BOTE2 – Episode 8 – Breakdown and Scoring

5 teams, 2 trucks.

Nia Putting Balls in the Wall - BOTE2 - Ep8

Nia Putting Balls in the Wall – BOTE2 – Ep8

SEASON 26 EP 8 (325th episode in the series)

Title: You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling (song title as episode title theme continues)

Post-Leroy & Nia elimination victory at the bar, Leroy & Nia are still fuming at Jay & Jenna. Rookies shouldn’t get a free pass to the final, the best of the best should make it to the end, etc.

At the house, Zach comments about how Jonna is a space cadet. Nia gives him the good advice of not letting her know that, telling him that encouragement is probably a better strategy. Oh, and telling him that his little “girlfriend” (Jenna) is going home.

Meanwhile, Sarah is frustrated that Jordan and her don’t talk at all.Sarah cries (5 points). She writes him a letter because she’s a high schooler, he’s impossible to talk to or, most likely, both.

Jordan appreciates the letter, they have an awkward hug and are getting along again. They’re back to being the Wonder Twins, a moniker I never knew they had.

The challenge is called Speed Dating. Each team starts on one rig, next to an empty wall. Once both rigs reach 30mph, the girl is sent to jump to the other rig, grab up to 2 balls from the wall on that rig and then jump back and put the balls in the wall. Once that’s done, the guy can go.

There are two spots on the course where there are smoke stacks, forcing the rigs to separate. So they gotta pay attention here.

Unlike many challenges, this one gets specific on rules and protocol. T.J. tells the contestants that the guys must stay on the outside of the girls, or else the safety lines will get tangled.

Jay & Jenna are the reigning power couple from their trivia victory last week, so they set up the order. Since Leroy & Nia already hate them, Jay & Jenna put them first.

Nia hesitates at first because it is jumping from one moving semi to another, but then they get a rhythm going. They get 10 balls in. Leroy is pleased.

Jonna Jumping Rig to Rig - BOTE2 - Ep8

Jonna Jumping Rig to Rig – BOTE2 – Ep8

Zach & Jonna are next. Jonna falls on her first jump back, costing them maybe 5 seconds, which Zach in interview acts like is a big deal.

They have a good pace going and at the end, Jonna jumps and ends up hanging in the air in nowhere because the rigs have stopped as the challenge is over.

Zach yells at her with the selfish tantrum, “I’ve played such a good game and you’re making it really hard me.”

He asks the producer if they are disqualified because she was hanging off at the end. Producer says no.

“I wasn’t sure if falling off just negated your entire turn… apparently it doesn’t,” Zach said. Oh Zach, maybe know the rules before you get all mad for no reason. He takes another cheap shot at Jonna because he’s a giant (literally) ass.

Jodan & Sarah are next, but in their excitement over the fun challenge, they get tangled and are stopped at 4 balls. So much for getting along helping with productivity. Jordan is pissed.

Wes & Theresa are excited for this challenge. This group definitely seems to prefer the idea of jumping around on-top of moving trucks to falling into the water. Wes & Theresa do well because they’re a good team. They get 10 balls across and have a really fun time doing it.

Jay & Jenna have the realistic goal of just getting more than 4 balls so they aren’t automatically sent to the “elimination” dome. They get their lines tangled, but notice early enough to get untangled. Sarah is bummed to see Jay & Jenna escape the misfortune that doomed them.

Zach & Jonna got 11 balls, but Zach left the wall before Jonna got back, so they only get credit for 10 balls. Wes & Theresa also got 10, as did Leroy & Nia, so it comes to time. The winners are Leroy & Nia (15 points each).

Jay & Jenna figure they’re screwed.

Back at the house, Zach tries to explain where his anger comes from and kinda apologizes… says him yelling at her was unfair. Jonna says nothing because she has nothing to say. Zach gets annoyed that she’s just sitting there. She says she’s not a bad partner and stuff isn’t always her fault, but Zach isn’t happy. She is not reacting to his quasi-apology in however way he was expecting/wanting her to react. Conversation ends. Jonna is done with Zach.

Meanwhile, Leroy & Nia have their black power couple dinner of fried chicken. Most everyone else got pizza, so MTV is catering to their race? Leroy doesn’t care, he likes fried chicken. He also likes his plan, which is to make everyone feel like their safe then throw in whoever cause they have the power.

They tell Zach & Jonna not to worry. They tell Jay & Jenna to maybe worry, and they just kinda figure they’re going in. But Leroy does know that’s an emotional decision and maybe not the wisest.

Then Wes & Theresa come over. Leroy says the smartest thing would be to put Wes & Theresa in cause they’re good. Wes tries to bail himself out in an unorthodox way. Leroy wants Wes to make them their #1 save, but Wes says he can’t. Wes & Theresa have allegiances with Zach & Jonna. Wes says, “you wanna be my #1, get rid of my current #1” – encouraging Leroy & Nia to put in Zach & Jonna. Oh and by the way, Wes adds, can you not tell them that I brought their name into this mix?

Happy Snake Wes

Happy Snake Wes

It’s a pretty incredible thing. Theresa is impressed by Wes’ politicking. Leroy even recognizes that Wes is a snake, but he bites. Leroy & Nia return to Zach and tell him, “actually, you’re going in.”

Zach is not happy because no one is every happy about going in. They had a handshake deal, which means nothing, but bothers Zach, who pretty much figures Wes talked them into it, but Leroy & Nia don’t admit that.

Leroy & Nia vote Zach & Jonna in. Jay & Jenna are shocked and relieved, but they’ll take it!

Zach’s ego actually calms him. “I wouldn’t wanna go against me either.”

Leroy & Nia then go to Jay & Jenna looking for a thank you. Jay & Jenna don’t really wanna kiss their ass and they know that there’s no alliance there, so why suck up? But whatever, they are happy they’re getting to skate by so Jay & Jenna throw Leroy & Nia a thank you.

Dome time! They’re playing Hammer It Home. There are two I-beams on tracks that need to get hit with sledgehammers down the track to ring the bell for a win. The guys go first, get to the halfway point and then give their sledgehammers to the girls.

Hammer It Home Dome - BOTE2 - Ep8

Hammer It Home Dome – BOTE2 – Ep8

Wes thinks this is a great challenge for muscle-head Zach. Jordan & Sarah feel good. As long as Jordan can keep them close, they’re confident Sarah can beat Jonna on the second leg of the race.

To probably everyone’s surprise, Jordan is doing a little better than the self-proclaimed Thor. Jordan knows he has less muscle, so he relies on strategy to get the most efficiency out of each swing. Zach is hitting the beam so hard there are sparks, but he’s not getting it to move well because of his poor form.

Jordan gets to the halfway point before Zach.

To probably everyone’s surprise, Jonna does pretty well and it’s close (Zach is even being encouraging and rooting her on), but Jordan & Sarah win (25 points each).

Even T.J. is impressed, throwing a “you killed it” to Jordan & Sarah for their victory over Thor & The Little Jonna That Could (10 points each… for Jordan & Sarah).

Sarah gives Jonna a big hug and tells her what a good job she did, while Zach mumbles the verbal equivalent of an eye roll behind them, like a sore loser whose loss is his fault. Jonna leaves with confidence and pride, which is worth more than money. She cries (5 points).

Jenna feels like Zach likes her, but they’ll see what, if anything, comes from their make out sessions. Jay liked making out with Jonna, but isn’t gunna even pretend they’re gunna date long distance or something stupid.

Nany & Bananas easily beat Averey & Johnny in the Battle of the Ex-iled. We learn from previews that the final Battle of the Ex-iled will be next week, with the winner re-entering the game.

Scoring for Episode 8 is noted below:

BOTE2 Scores - Ep 8

BOTE2 Scores – Ep 8

A link to the excel file is here: BOTE2 Scores – Ep8

Best player performances of the episode: Sarah (40 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Jay, Jenna, Theresa, Wes & Zach (0 points)

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6 thoughts on “BOTE2 – Episode 8 – Breakdown and Scoring

  1. Steve says:

    Where did the “You Killed It” take place? it’s not in the recap, but you gave them points.

  2. Brian McDermott says:

    Since the next “ex-ile” (Zach/Jonna vs. Bananas/Nany) is actually taking place live on the show won’t it technically be a normal elimination, and thus the winners will get the 25 points instead of 5 points?

    • rachelarbeit says:

      No, it’s still a Battle of the Ex-iled, so still just 5 points. But, since it is being shown as part of the actual show episode, if someone fights, get hurt, vomits, pees or cries during the Battle, that will yield points.

      • Brian McDermott says:

        I guess I see that logic, but this is basically just an elimination round (or “Dome”) in everything but name. It’s at night, in the Dome itself, teams are watching, and it’s airing live on the show. The winning team getting only 5 points apiece just seems unfair given that it’s identical to a 25 point elimination round in nearly every conceivable way.

      • rachelarbeit says:

        While it’s located in the dome this time, it’s still the conclusion of the sub-game Battle of the Ex-iled.

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