Bloodlines – Episode 5 – Breakdown and Scoring

Nicole without make up

Nicole makes an appearance without make up

Post trivia challenge, the challengers are tested in basic math, when it comes to voting.


Title: A House Divided


This Episode: The Aftermath of the Trivia Challenge

This Episode: The Aftermath of the Trivia Challenge

After the trivia challenge, the blue team deliberates. Abram’s brother Michael volunteers himself, figuring he’s the new kid, may as well accept the fate and go try to prove himself in an elimination situation. The rest of his team gives a collective, “meh” because they are aware he’s tied to Abram, who is a veteran and a crazy man, which is something they all seem to want to keep around for some reason.

Bananas and his followers of veterans want to see A-Rod-lookalike twins Dario and Raphy go in against Cory and Mitch, so that one rookie team will lose, thus strengthening his alliance. The thing is, since KellyAnne is hooking up with Dario and Thomas and Stephen are people, Aneesa can be the deciding vote to put Michael in, thus somewhat protecting the rookie alliance. Aneesa seems to be up for grabs since she’s not too tight with Bananas, the core of the veteran alliance, and kind-of interested in Cory.

Come voting time, Aneesa figures why get yelled at by Bananas now when she can wait another couple of challenges for that, and she sticks with the veteran plan to put in Raphy. The winning red team, steered by Captain Bananas, votes in Mitch. Nany makes a point during voting to mention that she doesn’t like Dario for previously wanting to put Nany in. She barks that they should know their role (as rookies), to which Dario replies that the only role she knows is on Bananas’ lap. ZING! Also, inaccurate, considering how many other cast members Nany has hooked up with.

Anthony makes a point during voting to mention that he’s picking Mitch to go in because he thinks it’s Raphy’s best chance of winning. Ouch. Also, what does Anthony care? Does he like Raphy because it means Dario stays, KellyAnne keeps getting booty and is in a good mood?

The chirps of Bananas and Nany asserting their veteran authority over Raphy and Dario’s rookie status boils over after the vote. Dario and Bananas yell at each other (10 points each), with Vince in between them laughing as much as he was trying to break it up. Then Raphy and Nany yell at each other (10 points each). Nany is hilariously being held back, as if she would be some wrecking force without restrain or something.

Out partying, the rookies + KellyAnne and Anthony enjoy a last night all together on one side of the bar, while the veterans play pool on the other. It’s a house divided… just like the title says!

Aneesa is over with the veterans, but glaring at KellyAnne, whom her Nany plan to eliminate since she doesn’t hang out with them? Because her hooking up with a rookie threatened their veteran strength for two minutes? Or maybe Aneesa just doesn’t like her face. KellyAnne thinks Aneesa doesn’t like her because she’s an underdog or something. They are just two girls in different cliques.

KellyAnne vs Aneesa

At the club, it’s KellyAnne vs Aneesa

Eventually, Aneesa comes over to KellyAnne, who has been snapping stuff like, “what are you looking at?” Cory stands between the ladies who are yelling really stupid things at each other to reflect this petty dislike for each other (10 points each). Aneesa throws a drink in KellyAnne’s face (15 points for physical attack), she also shoves KellyAnne at some point. It would have been more exciting if Aneesa had thrown a pool cue or the glass the drink was in, but we’ll take the drama we can get.

Aneesa Cries

Aneesa Cries

KellyAnne seems to be upset, but trying to laugh it off and have a good time with her new friends. Aneesa circles back around to KellyAnne. The two exchange ridiculous comments about how old and terrible the other looks. KellyAnne wonders if it’s her black skin. Aneesa is offended. They both go home and cry about it (5 points).

Fianlly, we get to this elimination. It’s tug of war with a chain. Mitch is doing well, but then starts losing to Raphy. Dario somehow thinks it’s already over and they won, he gets excited and jumps onto the playing field in joy, causing Raphy to lose his stance and be pulled across the line. Mitch wins (25 points for him and his cousin Cory). Dario confesses that he “may have” had something to do with the loss that he definitely caused. Who would have guessed tug of war was secretly a mental challenge? Life lesson: Always play to the whistle.

A montage of cast members calling Dario an idiot follows.

Scores for this episode are shown below:

Ep5 Scores

A link to the excel file is here: Bloodlines – Ep5 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Aneesa (30 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: A few people (0 points each)

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6 thoughts on “Bloodlines – Episode 5 – Breakdown and Scoring

  1. Boom says:

    Shouldn’t Vinny and Dario screaming in each others face, nose to nose during the “after vote” fight count too??? They were going at it just as much as Bananas and Raphy were.

  2. Boom says:

    Sorry… I mean Raphy and Vinny. I had Dario and Raphy mixed up.

  3. Why am I still second in my fantasy league? says:

    At the end of this episode, back in the villa after the elimination, Aneesa and Cory are talking about their little thing and Aneesa says “the minute you f*cked me, that’s when shit changed” to which Cory responds “we know we can’t be together”. So where are the coitus points? She clearly states it and he doesn’t even attempt to refute it.

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