Bloodlines – Midseason Breakdown of Points Per Player



Cory and his cousin Mitch are looking like a pretty good team at the halfway point of The Challenge Bloodlines

The two highest fantasy scorers of The Challenge Bloodlines so far are rookies.

Rookie Cory (120 points) and Bloodline rookie Brianna (125 points) lead at halftime of this fantasy season of The Challenge.

Veteran Leroy is the biggest disappointment of the fantasy season, as he scored 0 points during his short time on The Challenge. Michael has yet to score points, but he’s still in the game. The veteran with the most points is last season’s 3rd place non-winner, Jenna, who has 85 points.

The Rookies (Tony, Cory, Christina and Dario) have combined for 260 points, averaging 65 points per MTV show rookie. The 11 veterans have 535 points, averaging a little better than 48 points per player. The 15 Bloodlines are proving that normal people are related to crazy MTV cast members, with 530 points total, an average of a little over 35 points per Bloodline, very much brought up by Brianna and her impressive 125 points.

See all points below:

Midseason Points Per Player Report

The points have been on an interesting tilt since red and blue teams have formed. Because red has won all three challenges, the red players still in the game are 45 points ahead of their blue counterparts.

Jenna made it far as a rookie on Battle of the Exes 2 last season, but only scored a total of 40 points, as her success was through coasting. This season she’s better than doubled that already, even without the benefit of being on the victorious red team.

On the topic of previous seasons…

Leroy scored 75 points two seasons ago on Free Agents and an impressive 190 points with his runner-up finish in last season’s Battle of the Exes 2 finale. Drafting Leroy turned out to be costly. Even first-eliminated pair Emily and Christina scored 10 and 5 points respectfully.

Thomas made a jump from nothing last season as a rookie with a brief appearance on Battle of the Exes 2, to 75 points and going strong, thanks for his flirtatious (or more) alliance with Cara Maria.

The last time we saw Cara Maria was Free Agents, where she scored 145 points in a 5th place finish. She has scored 70 points so far, but is looking strong as both a competitor and drama point scorer.

The last time we saw Aneesa was also Free Agents, where she scored 50 points in 8 episodes. She’s already reached that score in just 6 episodes, thanks to her making out with Cory and fighting with KellyAnne. Also a member of the loser blue team, Aneesa has not scored from challenge victories.

Camila was also on Free Agents, scoring 65 points. This season she scored 55 points. Camila last 6 episodes of Free Agents and only 4 of Bloodlines, but she is always good for at least one meltdown per season.

Cohutta scored 85 points in Free Agents, where he hooked up with Nany in a season where he hung around for 9 episodes. Without hooking up and just two episodes before he met his sad elimination fate, Cohutta was good for just 15 fantasy points this season… outdone by his crying Bloodline Jill.

Nany scored 80 points last season and just 25 this season. Two seasons ago on Free Agents, she had a breakout fantasy season, coming in 2nd place and scoring 225 points.

Bananas, on the other hand, ended last season with 60 points and already has 55 points this season. Two seasons ago, when he won Free Agents, Bananas was good for 260 points.

Jenna & Brianna: Team Staten Island - The Surprise Points Leaders

Jenna & Brianna: Team Staten Island – The Surprise Points Leaders

Right now, the pair of relatives that have scored the most is Jenna and Brianna, with an impressive combined 210 points. It’s hard to imagine them winning the whole thing, so assuming it’s played in Bloodline pairs, the team with the best chance to score more points than the Staten Islanders better have a solid second half and/or be the team that wins the final (100 points)

Now that we’re halfway through, who do you think will win the final?

A link to the Excel file is here: Midseason Report – Points Per Player

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3 thoughts on “Bloodlines – Midseason Breakdown of Points Per Player

  1. JP says:

    I think you switched Aneesa and Rianna’s point totals.

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