really doesn’t engage in Zach’s attacks. In future seasons, however, we may need to make verbal fighting worth 10 points and yelling/flip out at someone (one sided) its own thing worth 5 points.

Also, T.J. says Wes & Theresa “dominated” the challenge. It’s the spirit of “you killed it” but without the points. Wamp wamp.

At power couple dinner, Theresa knows Wes’ plan, which is, apparently, to go after the not-so-talked-about natural Portland alliance. Because Johnny Portland was also on Bananas’ side, Wes has that as an excuse to use against him, too.

They tell Averey about their choice, saying that they like her and this has nothing to do with her. For good measure, Wes also compliments them as one of the stronger teams. Averey cries (5 points), Theresa feels bad and cries (5 points).

Averey tells her partner, getting mad at Johnny Portland for having an alliance with Bananas (that really doesn’t matter and is a stupid part of Wes’ reasoning). Johnny and Averey have a fight (5 points each) based on a lot of unsolved break up feelings. Oh, and the fact that Johnny has been on the show before and gets the politics where Averey doesn’t seem to understand.

The dome is Stacking Up. One partner stacks crates while the other climbs on-top of the stack until they get high enough to ring the bell. There’s a bamboo poll for crate delivery help once the stack gets beyond reach because the bell is pretty high.

It’s close, but the strategies are a bit different. Johnny Portland & Averey are moving slowly and deliberately, while Brittany & Adam are not as careful on locking their crates in together.

Brittany & Adam see their stack collapse, but rebuild with intense speed… making viewers wonder if when their stack fell, if Johnny & Averey slowed up too much after they saw that or if Brittany & Adam’s new rebuilding strategy of having Adam stand to the side and stack before climbing is just that good. Probably both. It’s hard to tell with editing.

The two teams are very close coming into the top.

Johnny Portland is about to stand up and ring the bell, while Adam is also standing (his bell look farther away, but he’s gunna jump for it) when…. TO BE CONTINUED.

It’s a cliffhanger! This is the blue balls of television.

Thanks, MTV. While we should have known that at some point they had to do something to make up for CT & Diem leaving, this was still a surprise… an unpleasant surprise.

This also means no Battle of the Ex-iled this week, which means really not a lot of points scored this week.

Also, this is the somewhat midseason point. The preview of the rest of the season shows partners jumping from the tops of moving trucks, throwing balls at each other, Nia yelling like in her Hurricane Nia days and a mountain in the final.

Midseason points by player report coming this weekend.

Scoring for Episode 6 is noted below:

BOTE2 Scores - Ep6

A link to the excel file is here: BOTE2 Scores – Ep6

Best player performances of the episode: Theresa (20 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Many players score 0 points.

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