Same people getting on each other’s nerves, new country! Hello Germany!

Ep11 - In Berlin

Rianna, Aneesa, Cory & Mitch – Half the Remaining Challenge Teams – In Their New Spot, Berlin


Title: Tear Down This Wall (because Berlin)

There are only four teams left:

Cara Maria and Jamie – Strong contenders

Cory and Mitch – The good rookies having a great season

Jenna and Brianna – The underdogs and by underdogs, I mean chihuahuas that you can’t help but root for

Aneesa and Rianna – Wait, they really made it THIS far?

The weakest team is also falling apart out of game-play, too. Rianna is a real person with a real job who really got herself into this MTV world for her cousin. Aneesa doesn’t appreciate it because she realizes she’s close to a final with a weak partner.

Rianna wants her cousin to be friendly to her, is a human who is exhausted by this life, she cries (5 points). She’s pretty unhappy, she cries in her interview, too (5 more points).

Oh, by the way, we’re in Berlin now, a city some of the cast is familiar with.

The challenge is practice stunt man time. It looks like so much fun! Each pair goes from a semi that’s driving 40 miles per hour, down a cargo net and then makes their way climbing over five cars and SUVs to get to another semi truck.

Since Cory and Mitch won last time, they get to choose the order. They select Cara Maria and Jamie first, then Aneesa and Rianna, followed by Jenna and Brianna, and they go last.

Going first in this particular challenge is not good because the drivers haven’t hit their groove of going at the same speed and, thus, getting the cars nice and close to each other.

Cory and Mitch win (15 points each), with Jenna and Brianna in 2nd, Cara Maria and Jamie in 3rd.

T.J. puts Cory and Mitch on the spot, making them choose who is going against challenge losers Aneesa and Rianna in the elimination pit. Like the smart, strategic players they are, they take their final opportunity to get rid of their biggest competition: Cara Maria and Jamie.

At the club, Cara Maria is irritated by Cory and Mitch’s decision, even though she is fueled by the acknowledgement of being the main competition. Her and Jamie duck out of the smokey club early.

By the time the rest of the cast join the bus, Aneesa has to release her stress.

It’s clear that Aneesa is frustrated, in general, and is someone who finds Cara Maria annoying. Aneesa gets pissed and takes it out on Cara Maria, calling her fake and annoying.

Cara Maria, of course, takes this personally and gets mad. It’s a fight (10 points each). Aneesa also expresses that Cara Maria has a fake accent. In an adorable moment with the camera, Brianna explains in her interview that anyone should be able to have whatever accent they want. Nobel peace prize for Brianna?

Meanwhile, Jamie tries to calm Cara Maria down, but Cara Maria is, as always, emotional.

Back at the house, Aneesa awkwardly talks to Jamie about Cara Maria, while Cara Maria is sitting in the bed on the other side of the room. It is odd.

Aneesa cries that she will “never compromise who she is for this game.” (5 points)

I’m not a shrink, but I think Aneesa feels guilty about her cousin and who she is on reality TV, but it’s easier to take it out on annoying Cara Maria than face herself.

In the after show, we see Cara Maria laugh when Aneesa leaves the room, so at least Cara Maria calmed down after the bus.

At the elimination pit, T.J. says it’s ladies night, so it’s Cara Maria against either Aneesa or Rianna, and Aneesa obviously wants to control her team’s destiny.

The game is Mine Not Yours – the old fashioned take the stick from the competitor. Aneesa won this in Brazil back in The Duel, season 13, almost 10 years ago, when she beat Paula in a version called “Pole Wrestle.”

But that was a long time ago and Cara Maria is ripped. Aneesa gave it a good try, but Cara Maria beats her. (25 points for Cara Maria and Jamie).

Ep11 Blurry Cara Maria vs Aneesa

Rianna, Aneesa, Cory & Mitch – Half the Remaining Challenge Teams – In Their New Spot, Berlin

In a truly nice moment, Aneesa and Cara Maria give each other a huge hug and admit that they enjoy competing and being in this weird Challenge world together. They apologize to each other and cry (5 points each).

The episode ends with a preview of the first urban final and it includes beer!

Episode 11 scores shown below:


Ep11 Scores

A link to the excel file is here: Bloodlines – Ep11 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Cara Maria (40 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Jenna & Brianna (0 points)

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