Bloodlines – Episode 9 – Breakdown and Scoring

On this installment of The Challenge: a swimming challenge. We’re thinking of you, Leroy!

Episode 9 Challenges the Competitors to Some Deep Swimming

Episode 9 Challenges the Competitors to Some Deep Swimming


Title: Blood Versus Love

Seriously, MTV? The title of this episode is Blood Versus Love? The only relationship in the house is Cara Maria and Abram, so you’re spoiling the pit in the title of the episode!

Out at the club, Jenna finds Vince annoying. He’s become “creepy Uncle Vince” around the house. On their night out, Bananas schmoozes Abram, telling him they’re “cut from the same cloth.” At the challenge, it turns out they kind of are. The task is to swim from a yacht over to a buoy with a flag on it, then down through six air pockets to another buoy with a flag on it 150 feet from the first buoy. Then swim back. The team that gets the most people through and fastest wins.

On the red team, Abram and Bananas are the only two that can complete the task and they move swiftly. In that respect, as competitors, they are on the same level.

This challenge is very interesting, new and legit creepy. The hardest part seems to be getting all the way down to the first air pocket (which is just a tank/box thing). Then it becomes a psychological issue of confined space and limited air. I imagine the longer you are stuck down there, the worse it is. The air pockets are fairly close together. Getting from one air pocket to another doesn’t seem to bad, as long as the concept of swimming to another box doesn’t freak you out too much.

On the blue team, Michael and Jamie handle the task with ease. Aneesa gets close, but then pops up before the first air pocket. Jenna makes it to the first air pocket, but being in there creeps her out and she swims up.

Mitch and Vince also make it to the first box, but then abort the challenge.

With two players from each team making it across, it comes down to time. Again, red team wins (15 points for each player). T.J. announces the fact that the teams are done and they will be back to Bloodlines next time. That means red team was undefeated at 5-0, 75 points per player over their blue counterparts. That’s right, Rianna, who did not complete the last two challenges, was chillen in a tube during trivia and really hasn’t done anything useful or memorable all season has accumulated 75 points from these red team wins. The challenge can never be trusted.

At blue team deliberation, Jenna is quick to want to throw Vince in. Jamie is down for that, but in order to defend themselves, Vince and Mitch bring up that Michael and Abram want to compete and said they’re not afraid of the elimination pit and will go in everytime. Michael tries to give them the opportunity to vote themselves in, especially since they have been dead weight at the challenge and should want to prove themselves, but the game is also about limiting opportunities to be sent home, so they graciously remind Michael that he wants to go in.

Before the official in front of T.J. vote, Bananas visits tanning Team Staten Island to remind them that the game is now back to Bloodlines and wouldn’t they prefer strong female player Cara Maria out of the house? While it’s tough to watch Jenna and Brianna think about siding with Bananas after he voted Jenna in last week, clearly if I had the chance to make it so my competition would be only Aneesa and Rianna, I would take that. The only person who may be worse at the challenges than Vince and Mitch is Rianna.

At the vote, Bananas starts by saying Jamie (duh), Rianna echoes her alliance’s pick, Brianna agrees – claiming team decision – Cory also follows, so Cara Maria and Abram do too. Abram goes off on a mini-lecture first, because he hates how good at the political part of the game Bananas is.

And there you have it! As the title says, it’s Blood (Jamie) Versus Love (Team Michael/Abram). This is the season of Cara Maria. At this point, she’s destined for a heartbreaking 2nd place finish or will win it all. She has been such a focus of the season, that it’s her story to the point that MTV is spoiling pits in episode titles.

The elimination pit looks cool! There are three giant poles in walls: one low to the ground, one middle and one up high in the wall. The game is called “Hand It Over” – there will be three rounds, one per pole. The point is to pull the pole to your side. But, TWIST, Jamie and Michael will not play against each other, they will go against vets CT and Zach.

Jamie vs. CT in the "Hand It Off" Elimination Pit

Jamie vs. CT in the “Hand It Off” Elimination Pit

Zach and Jenna are psyched to see each other and they kiss (5 points).

CT is insane and a beast in these situations, but he’s also like ten years older than meathead Zach.

Coin flip makes it so Jamie goes against CT and Michael faces Zach. Whoever gets the most poles to their side wins, and if there’s a tie, it comes down to time.

Michael and Jamie having different opponents is more of a legitimate “this isn’t fair” argument than Anthony had last episode, when he simply didn’t like the nature of the spinning task. But this is how The Challenge goes and it’s why avoiding the elimination in the first place is the best strategy.

CT and Zach are twice the size of Jamie and Michael. It’s not surprising that CT and Zach pull all three poles. It comes down to time, and Jamie held out longer than Michael. Jamie and Cara Maria win the elimination (25 points each).

Abram professes his love to Cara Maria, who he hopes will win the whole thing. Meanwhile, Cara Mara is relieved that her boyfriend and the pressure/drama she feels from having him around are gone. It’s a sad contrast.

Scores for Episode 9 are shown below:

Ep9 Scores

Ep9 Scores

A link to the excel file is here: Bloodlines – Ep9 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Cara Maria (40 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Aneesa, Vince, Mitch and Michael  (0 points)

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4 thoughts on “Bloodlines – Episode 9 – Breakdown and Scoring

  1. Jared says:

    No scores from this episode.

  2. Craig says:

    CT was a character that was available in the draft… shouldn’t you include him in the point spreadsheet?

    He technically won an elimination competition!!! It’s likely the only points he will get…so 25 points for my boy CT or what?

    • rachelarbeit says:

      In our league, Faith, CT and Zach were not available to draft (we only drafted cast members listed on Wikipedia). If you are in a league with CT in it, I still do not think he or Zach qualifies for elimination win points, as they are not actually competing in the competition.

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