Bloodlines – Episode 2 – Breakdown and Scoring

Raphy - Ep2

This Guy (Raphy – The Challenge Bloodlines Ep2)

Far fewer fantasy points than the premiere, but episode 2 reveals problems with the Bloodlines format and then teases blowing up the entire format as we know it.


Title: Bad Blood

The episode opens with some partying on the beach. Seems like production is giving the cast a lot of party time early this season. On Bananas’s GoPro camera in the bus on the way home, we see Cara Maria and Thomas flirting. Cara Maria says she’s with Abram and they live together, doesn’t say boyfriend or exclusive. While Cara Maria and Thomas are in a compromising position (like Tony & Christina last week), we don’t see enough to yield hook up or kissing points and because both parties don’t admit it, it’s another likely hook-up that gets no points because MTV editing doesn’t care about our fantasy league.

NOTE: Obviously MTV isn’t going to go porn on us and show hooking up, but there’s a difference between questionable bus behavior and crawling into bed and throwing the covers up. The latter yields points.

But this showmance does not seem like a one-time thing. Throughout the whole episode Cara Maria talks fondly of Thomas.

For the challenge “Family Dinner”, each team member will put their head in a Plexiglas box. One team member has to “eat” live roaches and/or grasshoppers and then spit them into a tube (so really just pick them up with their mouths, maybe chew, and then put them into the tube with their mouth), while the other coaches along from a box with a “terrifying surprise”. The teams draw for who eats vs. who gets the secret box of who-knows-what, which is a snake.

Cara Maria has a pet snake (of course), so she’s cool.

Nany has to eat and is in the box with the bugs, not happy, snappy at T.J. and… wearing her hair down. WHY!?

Nany in the box

Nany in a Box (The Challenge Bloodlines Ep2)

Bananas uses his head to slam the insects before picking them up with his mouth and putting them in the tube – GREAT IDEA.

Most of the “eaters” go for the grasshoppers, not the roaches because roaches are way more gross. Some people seemed to be spend too much time chewing, while others are more picking up the insects with their mouth and dropping in the tube, which seems to be the better strategy. Most girls have the goal of not being in last, while the guys are performing much better.

While trying to coach Brianna, who is flipping out, Jenna comes up with the Bananas “hit em with your head” strategy – Smartest Jenna’s been thusfar.

Family Dinner Challenge

Family Dinner Challenge

Most of the girls are pretty grossed out, but Brianna, who earlier gave Jenna a hard time if it were to come to eatinf stuff, freaks out. She doesn’t eat a single bug. It seems like she thinks that keeping her head in the box is at least not a disqualification and may keep them from dead last, but no one around her has pulled their head out. This whole thing is traumatic for team Jenna/Brianna. Brianna cries (5 points). Jenna’s face is red and it looks like she was maybe crying, but for crying points we really need to be sure and see tears and/or bad eye wiping and/or weeping.

Fortunately for our Staten Island cousins, it’s a male elimination day, so even though Brianna is worthless in the challenge, they are safe.

  1. Couldn’t they have figured this out themselves? Did they and that’s part of her not eating the bugs?
  2. With this every other week is a female or male elimination schedule, aren’t the male-female teams at a HUGE disadvantage? They are eligible to be put in EVERY week, instead of every other week.
  3. So lucky, Staten Island… so. lucky.
  4. T.J. says to Brianna, “some people aren’t cut out for this game” – it took us a lot of debating to figure this one out, but he’s not really disappointed in her quitting as she didn’t really quit, so it’s disappointment in anything else, which is her general inability to perform (10 points).

Outside of the all-female teams, Cohutta and Jill are the losers. They are super disappointed. Jill cries in her interview (5 points). Jill cries again talking to Cohutta (5 more points). For the rest of the episode she does a lot of pouting and unhappy-looking faces. She’s really got terrific facial expressions!

Cara Maria and Jamie win the challenge (15 points each). Because Cara Maria and Cohutta are buddies, she lets him decide which guy to go against. Cohutta wants rookies twins… either Thomas or Dario (assuming that the MTV-connected person, not Bloodline, will play). Oddly, Tony and Shane aren’t even mentioned. I guess Tony would go in and he’s pretty jacked, but still a thought I expected to get some consideration.

Cara Maria expresses her preference for Dario/Raphy, since she’s crushing on Thomas. Cohutta says he’ll take Dario. Cara Maria, trying to be nice, gives Dario and Raphy the heads up and they get all pissed. You’re rookies. You’re going in and you’re going against Cohutta, so calm down. But it’s all for nothing, since Cohutta changes his mind and decides he’d actually prefer Thomas.

Unlike Dario and Raphy, Thomas and Stephen get it and Thomas even makes a point to let Cara Maria know it’s cool.

Since the Meet the Cast show and previews have shown a lot more flirting with Cara Maria and Thomas, we as an audience already know Cohutta will lose.

But first, a night out!

Aneesa instigates Jenna, talking to her about how much Brianna sucked at the challenge. “She’s not even cute,” Aneesa, who is over 30 years old, says. Ugh, Aneesa.

Brianna and Jenna in their not matching, but coordinated bra tops fight (10 points each). Now Jenna cries (5 points) in Anthony’s shoulder. Jenna yells at Brianna for thinking she’s better than everyone because she works at her father’s bakery, while Jenna is apparently a babysitter because she can’t get a job from her dad who is in jail. Well then, okay. Brianna cries (5 points).

Nany is yells in an attempt to break up the fight out. Again, mature Nany. She doesn’t get involved, she’s trying to stop the fight. Also, in the After Show we learn she has a boyfriend. This may be a very low points season for Nany, though we don’t know when this relationship she speaks of started.

Brianna and Jenna kinda make up in the morning. They do not seemed so pleased with each other, but Brianna has dropped the idea of going home. Brianna seems very young and like she hasn’t been away from home much, so maybe this is just homesickness… combined with not being good at the challenges.

The elimination challenge is a maze gauntlet thing. There’s a ball in the middle of a small maze, whoever gets to the ball first and brings it across the goal-line wins, best 2 out of 3.

Another MTV fail occurs next. MTV cuts to commercial after Cohutta loses the first round, so it’s clear he’s going to lose or else the commercial cliffhanger would occur after Cohutta tied it up after the 2nd round. Thomas uses his larger size and beats Cohutta in that 2nd round. Twins Thomas and Stephen win the elimination (25 points each).

Bummer to lose Cohutta so early. He’s in great shape and he’s a good guy, just too short to really compete against the other guys. He at least left us with the most accurate quote of the short season, saying “these people are insanely crazy” during the Brianna/Jenna fight. You will be missed Cohutta… and Jill (whose Twitter handle is JillBilly, which is adorable).

T.J. says it’s time to switch up the teams “right now” then we are shown the dreaded “To Be Continued.” Good news is they are mixing up the teams so hopefully this means the male/female teams aren’t at such a disadvantage, but the bad news is that this game could keep changing like whoa since we know Zach and CT and Diem’s sister are coming at some point… oh, the mysteries!

MTV is not doing a Battle of the Ex-iled loser gets back in the game thing, so we’ve cut that off the scoring sheet.

Also, it seems like Tony may get hurt in next week’s episode, which may be where Abram and Michael come in…. we shall see!

Total points for the episode are shown below:

Ep2 - Scores

Ep2 – Scores

A link to the excel file is here: Bloodlines – Ep2 Scores

Best player performances of the episode: Brianna (30 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Many, including Abram and Michael, who aren’t in the game… yet. (0 points each)

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2 thoughts on “Bloodlines – Episode 2 – Breakdown and Scoring

  1. RG says:

    Wait, so did they actually show Thomas/Stephen winning in this episode? And TJ saying they’re switching teams up?

    I watched online this week and it cut off right before they were about to go for the 2nd point in elimination. Man, they really are making this difficult to score, aren’t they?

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