Bloodlines – Episode 6 – Breakdown and Scoring

And we’re back to the regular format of Challenge, deliberation and elimination!

KellyAnne in The Most Awkward Non-Apology Conversation

KellyAnne in The Most Awkward Non-Apology Conversation


Title: Dirty Little Secret

This episode opens with Abram’s calm explanation of his dislike for Johnny Bananas, or as Abram calls him, “John.” Then we have the residual effects of Aneesa vs. KellyAnne, in an awkward non-apology acknowledgement conversation. The two barely look at each other or say anything.

The challenge is to transfer balls across a beach using flat panels attached to construction worker helmets. While Abram dislikes Bananas for his politicking, he does like competing on a team with him, since “John” is good at winning. Red team proves they can work together and is again victorious.

Red Team Gets a Ball in their Basket - Ep

Red Team Gets a Ball in their Basket – Ep

Which means the blue team loses again, because they are not good at challenges. 15 points for everyone on red team AGAIN.

At the blue team deliberation, KellyAnne volunteers herself because hey, Dario’s gone, so she doesn’t care too much about staying and she’s in better shape than Jenna or Nany and she hates Aneesa (see last week’s breakdown), therefore, KellyAnne is unafraid of going into the elimination pit. She saves a lot of drama and fighting by volunteering herself, which is good for her, but bad for fantasy league points.

Since Bananas is in an alliance with Aneesa and Nany, he’s voting for Jenna. Asked who KellyAnne wants, as if that is something to consider, KellyAnne’s cousin Anthony is down to put Aneesa in for the culmination of KellyAnne vs. Aneesa. In the red team meeting, Abram gently takes the lead and says that Jenna has been in before and Aneesa is someone he’s known for a while, which means he’s voting for Nany. Thomas and Cara Maria obviously follow. Cory is also in. Brianna says she’d like Nany to stay because Nany is friends with her cousin Jenna, so Brianna is for putting Aneesa in. When it gets around to Bananas, strangely (and possibly because he’s afraid of Abram?), he decides to not even really make the argument to put quasi-rookie Jenna in.

That’s right, Brianna put up more of a fight to save Nany than Bananas did. So much for Bananas and Nany being the solid foundation of the veteran alliance.

Red Team Deliberates

Red Team Deliberates

Come voting time with T.J., Bananas is the lead off vote and he says he has to go with the numbers and votes for Nany. Jaws drop. Self-proclaimed not smart person Jenna assumed he would burn his vote on her. And why not? Jenna is clearly the weakest connection in his alliance and has no known capability to get angry ever. It really makes no sense. As the first vote, if he had gone for Jenna, maybe others, like her bloodline Nicole could have piled on to try to save Nany.

Nany is shocked and can’t believe that Johnny would not only have no loyalty, but prove to the rest of the Red Team that he’s not trustworthy in an alliance. Abram laughs, as this is coming together beautifully for him and his goal to have girlfriend Cara Maria win it all. NOTE: Maybe it’s the edit, but why has Abram not at all mentioned him and his brother winning? Or at least going to the final? They seem like a strong team.

Brianna explains that Jenna is her cousin and Nany is her friend, so she votes for Aneesa. Even Nany’s cousin Nicole follows the team to Nany. That means that in an unprecedented turn of events, Brianna, not Bananas, is willing and able to think for herself and vote against the herd. NOTE: On the one hand, it’s not actually a bad idea for Nicole to vote Nany in at the time the vote comes around to her. She may as well not rock the boat… but on the other hand, who would blame her for not wanting to vote her cousin in?

Cara Maria, Stephen and Jenna talk about how amazingly ridiculous it was for Bananas to not defend Nany at all. Nany is pissed. In her interview, she cries (5 points).

When Johnny comes into Nicole and Nany’s area later, the girls are mad and Johnny acts like he doesn’t understand why he’s the bad guy. Really Bananas?

At the club, Cara Maria is still wrestling with the fact that she has to deal with balancing her crush and her boyfriend being at the same place. Her cousin Jamie tries to encourage her to keep her head in the game.

Nany talks to Aneesa about how betrayed she feels and almost cries, but holds it together.

Back at the house, Nicole randomly confides in Jamie that Bananas probably didn’t stand up for Nany because Bananas and Nany had a romantic relationship/hook up in the past (hence, partners last season on Battle of the Exes 2) and that Bananas’ girlfriend would be mad if Bananas acted remotely still interested in Nany.

In another room, Bananas tries to have a real conversation with Nany in a situation where he believes there are no cameras. It goes like this:

Bananas: “This goes beyond this game. It does. When I go home and this episode comes out… Listen to me! And [my girlfriend] Hannah watches it…and I’m the only person that doesn’t say your f—ing name? Your feelings are hurt; I totally understand that, and I’m f—ing sorry. I don’t want this to become like a story line and a thing.”

Nany: “There’s no story line. Don’t worry, Johnny.”

Bananas: “Yes, there is!”

Nany: “You’re not gonna be staying at home with Hannah and her getting pissed off at you.”

First of all, this is not a nice apology. Secondly, okay I guess Nany and Bananas really did have a thing at some point (I doubted this last season, as they were one of the few pairs that never hooked up on camera, despite being on many challenges together). Finally, can we get Hannah on the After Show or Reunion to talk about this?

Nany may be crying in this scene, but it’s impossible to tell. We do see Bananas bolt out of the room as soon as the cameras come. Nany is pissed.

Unfortuantely for her, that anger doesn’t translate to being properly pumped for the elimination challenge. The elimination game is an endurance competition where the girls have to run back and forth hitting doors against bells fifty times. This is not a good for TV elimination as it’s anti-climactic. KellyAnne leads by 1-3 the entire time and never slows down as much as Nany does.  KellyAnne wins the elimination (25 points for her and Anthony).

Aneesa isn’t happy to see KellyAnne stay. Nany isn’t happy to be out. But neither of them cry about it.

With his alliance depleted (Camila gone, Leroy gone, Nany gone), Bananas thinks his best strategy is to expose the Cara Maria/Thomas flirting/probably hook up to Abram, as means to break up that alliance.

Previews show a Cory vomit, Jenna upset, KellyAnne and Jamie fighting… they also show us that CT and Zach will be making an appearance. This is going to be exciting and points will be scored!

Scores for this episode are shown below:


Ep6 Scores

A link to the excel file is here: Bloodlines – Ep6 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Anthony (40 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Vince, Jamie, Mitch, Stephen, Aneesa and Michael (0 points each)

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