BOTE2 – Episode 10 – Breakdown and Scoring

An episode that starts with a dome elimination… Now that’s excitement!

SEASON 26 EP 10 (327th episode in the series)

Title: Lovers in the Dark (Except their not lovers, in fact, there’s been very few hook up points all season – no one is lovers in any light!)

This episode opens with the conclusion of Nia vs. Nany. Too bad they won’t be facing each other in the elimination dome. Well, too bad for Nia who beat Nany when they last faced in the dome.

Seemingly the next morning, Bananas is trying to talk to Leroy about how crazy Nia is (I guess he never noticed before?) when Nia shows up and starts ranting at Bananas for being greedy. Bananas yells about how it’s a game and they yell at each other because Nia is still in Hurricane mode and Bananas doesn’t like to back down (5 points each).

As she walks away, Bananas says something to Leroy about how he hopes it’s not a water or heights challenge because Nia will “jump off” (a reference to her quitting last episode’s challenge before it started).

Nia turns around and makes the point, “good thing we’re in the dome!” It’s a terrific point. There’s only so large of a tank they could put in there and it’s essentially an arena, so it there’s a height limit, too. Score one for Nia.

At the dome challenge is one we all know and love: Hall Brawl. This is, essentially, the Gauntlet from American Gladiators. MTV loves this because it’s a physical challenge… even though their rip off of American Gladiators’ Power Ball and the wrestling stuff they do are also physical challenges.

Officially Unofficial’s Mike does not love this challenge:

Head and neck injuries are really serious, and the world has become much more educated about this over the last ten years.  The NFL – which probably has the worst brain injury record out of anyone, an organization that literally created a medical journal to put out articles unsupported by science saying that football doesn’t cause brain injuries – has nevertheless banned the “Oklahoma Drill” from practices.  And the elimination round between Leroy & Nia and Wes & Theresa was the Oklahoma Drill.  It’s extremely unsafe, and almost caused Wes an extremely serious injury.  I obviously don’t want to eliminate contact from the Challenge, but there are other ways you can do it that aren’t so dangerous.  Also, from a competition standpoint, this was so basic that the bigger person was clearly going to win.  There was no room for any strategy.  Sigh.

This version of Hall Brawl is a relay race. Guys go first, make it to the other side, tag their partner and then the ladies go through.

Wes doesn’t have a good strategy to take on Leroy, a former athlete who is 25 lbs or so bigger than him and having an amazing season. Both Nia and Theresa have the strategy of pretending their going against Nany.

With no idea how to make up for the size difference, Wes dives at Leroy’s feet. It’s not a successful strategy, as Leroy just steps past him, getting to Nia quickly. Nia wrecks Theresa, so Leroy & Nia take round 1 easily.

Wes is lying on the ground because his neck/back hurt.”Sucks to suck,” Nany says because she’s super empathetic. As Sarah shows concern, Nany and Bananas continue to call Wes a chump and hate on him just as strongly as they ever have.

The medic comes in, but they essentially just ask Wes how he feels. Wes seems to be seeing birds (or stars, but for Wes, birds seems to make more sense), but he doesn’t wanna quit on Theresa, so he says he’ll continue.

Wes takes and even lower, weaker dive at Leroy this time… probably because he’s hurt and has no other ideas. He does hold Leroy’s leg a little, so Theresa actually gets to Nia at around the middle of the hall. Theresa has a decent position on Nia and maybe if Theresa holds onto Nia’s foot and drags her back a bit before letting go, Theresa & Wes win that round. But she doesn’t and Leroy & Nia win (25 points each).

Theresa cries (5 points), but recognizes that Wes was a good partner. Wes shares the same sentiment as Theresa. Aw.

Theresa notes that she hates Nany & Bananas and hope Leroy & Nia win. In an interview after the dome, Theresa cries again in self-pity (5 more points) about how these challenges never work out for her. She may have set some sort of crying record this season.

Back at the house, Nia goes on about how tough she is and what a competitor she is, while everyone else wants the easy way out. Nia, who quit the last challenge before it started, really should take a step back and breath, maybe reflect. Her and Leroy have kicked butt because they’re good at challenges, but they’ve certainly not done so well on the politicking and any aspect of self-awareness.

Nia is forced to go on an apology tour of the house because there are so few people still around, that she wants to be able to talk to someone besides Leroy. Sarah understands being emotional at challenges, she’s been there and done that. Nany understands being a bitch. Jordan gives Nia the correct insight, that it wasn’t an emotional decision and she gave an emotional response. But it doesn’t matter too much because Jordan understands Nia wants to make a little peace, but knows better than to trust her.

Off the challenge in Panama City on top of a high-rise building. The first nighttime challenge ever! Even though every dome is at night.

The Challenge is called Don’t Let Me Down.

The teams start on a plank off of the top of a 50-story building. They have to head down a series of 5 ropes to get to a bell at the bottom. This is a team challenge, so they have to work at the same time. Whichever team makes it the farther the fastest wins and goes straight to the final. However, if your teammate falls, keep going, T.J. instructs. If all the teams lose a player at the same rope, the second player’s progress will be what counts.

As current power couple, Jordan & Sarah set the order. They put Jay & Jenna vs. Leroy & Nia first.

Nia’s fear of heights strikes again and she’s scared of reaching out and grabbing the second rope. She gets a hold of the second rope, but then slides right off. Leroy continues without her. He gets all the way to the bottom and seemingly pretty fast. Leroy is a beast this season.

Meanwhile, Jay & Jenna seemingly move slowly but surely and get to rope 3 before falling off. Not bad, rookies.

Jordan & Sarah make it to rope 3. Bananas falls off waiting for Nany and then she falls off after trying to talk herself into rocking the challenge without coach Bananas by her side.

Neither heat got to see each other, so when T.J. gathers them on the roof of the building, no one actually knows who won or lost.

T.J. throws out a “you killed it” to Leroy (10 points) for getting down all 5 ropes, but because Nia fell off early, they’re going to the dome.

Meanwhile, both Jay & Jenna and Jordan & Sarah made it the farthest, to rope 3…. could it really be Jay & Jenna!? No, of course not. Jordan & Sarah were faster by over a minute (15 points each).

T.J. puts them on the spot to choose who goes in against Leroy & Nia. Jordan & Sarah whisper. Sarah says “yes,” while Jordan says “no” repeatedly… Yes, Sarah, yes! She says she’s learned from the vets and it’s the vets going in. Nany & Bananas to the dome.

Power Couple Jordan & Sarah are Put on the Spot

Power Couple Jordan & Sarah are Put on the Spot

Bananas can’t believe that someone took a page right out of his book. How many people has Bananas betrayed over the years to get himself farther in the game? It’s like he’s surprised that Sarah recognizes there’s no point in an ally at this stage of the game.

Nia is pissed cause she thinks it’s weak/is always pissed. Time for the episode runs out and we’ll have to wait til next week to see the final dome: Team Banany v. Leroy & Nia.

Scoring for Episode 10 is noted below: (sorry, no picture at this time)

Wes – 0

Theresa – 10

Nany – 5

Bananas – 5

Leroy – 35

Nia – 35

Jay – 0

Jenna – 0

Sarah – 15

Jordan – 15

A link to the excel file is here: BOTE2 Scores – Ep10

Best player performances of the episode: Hurricane Nia & Leroy (35 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Jay, Jenna, & Wes (0 points each)

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