Officially Unofficial’s Bloodlines Draft Results


No Surprise, But Vince and Bananas Went in the 1st Round in Both Challenge Bloodlines Fantasy Drafts

No Surprise, But Vince and Bananas Went in the 1st Round in Both Challenge Bloodlines Fantasy Drafts

For the 3rd straight season, we had so many people interested in participating in a Challenge Fantasy League that I made two leagues… also, I wanted to play in two leagues. Both leagues have drafted, and here is how the drafts went.

Rounds 1 and 2 were snaked, then Round 3 names were put back into the Randomizer.

Team Pick Team Pick
1 Nicole Bananas Matt Vince
2 Chris Cara Maria Andrew Nicole
3 John Leroy Elizabeth Leroy
4 Alexis Nany Caren Cara Maria
5 Sandy Abram Giani Bananas
6 Dylan Camila Rachel Cory
7 Julia Cohutta Erin Jamie
8 Garrett Cory Carrie B. Cohutta
9 Mix Vince Mark Nany
10 Rachel Jamie Carrie O. Thomas
11 Rachel Thomas Carrie O. Christina
12 Mix Jill Mark Camila
13 Garrett Nicole Carrie B. KellyAnne
14 Julia Christina Erin Jenna
15 Dylan KellyAnne Rachel Aneesa
16 Sandy Aneesa Giani Mitch
17 Alexis Jenna Caren Abram
18 John Mitch Elizabeth Anthony
19 Chris Rianna Andrew Jill
20 Nicole Candice Matt Dario
21 John Stephen Erin Michael
22 Garrett Michael Andrew Raphy
23 Dylan Dario Carrie O. Larissa
24 Sandy Larissa Carrie B. Shane
25 Julia Raphy Caren Tony
26 Rachel Brianna Mark Rianna
27 Nicole Tony Rachel Brianna
28 Alexis Anthony Matt Candice
29 Chris Shane Elizabeth Stephen
30 Mix Emily Giani Emily

CT and Diem’s sister Faith were not eligible in the draft.

There’s a lot of unknown this season, as half the players are rookies for being Bloodlines and many of the MTV show alum are also rookies.

But MTV’s Meet the Cast special made it seem like there will be plenty of hook ups and drama, so it’s anyone’s game! Especially since there’s no Chet to do terribly and then quit.


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