BOTE2 – Midseason Breakdown of Points Per Player

We’re at about the halfway point in the season. Let’s take a look at who is earning serious points (some rookies) and who needs to hook up more (everyone).

Climbing the Mountain That is Battle of the Exes 2

Climbing the Mountain That is Battle of the Exes 2

Fantasy points-wise, this has been a strange season so far. While on last season (Free Agents) no vomiting points were awarded at all, we’ve already seen 3 instances of throw up this season (Jenna, Nia and Sarah).

T.J. has been a source of major points, informing cast members they’ve killed it several times and making it rain disappointment points after episode 5’s “Open Arms” challenge saw teams play it safe rather than try to make a seemingly impossible jump from zipline surfboard to punching bag.

There has been an absence of scoring in major categories this season, as we’ve seen no coitus, no nudity, no males crying (where are you, Frank?), no peeing/pooping… no physical fighting and really not that much making out. Nany hasn’t hooked up with anyone, let alone earned her namesake bonus for hooking up with two different people in the same episode.

What’s going on?

Averey and Johnny Portland have significant others at home? If this had been known, their draft value surely would have dropped. And why are they coming on this show with relationships at home? Do they not know about the fantasy league!?!

While it’s been a slower fantasy season than desired, it’s certainly been an interesting season. Halfway through we find Nany & Bananas in ex-ile purgatory, while rookies Jay & Jenna (with a combined body weight of approximately 250 lbs) still in the game.

Midseason Report: Points Per Player

BOTE2 - Pts by Player Midseason Report

BOTE2 – Pts by Player Midseason Report

At this point in the game, the fantasy dream team would be: Adam, Brittany and Theresa (and Wes, if you have 4 on your teams).

The worst team to have would be any team consisting of the 0s who are out of the game: CT, Diem, Jemmye, Knight and Thomas.

Rookies are always a gamble and if you bet on, or just got lucky “stuck with” Adam or Brittany, you’re in good fantasy shape! While it seems like they will be eliminated next episode, they’ve had a strong showing with 3 dome wins, a fight and some making out. Over 100 points from them is impressive. It’s way more than anyone ever could have expected/thought.

Nany, who was picked first overall in both of our leagues, has a not impressive, but somewhat respectable 50 points. If her and Bananas gets out of the Battle of the Ex-iled and back into the game (very possible), she could be worth it. If not, her going as early as she did will be officially a bust.

While CT & Diem looked like the team to beat episode 1, their exit was fast and without any drama. While Jemmye & Knight were amusing, their humor was worth only entertainment points, as they failed to score.

From the rest of the season preview, it’s very possible that we may not see a lot more scoring. Hurricane Nia seems to make an appearance, but otherwise game play seems to be where the vast majority of fantasy points are being scored this season.

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