Bloodlines – Episode 10 – Breakdown and Scoring

After 5 challenges as red and blue teams, the bloodlines are reconnected to work together as pairs and climb a mountain.

Ep10 Challenge

The final five teams get ready for the final with a mini-final.


Title: Out for Blood

The Challenge is Weight for Me. It’s a mini final. The pairs have to make their way up a mountain, stopping to do checkpoints along the way. One teammate carries a heavy bag, the other completes the checkpoint, then they switch.

The guys get 75 pound bags and the ladies get 40 pound bags. These are heavy-ass bags! No one can run with these, so it’s a walk off.

Aneesa, Vince, Jamie, Jenna and Cory carry the bag for the first stretch. Aneesa and Rianna get to the checkpoint first. Vince and Bananas next, then Cara Maria and Jamie. The check point task is to pull a chain into a circle, which is, seemingly, not too tough.

Mitch and Cory are a distant last place.

The second checkpoint looks fun. It’s an under/over hurdle thing, then a rope to grab and swing onto a balance beam. Aneesa does not make it look pretty, but she gets it done.

To no surprise, Vince fails when he falls off the rope. Jamie also misses the transition from rope to balance beam. Jenna gets it, so now they are in 2nd place. Jamie gets it and then Vince. Cory and Mitch have caught up at this point.

A very tired and struggling Cory completes the second task. Cory now has to take the 75 pound bag and continue up the mountain, and…

First puke of the season! Cory vomit (5 points).

Next checkpoint is monkey bars. Turns out that Rianna has no arm strength at all. Meanwhile, Briana loves monkey bars! She flies right through them.

Monkey Bars 1 Rianna 0

Monkey Bars 1, Rianna 0

Rianna is so bad, that the 15 minute time limit for the checkpoint expires, so they finally get to move on. Cory and Mitch are the only team behind them now.

The top of the mountain is a puzzle of shapes. Both team members can work together on it and it’s tough for everyone. When Cory and Mitch arrive, no one has finished the puzzle, so even though Jenna and Brianna were in first, it’s anyone’s challenge at this point.

Mitch finally finds a task for him and throws the pieces together immediately. Cory and Mitch win (15 points each).

Jenna and Brianna come in 2nd. Bananas and Vince come in 3rd. The last two teams get very angry at each other in their frustration. Aneesa and Rianna figure it out before Cara Maria and Jamie, who lose. To the pit!

Cory and Mitch are in the power position. Naturally, they want to send Bananas and Vince in because that way one of the two best teams go home.

Bananas tries to convince Cory and Mitch otherwise, but the argument is obviously weak. Bananas says they should keep Jamie around as a buffer? I get that they find Cara Maria annoying and Jamie makes her more tolerable, but then win the pit, Bananas!

Mitch pretends that he’d consider putting Jenna and Brianna in because they are better than they look, even though it’s clear that Bananas has nothing left to offer, it’s too late in the game. They’re going in.

This pit is an extra special elimination. It’s called Thick and Thin. It is the first time all season that both bloodlines team members will participate in the elimination. They have to break down a wall and then solve a puzzle. Cara Maria hates puzzles. Cara Maria and Jamie are super tense from their loss, but they also really want to beat Bananas and Vince.

Jamie and Vince are on sledgehammer duty, breaking down the wall. Cara Maria is small and doesn’t need a big hole to crawl through, so she gets over to the puzzle first. Like the regular challenge, being at the puzzle first doesn’t matter, because it takes some time to figure this out.

The puzzle is an odd color kaleidoscope thing. It’s unclear how this goes together. Jamie seems to have an idea, but Bananas and Vince get to a point where they think they get it. T.J. breaks the news that no, they don’t have it.

Ep10 Elimination Pit Puzzle - Cara Maria and Jamie

The final five teams get ready for the final with a mini-final.

Vince hopes Bananas can get it, cause he doesn’t know what he should be looking for at all. Cara Maria and Jamie somehow figure it out and win the elimination (25 points each).

Then the biggest lie of the season happens: Bananas says that he couldn’t have had a better partner. Um, you definitely could have.

Now that Bananas is out, Cory thinks him and Mitch can win the final. Is he right or did he forget that he barely made it up the mountain? We’ll find out soon, in Germany!

Episode 10 scores shown below:

Ep10 Scores.png

A link to the excel file is here: Bloodlines – Ep10 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Cara Maria and Jamie (25 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Aneesa, Rianna, Jenna, Brianna, Vince and Bananas  (0 points)

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