What We Know About Next Season of The Challenge: Bloodlines

Like a new twist on Fresh Meat, the upcoming season of The Challenge will feature MTV reality show cast members and introduce new people to join them, their family members. Here’s what we know so far about season 27, Bloodlines.



With filming taking place this summer in Turkey, here are the rumors* of what’s going on with next season.

*All of the following info is based on rumors, so who knows what’s really true? Answer: MTV, but they won’t tell me.

This season will be the first since Season 18 to not feature any cast members from Real World: Brooklyn (Sarah Rice says she’s “retired” after her BOTE2 victory and then post-filming marriage – gosh, they grow up so fast). Season 27 will be the first appearance of a Road Rules Alumni since Season 22 (which featured 3 Road Rulers – Abram, Mark Long and Rachel Robinson).

Our favorite cast member of all time, T.J. Lavin, will be hosting! This means “you killed it” and disappointment points will be in effect! Never leave, Teej!!!

It’s not quite clear the format.One female cast member is bringing a male relative and two male cast members are bringing female relatives. Not sure if it’ll be teams or just male vs. female and the relatives are assumed alliances?

Information is mainly from Ashley’s Reality Round-Up and Venmo

The ‘Challenge: Bloodlines’ female cast is:

Jenna Compono, ‘Real World: Explosion’ (Bringing her cousin Brianna)

Aneesa Ferreira, ‘Real World: Chicago’ (Bringing her cousin Rianna)

Camila Nakagawa, ‘Spring Break Challenge’ (Bringing her sister Larissa)

Kellyanne Judd, ‘Real World: Sydney’ (Bringing her cousin Anthony)

Nany Gonzalez, ‘Real World: Las Vegas 2′ (Bringing her cousin Nicole)

Cara Maria Sorbello, ‘Fresh Meat 2′ (Bringing her cousin Jamie)

Christina Leblanc, Are You the One? Season 2 (Bringing her sister Emily)

The ‘Challenge: Bloodlines’ male cast is:

Johnny “Bananas”, ‘Real World: Key West’ (Bringing his cousin Vinny, which could later be made into a movie)

Leroy Garret, ‘Real World: Las Vegas 2′ (Bringing his cousin Candice)

Cory Wharton, ‘Real World: Explosion’ (Bringing his cousin Mitch)

Cohutta Grindstaff, ‘Real World: Sydney’ (Bringing his cousin Jill)

Dario Medrano, ‘Are You the One?’ Season 2 (Bringing his twin brother Raphy)

Thomas Buell, ‘Real World: Explosion’ (Bringing his twin brother Stephen)

Tony Raines, ‘Real World: Skeletons’ (Bringing his brother Shane)

Abram Boise, ‘RR South Pacific’ (Bringing his brother MichaelIn as replacement!

NOTE: Seeing as there are a lot of relatives, you’d think hooking up will be weak this season, but there are a lot of younger/newer cast members so who knows, really!

If you know anything else about the season, rumored to air this fall, please leave a comment below or Tweet us at @OfficiallyUnoff

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One thought on “What We Know About Next Season of The Challenge: Bloodlines

  1. Anonymous says:

    Apparently it’s a team format. Bloodlines vs Alumni with one on one eliminations… I won’t say anymore because it may just be spoiler ish.

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