Bloodlines – Episode 8 – Breakdown and Scoring

Diem’s sister Faith makes an appearance that inspires more tears than honor.

Diem's Sister Faith and CT Show Up to Demo The Challenge

Diem’s Sister Faith and CT Show Up to Demo The Challenge


Title: Blood is Thicker Than Mud

At the house, Bananas, Vince, KellyAnne and Anthony are discussing the favorite topic of Bananas: strategery.

With a female elimination coming up, they know that if blue team wins, KellyAnne and Anthony are safe, as the pit participants will be women from the losing team. Bananas and Anthony figure they can do their part to throw the challenge and keep KellyAnne safe.

Bananas seems to like Anthony, but more importantly, he knows he needs an alliance. He also wishes Anthony wasn’t connected to KellyAnne because KellyAnne is too quirky for him and can’t be easily sucked into a Bananas alliance.

KellyAnne doesn’t trust Bananas and Vince, but there’s not much she can do about it at this point.

Meanwhile, Cara Maria knows red team has to win, or else Bananas and whatever influence he has will likely go after her.

The challenge for today is called Too Clingy. The setup has two ladders leaning up against a raised cargo net on logs above mud.

T.J. introduces special guests, veteran challenger CT and Diem’s sister Faith. They are wearing grey, so they won’t be joining the existing red and blue teams. They are there to remember the departed Diem and demonstrate the challenge.

It’s a race to go up the latter, walk or crawl across the cargo net then come back by climbing across the underneath of the cargo net. Whichever teams gets the most people across the fastest wins.

Diem, who fought cancer for years, touched many when she struggled with taking off her wig to get into the mud for a challenge on the Duel 1. We are shown a flashback of that event, a challenge Diem won.

Diem was inspirational and the dedication to her makes KellyAnne, Aneesa and Cara Maria cry (5 points each).

NOTE: For crying points, there need to be tears that fall, sobbing or wiping of the eyes. All three of these ladies wipe their eyes.

With Diem being an example of always fighting, I wonder… will Bananas/Anthony still throw the challenge? Seems like trying is the Diem thing to do and this is set up as an homage to her.

NOTE: Cory’s inspired by CT, presumably as a challenge athlete, but the specifics are left out.

Blue team goes first. Mitch, Vince and Jenna fall/drop. KellyAnne, Jamie, Aneesa and Michael complete the challenge. Considering Vince is supposed to be wanting blue team to win so that his buddy Anthony is safe via KellyAnne being safe, Vince messed up.

Mitch and Vince really haven’t done much good at these challenges, have they?

Red team goes next. Bananas is not inspired by Diem and still is on plan to throw the challenge. He knows they need 3 players to drop and they need to move slowly. But Brianna, Abram, Cory and Cara Maria finish fast. Bananas pretends to help Rianna, but she drops. It’s unclear how much of a factor Bananas is in Rianna dropping. Bananas drops himself with some bad acting and Anthony really drags the scene on, as he is aware time is also a factor.

Anthony Tries to Pretend He's Having Issues Making It Across The Cargo Net

Anthony Tries to Pretend He’s Having Issues Making It Across The Cargo Net

People are pissed that Bananas and Anthony are dickheads. There is general shouting, then KellyAnne and Jamie get into a fight (10 points each). Jamie’s Boston accent really comes out for this one.

While it’s disappointing that T.J. doesn’t give a disappointment speech, red team is terrible at throwing challenges and actually wins because they were too fast.

Red team members again get 15 points each, really changing the fantasy game. At least this time Brianna earned it, completing the challenge. Rianna however, not so much.

In blue team’s deliberation, Jamie leads off with mentioning that KellyAnne should go in, but others, like Vince, want Jenna in because she won’t get mad at you for putting her in. After deliberation, Jenna and Brianna become frustrated that Jenna gets put into elimination so much.

No red team deliberation, just voting. Blue team first: Jamie, Michael and Jenna vote for KellyAnne. Vince, Aneesa and KellyAnne nominate Jenna. I guess with no Nany around, Aneesa has cooled on her hatred of KellyAnne? It all comes down to alliance-free Mitch, who votes for Jenna because Jenna doesn’t get mad at you if you put her in.

Red team leads off with Anthony obviously voting for Aneesa. Cara Maria and Rianna follow by voting for KellyAnne. Then Bananas is up. He has this new alliance thing with KellyAnne, but an older one with Aneesa. He votes KellyAnne because of course he does. The only other vote for Aneesa is Cory, emphasizing how done with her he is.

Everyone is out on the town, including CT and Faith. More Diem memories. KellyAnne is happy Faith is there, as it reminds her why she puts herself through these challenges. In an interview, KellyAnne speaks more about Diem and cries (5 more points).

Bananas wells up in an interview when talking about Diem. He wipes his eyes. That counts as crying. (20 points).

Vince doesn’t make a good impression on CT, who would hit him, but is too old for that crap.

The next day Brianna and Jenna check with the magic 8-ball. Will Jenna beat KellyAnne in the elimination? Without a doubt.

The elimination pit task is two rounds: first, spin down a swing, then run to a log and balance standing with one leg on the log for 10 seconds. Second round, spin down the same swing, then run over and stack up a bunch of logs.

Jenna and KellyAnne spin in the elimination pit of Episode 8 of The Challenge Bloodlines

Jenna and KellyAnne spin in the elimination pit of Episode 8 of The Challenge Bloodlines

KellyAnne leads after Round 1. The second round, though, is all Jenna, She stacks the logs with ease. KellyAnne’s stack falls and it takes her time to rebuild.

3-for-3 Jenna! “You are unstoppable in the pit,” says T.J.

Team Staten Island gets another 25 points for pit victories.

Anthony leaves on a sour note. He’s mad at Bananas and made at MTV for making a spinning elimination challenge.

Bye KellyAnne and Anthony! But not bye to CT yet…

Repeat of CT using Bananas as a backpack in an elimination? WE SHALL SEE!!!

Below are the scores from this episode:

Ep8 ScoresA link to the excel file is here: Ep8 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Brianna (40 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Mitch, Michael and Vince  (0 points)

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7 thoughts on “Bloodlines – Episode 8 – Breakdown and Scoring

  1. Johnny says:

    Small mistake on scoring, female crying points were awarded to Anthony instead of KellyAnne. He should get to keep those points for that brilliant acting performance at the end of the rope swing challenge.

  2. Megan says:

    Johnny Bananas DEFINITELY cried and wiped tears after talking about Diem!

  3. rachelarbeit says:

    Noted in the blog entry and the scoring grid (excel and the picture).

    • Megan says:

      I see now! I just wish those tears were due to personal turmoil as opposed to Diem. Seems wrong berating him but JOHNNY BANANA TEARS?!?!

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