Bloodlines – Episode 4 – Breakdown and Scoring

In the wake of episode 3, they should hold a wake for the fallen teams.

Welcome back, Abram!

Welcome back, Abram!


Title: #corneesa

Leroy and Candice Walk Away

Welcome back, Abram!

The elimination is a pushing match to get a door closed. This is reminiscent of the “Push It’ elimination in the Gauntlet III, but hey, how many different challenges can they really come up with? Nany thinks Larissa and Jenna are pretty evenly matched. Larissa tries, but in a best 2-out-of-3, Jenna wins the first 2 heats, finding herself victorious yet again. Elimination win #2 for Staten Island (25 points for her and Brianna). T.J. says she killed it (10 points for Jenna). Camila is proud of her sister, but sad to be out. She cries (5 points).

Back at the house, Bananas is bummed Leroy is gone. Leroy is the coolest, but also a member of the veteran alliance, an group that also just lost Camila.

In the middle of the night, producers wake up Shane and tell him that his brother Tony is asking for him at the hospital. It is a little intense. What’s going on with Tony? Don’t worry now, MTV editors decide, it’s commercial time.

Back from commercial, people worry about Tony, Cara Maria and Thomas are super flirty. According to Brianna, they both have people back at home. We knew Cara Maria lives with Abram, but I guess Thomas also has a buddy at home, so they really do deserve each other and what’s coming to them.

Bananas isn’t happy about Kelly Anne and Dario, as it messes with his veteran alliance.

Presumably at night, KellyAnne and Dario are smooching and hooking up in the bed below Raphy. This annoys Raphy, but yields 25 points for KellyAnne and Dario.

Aneesa has a crush on Corey and they are shown flirting, but not more.

KellyAnne and Aneesa have kind-of adorable girl time, talking about their crushes. KellyAnne plays down her hookup, Aneesa confesses that she likes Cory.

But later, Aneesa’s cousin Rianna and Cory’s cousin Mitch get to talking about the situation. Cory has a chick back at home. What is wrong with these people? Do they not understand how camera works?

Aneesa and Rianna, like the mature adults they are, eavesdrop on Mitch reminding Cory about the lady back at home and saying he should keep his head in the game. Cory says it’s no big deal, he’s here for the check, nothing means anything, he can handle going into an elimination, blah blah, etc. It’s machismo for sure, but at least he understands that as a rookie he’ll go into an elimination at some point.

Aneesa spying

Aneesa Eavesdrops

Aneesa is pissed. She storms in and is crazy. Cory does the best thing he can do: says she’s right and he’s wrong, before asking if he can please go to bed. She is angry and leaves.

Outside, Aneesa complains to some veterans and is emotional, but then says she’s not. Oy.

The next morning is challenge day. The rookies have an informal meeting about their alliance. It’s both sets of twins, Cory and Mitch. At the challenge, T.J. says that Tony has an injury, so they are out.

In the after show we learn that Tony had a ruptured spleen… not sure why MTV didn’t include that, as I’m sure a lot of viewers wanted to know.

Enter Abram and his brother Michael (Mike). We see a montage of how crazy Abram is, while other cast members like Nany comment about how crazy he is. Thomas sticks to the “innocent flirting” story, and is afraid to get stabbed by Abram. Abram and Cara Maria kiss (5 points each). Meanwhile, Michael seems incredibly normal.

Bananas seems happy to see Abram because he likes drama, and because this builds his alliance.

Abram is on the red team with Cara Maria and Thomas, of course. Michael goes to the blue team.

The challenge is… TRIVIA! Ahhhh! It’s like Christmas!!! Also, of course it’s trivia: how many different challenges can they really come up with?

This time it’s called Air to the Throne. One team member stands on a platform answering questions, while on is hanging in an inner tube below. If the quiz player gets two questions wrong, the inner tube pops and the buddy falls. Whichever team has the last man standing wins.

On the blue side, Aneesa is the mastermind strategist. She picks Jenna to answer questions. Even Jenna questions this strategy. Does she want them to lose? It’s not a bad question, I mean, have the veterans discussed this? On Twitter, Aneesa reminds us that Jenna won the trivia challenge last season. Yes, that is true, but if Aneesa is smart enough to plan the blue team strategy, why is she hanging in an inner tube? It’s not like her and Jenna couldn’t both be on the platform answering questions.

The theme of the questions was family because duh it was. There were also some spelling words in there, like intelligence, misspell and column. Unlike seasons past, most of the cast members did not completely embarrass themselves this challenge. Sure, Bananas didn’t know Beyonce’s sister’s name (which, luckily, wasn’t a spelling question), but celebrity stuff is pretty hit or miss. It was embarrassing that Stephen and Nany didn’t know the capital of Turkey, the country they are in filming this show, but at least Jenna knew the colors of the flag and Nicole could see/remembered the shapes on it.

The worst answer was Cara Maria, who said Turkey spanned the two continents of Asia and “the northern continent.” Her interview later didn’t redeem her at all, as she explained that she didn’t really know what a continent was. Jesus. Abram made fun of her in his interview… so wait, why was she answering the questions if he knows better?

Oh, and Stephen thought the official motto of the U.S.A. was “United We Trust.” Also, Thomas didn’t know how many sides were on a stop sign. Nevermind: people did embarrass themselves.

Trivia Challenge

Bloodlines – Ep4 – Trivia Challenge

Yes, Mitch picked the wrong hand that the Statue of Liberty holds the torch in, but from his interview, it seems like he was just nervous and doubted himself. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because probably knows what a continent is.

Anyway, Nany’s cousin Nicole, standing above Brianna, ends up as the last one standing. Red team wins. 15 points for half the cast. And that’s all the time they have for this episode.

AGAIN we get a “To Be Continued” – jeez, MTV. Deliberation for the male elimination will occur next week, along with Aneesa and KellyAnne fighting, Dario and/or Raphy fighting with Bananas, angry Nany and maybe we’ll see the elimination pit.

Below are the scores of the episode:

Ep4 Scores

A link to the excel file is here: Bloodlines – Ep4 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Briana (40 points) EVEN THOUGH SHE DID NOTHING TO CONTRIBUTE TO EITHER WINS! Also, Dario (40 points).

Worst player performances of the episode: Quite a few people (0 points each)

Zero points for Leroy this season. As a first round pick, that messed up A LOT of people’s game.

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3 thoughts on “Bloodlines – Episode 4 – Breakdown and Scoring

  1. Kurth Lynn says:

    Abram’s weekly total should be 20 (kiss+challenge win). Looking forward to his psycho points in future eps!

  2. RG says:

    So I swear I’m not going to be the pain in the ass guy that comments every week (promise!) but – it looks like there’s a little glitch in summing points for Abrams too. Missing his 5 points for the kiss in the total column.

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