The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines – Cast List and Trailer is Out!

The cast list and trailer is out!

MTV The Challenge Bloodlines

MTV The Challenge Bloodlines

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines kicks off Wednesday, Dec. 2, at 10 pm ET on MTV. That’s right, 10pm again. Thank you, MTV. 11pm was too late.

T.J. Lavin explains the family dynamic. Diem’s sister is partnered with CT. Oh. My. God.


Trailer summary: New format, same old annoying Aneesa.

Here’s the cast, according to the MTV Website:

Aneesa and her cousin Rianna

Bananas and his cousin Vince

Camila and her sister Larissa

Cara Maria and her cousin Jamie

Christina (from Are You The One?) and her sister Emily

Cohutta and his cousin Jill

Cory and his cousin Mitch

Dario (from Are You The One?) and his twin brother Raphy

Jenna and her cousin Brianna

KellyAnne and her cousin Anthony

Leroy and his cousin Candace

Nany and her cousin Nicole

Thomas and his brother Stephen

Tony and his brother Shane


This list doesn’t show Diem’s sister and CT, as reported here:

Interesting that it’s some male pairs, some female and some mixed.

Already wondering more on the format so we can design rules. Draft teams, right? Leave your thoughts in the comments, along with any rules/scoring you’d like to see created, removed or changed this season.

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