Bloodlines – Episode 3 – Breakdown and Scoring

For the 2nd time in 3 episodes, MTV leaves us with a “To Be Continued” – but considering previews, it’s pretty clear what’s going on. #MTVEditingFail

Ep3 - Still Lots of People in the Competition

Ep3 – Still Lots of People in the Competition


Title: Camilinator: Judgement Day

Giving Camila both the title of the episode and screen time emphasizing her love for her sister, the writing’s on the wall that this could be the end of Camila’s time here in Turkey.

Still in the pit after last week’s Cohutta/Jill elimination, T.J. instructs Cara Maria and Jamie to be Team Captains and draft the players into two teams: red and blue. Camilia is the most upset to be broken away from her family member, while Jenna is the least upset about the new format of the competition.

MTV has clearly coached the cast in saying “bloodline” over “family” as to really emphasize their chosen title of the season. We get it. The audience is fully capable of understanding that family is bloodline and “The Challenge: Family” wouldn’t be as embracing of the fact that it’s more of a competition show than family program.

In fact, MTV’s underestimation of the audience is starting to really bother me. Just like we knew Cohutta would lose to Thomas in the elimination pit last week (because there was still footage of Cara Maria and Thomas flirting that had been teased, but not shown), we are spoiled in this week, too.

But first, new teams! Pick an MTV show veteran and their family member bloodline goes to the other team. Cara Maria gets to pick first and goes for Bananas. Jamie’s first pick is Leroy, which sends presumably weak Candice to Cara Maria’s team. Most of the team’s are pretty even, so arguably the ones that matter most are the ones where one seemingly strong player is with someone weaker, which (besides Leroy/Candice) is maybe Tony/Shane, Camila/Larissa, Cory/Mitch, Nany/Nicole and Anthony/KellyAnne. It’s tough to tell as the newbies have only had two weeks to try to prove themselves.

Teams end up like this:

Red team: Cara Maria, Bananas, Candice, Tony, Brianna, Cory, Nicole, Camila, Anthony, Thomas, Rianna, and Dario.

Blue team: Jamie, Vince, Leroy, Shane, Jenna, Mitch, Nany, Larissa, KellyAnne, Stephen, Aneesa and Raphy.

Of course the twins are picked last and 3rd to last, because they are practically the same. The only reason Thomas was picked 3rd to last instead of at the end is because Cara Maria is probably hooking up with him… more on that later.

The first red team vs. blue team challenge includes platforms 30 feet over water, a Challenge staple seen at least once per season. It’s called Meet Me Halfway. There are two platforms with a swinging bridge in the middle. The entire team must transfer flags over from one side to the other. Whoever does it faster while losing fewer flags by falling wins.

Oh, and it’s a female elimination day. Even though the teams are chopped up, each person’s fate is still attached to their family member’s bloodline’s, so you are still at a major disadvantage as a co-ed team, because you can be sent in every week, not every other week. We are not the only ones who have notice this.

Cara Maria’s red team loses the coin flip and goes first. They are slow and steady, figuring out how to use the bridge swinging to their advantage. Leroy is aware that his cousin bloodline is viewed as weak and wants her to do well, since he knows that as a rookie, if she fails at the Challenge she’ll be sent to the pit, where a loss would send him home, too. He cheers her on from below.

It’s nice to see the team below looking to learn while also cheering for their relatives bloodlines. It’s a competition, but it’s all mixed up!

Nicole falls first, followed by Rianna. While jumping from the bridge to the platform, Tony slams into the platform and then smashes into the water. That looked like it hurt.

Tony Slams Against the Platform

Tony Slams Against the Platform

Blue Team Watches Tony Slam into the Platform & Fall into the Water

Blue Team Watches Tony Slam into the Platform & Fall into the Water

Candice Busts her Lip on the Swinging Bridge

Candice Busts her Lip on the Swinging Bridge

Candice smashes her face and toe jumping onto the swinging bridge. She’s hyped up from her good performance and bad ass fat lip. Leroy is proud. Unfortunately, she really crashed her face into that swinging bridge, which means Candice is sent to the ambulance where they clean her up and she also mentions her toe hurts.

Jamie’s blue team goes next. At first, it looks like they have the advantage of seeing the first team figure out a strategy, as their first six players move fast and effectively across to the other platform. But then Vince drops, Jamie drops and KellyAnne drops. They can’t afford another drop, but it happens and it’s Larissa who falls.

Red team wins (15 points for half the cast members). The losing team has to pick a girl from their team to go to the pit and the winning team also has to pick a lady from that losing team to go in.

Tony walks over to the ambulance, complaining his back hurts. He and Candice are taken to the hospital.

Back at the house, the losing blue team deliberates. Vince feels they should decide on performance and since Larissa fell, she should go in. Since her sister bloodline is Camila, it’s also an opportunity to send home a good member of the other team. Jamie and Stephen like the idea. Leroy seconds this, adding that Larissa is a rookie. This is an important distinction because KellyAnne also fell and also has a strong teammate in Anthony, but since she’s not a rookie, one could argue that the tie in this situation should send Larissa in based on her rookie status. Half of the cast is rookies, though.

This new format is an interesting strategic web. You have the teams trying to be the best teams they can be, people looking out for their family bloodlines, veterans vs. rookies, alliances, hook-up alliances… oh man, a lot going on here.

For the record, Nany prefers putting Aneesa in (alliance with Camila? – Aneesa is not pleased), Shane and KellyAnne prefer putting Jenna in. They are outnumbered, though. While Larissa says she’s not as tough as Camila, she takes the voting against her well, staying strong and not crying or flipping out.


When Camila hears that Larissa is going in the Pit, fresh out of the shower with a towel in her hair, she goes on what can only be described as a verbal rampage. She goes outside and yells at Mitch, Raphy, Stephen and KellyAnne (5 points). While KellyAnne yells back, it’s quick and she walks away. They are not engaged in a fight. Camila tours around, trying to find out who is voting for who and petition against her sister bloodline going in. At some point, she yells at a room containing a not amused Bananas, Leroy and Nany, who engaged with the Camilinator for long enough and gets in her face a little. They get verbal fight points (10 points each).

In Camila’s defense, Bananas would probably freak out too if his cousin bloodline was sent into the pit, too. Last week, Dario got mad and that’s not why he ended up not being chosen for the pit, but it did prove that people can change their mind. All in all, having a team, but also being connected to someone on the other team thing is going to mess with more than just Camila. Lots of potential future fights points can come from this format.

In a quick break during the cable airing of the show, we see Cara Maria come up behind Thomas and hug him. They decide to go to the bathroom where there are no cameras. Even though this time MTV editing didn’t write on the screen “kissing” or “belt unbuckles”, Jenna’s right (did I really just type that?), they’re not going into the bathroom where there are no cameras to help each other with toilet paper (5 points each).

NOTE: This is super tough to score! MTV didn’t show them making out or going under sheets together, but at this point it seems obvious some level of something is happening. We opted for make out points for this. Cara Maria still denies, but going to the bathroom, specifically to avoid cameras, is very telling. We will clarify for next season, but at this point we’re gunna follow our own lead with what we did for Tony and Christina (easier to score because MTV translated their sounds) and give make out points to flirty people going to the bathroom together. Also, annoying, this scene is not shown in the version of the show.

Back to the game!

Red team deliberation is pretty easy. With the exception of Dario mentioning that putting in Nany would be a good strategy, which Nicole didn’t like, they pretty much all settled on Jenna. Brianna didn’t even bother to fight it.

Candice returns with ten stitches and a busted toe.

Official voting in front of T.J. confirms that Larissa will go against Jenna. Tony returns, having gotten the all clear from the hospital.

Jenna and Brianna bond over going back to the pit. They are the underdogs and accept that position. Jenna feels good about the positive energy. Meanwhile, Camila cries (5 points) and then cries more in the interview (5 more points).

Jenna’s also been previewed to cry when Zach comes for a visit, which hasn’t happened yet, so thanks to another instance of not great Challenge editing, it seems like Jenna will prevail.

Tony takes a turn for the green/worse, but waives off medical attention that production wants him to have. He’s trying to be tough, but collapses on the way to the elimination pit. MTV acts like we should be wondering what will happen, and teases AGAIN with “to be continued.” In the preview for next week, however, we see Tony in the hospital, some Aneesa and Cory drama and a new team arriving. That team has to be Abram and Michael, who we are expecting from previous previews and the Wikipedia page. While it could be CT and Faith (Diem’s sister), the situation is much more likely to be that Tony and Shane have to go home, so they’re replaced by an all-male team.

Guess on what’s wrong with Tony? Ruptured gallbladder? Lacerated liver? Madison tweeted a picture of her kissing her baby daddy (labeled as such) in the hospital (also not promising for him returning).

Total points for the episode are shown below:

Ep3 Scores

Ep3 Scores

A link to the excel file is here: Bloodlines – Ep3 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Camila (40 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: The blue team, except for Nany, as well as Abram and Michael, who seem to be arriving next week. (0 points each)

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4 thoughts on “Bloodlines – Episode 3 – Breakdown and Scoring

  1. Derek says:

    I was thinking through the opposite-sex teams situation and I think it’s somewhat interesting and definitely questionable but maybe not as much of a disadvantage as we might think.

    For example:
    -If it is a male elimination week, and you are a two male team, then regardless of which team wins, you’re vulnerable to go home. This is not true for opposite-sex teams where there is almost now an incentive to thwart your own team in order for the other team to win so you are guaranteed to be safe. It’s just another political twist in this very political game. In theory opposite-sex teams could almost be spared from elimination every single time based on not having a person of that week’s elimination sex on the losing team.

    Regardless, it seems like the odds might even out, right? Thoughts?

  2. RG says:

    Yo! Just noticed – you gave Anthony a 0 for the weekly player total, even though he got 15 for winning the weekly challenge. Heads up!

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