BOTE2 – Episode 7 – Breakdown and Scoring

This week’s episode of The Challenge features THE TRIVIA CHALLENGE! Oh, and two dome “eliminations,” because we’re hanging off a cliff from last week still.

Johnny Portland Rings the Bell in the Dome - BOTE2 - Ep7

Johnny Portland Rings the Bell in the Dome – BOTE2 – Ep7

SEASON 26 EP 7 (324th episode in the series)

Title: That’s the Way Love Goes (Now I have Janet Jackson stuck in my head… and people say MTV isn’t about music)

We pick up in the dome right where the cliffhanger left off, with Johnny Portland and Adam jumping to try to hit the bell and become victorious. As it seemed, Johnny Portland hit the bell, while Adam’s boxes came out from under him.

Johnny & Averey victory (25 points each), Brittany cries (5 points). Brittany and Adam really should be proud, they won 3 domes and proved to be pretty good competitors. Even T.J. is impressed.

Back at the house, Sarah is frustrated because Jordan can be a jerk. In the guys room, Zach gets into a weird sexist monologue about how Eve came from Adam’s rib, so ya know, women are inferior and that if Sarah was smarter than Jordan, she’d figure out how to deal with Jordan, because he’s the better athlete.

Hopefully, this is Zach trying to manipulate Jordan into being an even bigger pain in the ass and not Zach being a giant ass himself. But this is The Challenge, which means we should not expect a high level of character from any of these people who seem to forget that being naked, fighting with each other and then having sex is good for our fantasy league.

Zach's Opinions on Machismo

Zach’s Opinions on Men

Zach’s conclusion is hilarious, by the way. He says, “that’s why we’re the greater species. It’s true. I’ll go on record saying this.” Um, both men and women are the human species and you’re on camera, meaning you are on record saying this.

Onwards to the challenge, which is called “Are You The One?” (ha! cause of the Are You The One cast members – clever!)

The challenge is T.J.’s favorite: trivia. T.J. will ask questions about sports, history, pop culture and spelling, until each team has given two erroneous answers. When that happens, the team will become unwrapped from their burrito 30 feet above the water and dumped in the water, because MTV has a good time messing with these people.

As with last season, I have a little bit of an issue with the fact that fate in this challenge is somewhat dependent on the order they are lined up in, as well as the fact that these questions are not all of the same degree of difficulty… though calling any of these questions difficult is a stretch.

The first round included questions like: What’s the capital of Panama? What’s the square root of 9? How do you spell adultery? (Jenna got this wrong) Whose face is on a dime? (Johnny Portland got this wrong – said Eisenhower) Who is credited with starting Facebook? (Leroy blanks and says Tom, to which you can hear Wes say, “that’s MySpace!”)

T.J. Lavin Trivia Host - BOTE2 - Ep7

T.J. Lavin Trivia Host – BOTE2 – Ep7

Zach gets a layup, it’s insanely easy even for this game, which is not difficult trivia: “The French Revolution took place in what country?”

Jay is next and if he gets it wrong, it’s over for him and Jenna. He’s asked who the Seattle Seahawks beat in the Super Bowl last year and doesn’t mess it up. Good job, Jay.

When Wes spells libido wrong, Theresa says, “Wes does not know how to spell libido! Makes sense cause he probably doesn’t have a good one.” It’s like Theresa wanted to make a burn statement, but was unsure what libido really means.

Luckily for Theresa, she’s asked to name a negative number greater than -15.

Back to Jenna. Since Jay & Jenna have a strike already, they can’t get anymore wrong. The question is: “What does UN stand for?” While Jenna says she’s thinking about the periodic table, she does answer correctly… somehow.

Nia is next, she also needs to get it right or else they’re in the dome. The question is: “Which brothers made the first powered-plane flight?” Nia gets Wright Brothers.

Averey spells endorphins wrong next, and they take a dump in the water and are headed right back to the dome. While asking who is on a dime and spelling endorphins aren’t hard, they are certainly more difficult than asking who won the Super Bowl last year and what UN stands for.

Leroy the Burrito

Leroy the Burrito

“What country is known as the land of the rising sun?” Leroy says Africa (yikes), they go for a well deserved swim. Even Nia is ashamed.

Jay guesses, but spells erogenous correctly. Theresa can’t spell eroticism, which eliminates her and Wes.

Jenna is asked when the declaration of independence was signed. Again, not all questions are created equal.

Jonna thinks there are 8 cups in a gallon (she was halfway there), which eliminates her and Zach.

Jordan & Sarah are up there with zero incorrect answers. Jay & Jenna have one strike and propose a deal. Sarah is into it, but Jordan refuses to swap immunities. “Means I’m going in anyway,” Jay figures. “Not unless you win,” Jordan says.

Jay’s turn and the question is: “Where in your body can you find the metatarsals?” Staring at his feet, he guesses correctly.

Jordan is next asked what country Stonehenge is in. He replies Ireland instead of England. Now each team has one incorrect answer on the board.

Leroy is rooting for the rookies because he’s certain Jay & Jenna will put Jordan & Sarah in to break up the Portland alliance.

Zach notes that Jordan & Sarah are walking encyclopedias. “Jay & Jenna aren’t even informational brochures. If Jordan & Sarah don’t win this, it will the biggest comeback in history.”

Sarah spells diaphragm wrong and it’s done. Jay & Jenna, the first team eligible for the dome, stay all tied up and dry as winners (15 points each).

Jay & Jenna seem like they’re gunna put in Sarah & Jordan. Even Averey is prepping for going in against their friends.

Now Sarah thinks damage control. Jordan says he knows how to play this, but his attitude sucks, which Sarah calls him on. Instead of maybe realizing that she’s more of a veteran than he is and has some good ideas on how to play politics, he gets mad and says he doesn’t want therapy. He walks away. These two are not getting along!

Jay & Jenna invite Jordan & Sarah to meet with them at power couple dinner. Jay likes Sarah, but has no idea why Jordan wouldn’t make a deal with them. Sarah tries to bail herself out by saying, “we weren’t gunna put you in.” It somehow doesn’t matter because Jay & Jenna want a deal with Jordan & Sarah, because they are confident Jordan & Sarah will be power couple again and want some immunity.

Jay & Jenna have a deal with Wes & Theresa from early on, and they’re making out with Zach & Jonna, so Leroy & Nia it is! Jay & Jenna invite Leroy & Nia over to tell them the news. Leroy & Nia are perplexed. Nia’s like, “you’re saving someone who won’t save you” while Leroy also lets Jay know that their decision is easy and not to mess this up. Leroy is pretty pissed off. Angry Leroy is pretty psyched.

They’ll sleep on it, Jay decides. Then, to celebrate the victory, he goes and makes out with Jonna (5 points each). Maybe they do more, but there’s no shown footage of coitus. Wamp wamp.

Jordan & Sarah Dodge a Bullet

Jordan & Sarah Dodge a Bullet

Jay & Jenna go with Leroy & Nia because they think it’s better to have Jordan & Sarah on their side than Leroy & Nia.

Leroy is so mad. He’s clearly motivated and bigger than Johnny Portland. Nia is confident and bigger than Averey.

The dome elimination is called Hooking Up. The goal is to hook your opponent onto a carabeaner and send ’em flying up. First team to launch the other team twice wins. Leroy and Johnny Portland push and shove each other for a while, but when Johnny Portland goes to grab a carabeaner, Leroy gets a hook onto his back and sends him away.

Nia v. Averey in the Hooking Up Dome - BOTE2 - Ep7

Nia v. Averey in the Hooking Up Dome – BOTE2 – Ep7

Nia & Averey’s round is a 90-minute marathon, with coach Leroy giving tough love to Nia.

Nia finally uses her size advantage to beat Averey. Victory for Leroy & Nia (25 points each).

Jay & Jenna are not pumped.

From a viewer prospective, that dome would have been way more interesting if it’s Jordan & Sarah vs. Johnny & Averey, because that’s a much better match up for that particular task. But of course, Jay & Jenna mess that up.

Even though MTV promotes the webisode for Battle of the Ex-iled as featuring Brittany & Adam vs. Nany & Bananas AND Johnny & Averey vs. Nany & Bananas, online there’s only a webisode of Nany & Bananas easily beating Adam & Brittany in a wrestling challenge.

Scoring for Episode 7 is noted below:

BOTE2 Scores - Ep7

A link to the excel file is here: BOTE2 Scores – Ep7

Best player performances of the episode: 4 way tie! Johnny Portland, Averey, Leroy & Nia (25 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Several players earn 0 points.

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7 thoughts on “BOTE2 – Episode 7 – Breakdown and Scoring

  1. Platticus says:

    Even if there was no showing of Bananas and Nany beating Johnny and Averey, we do know they win. Shouldn’t they be awarded another 5 points?

  2. George Mcdavid says:

    The flashback fight with Nia beating up Avery doesn’t count as fighting? No flashback points?

  3. Kurt Tirstantinti says:

    What’s the threshold for verbal fight? Shouldn’t Jordan and Sarah get those argument points? Also, TJ def had a lot of disappointment (also enjoyment) with some of those trivia answers; no points for any of those?

    • rachelarbeit says:

      Great question – this has been VERY tough for us to score this season.

      We’ve set the threshold for verbal fighting high this season. We want yelling and everyone seems to be bickering. We’ve noted this issue and are considering two levels of verbal fighting next season: annoyance/bickering and yelling/rage. But for this season, we are requiring a display of yelling/rage.

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