Bloodlines – Episode 12 – The Final – Part 1

For a few seasons I’ve wondered if Day 1 of a 2 day final even matters. We’ll find out next week.

Ep12 CIA Outpost

CIA Outpost in Berlin – The Setting for The Final’s “Stage 1”


Title: True Blood

It’s the first final to take place in a city (in case that matters to you). I guess they’ve done the mountain thing a lot. Switching it up, The Challenge Bloodline Final takes Berlin!

And here’s how it goes…

Tonight we saw the first day of a two day final, so not the finale (yet).

Stage 1/day 1 takes place at an old CIA outpost that looks like it was made for this kind of thing.

There are four checkpoints to be completed and laps, because of course there has to be running.

MTV insists on torturing the remaining cast members by making them carry heavy-ass bags around each lap – 60 lbs for the ladies and 120 lbs for the men. There’s no joy in watching them complain about something that does seem unnecessarily awful.

Ep12 Barrels

Checkpoint 1: Barrel Rolling

But Stage 1 makes up for its torture by including fun, equal-playing field tasks. Rolling barrels up a hill, playing catapult flip-stein, doing a 3D tetris puzzle and playing “don’t touch the ground” with tires are terrific activities.

Catapult flip Stein not only looks fun, as it includes smashing glass, but if/when you miss, you have to drink a non-alcoholic beer.

Jenna would prefer chocolate milk or Shirley Temple. She’s not into beer… or most foods, which may be a problem in next week’s actual finale.

For Cara Maria and many others, it’s a lot of liquid, so there ends up being a lot of vomit. Jamie pukes twice (10 points), Mitch hurls (5 points), Cara Maria vomits (5 points) and cries about it (5 points).

Cory vomits (5 points), Mitch pukes again (5 more points), and Cory pulls the trigger to puke again before leaving checkpoint 2 (5 more points). Mitch considers this quality family bonding, and it is.

The 3D tetris puzzle thing also looks pretty cool. Jenna and Brianna seem to do well as they have no ego, they aren’t too stressed about time because they’re amazed to even be doing well… it’s interesting how this is unfolding. Having confidence, but no expectations seems to be an advantage for Jenna and Brianna.

The 4th checkpoint is a don’t-touch-the-ground game of getting to the other side of the roof via tire. Because Jenna and Brianna work well together and are light, though they have to start over once, they do well with this. All the teams really accept that slow and steady is the best strategy for this task.

Even though it pisses Cara Maria off that her training doesn’t mean she’ll automatically win the final, Team Staten Island ends day 1 in first place! It’s hard not to cheer for them since the idea of them winning seems impossible. The ditzy duo works together well. Cara Maria and Jamie conclude Stage 1 in 2nd place, while rookies Cory and Mitch, who struggled the most with the bags, end up in 3rd place.

In seasons past, having a head start on Day 2 doesn’t really mean too much. But this season is different. Though the narrative seems to be “this is the time for Cara Maria” (at the expense of her personal life), Jenna and Brianna just won’t go away and Cory and Mitch are strong rookies, when Cory’s not puking and Mitch is awake.

We’ll see what happens at next week’s finale!

Scores are shown below:

Ep12 Scores

Ep12 Scores

A link to the excel file is here: Bloodlines – Ep12 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Cory, Mitch, Cara Maria and Jamie (10 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Jenna and Brianna (0 points)


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One thought on “Bloodlines – Episode 12 – The Final – Part 1

  1. C'mon MTV. says:

    Just want to point out how clearly unfair it is that the guys carry twice the weight of the girls. I get that they should have more but 120lbs is an insane weight to carry. It obviously takes its toll as well as the more guys on a team, the worse they do. Maybe eating weird stuff will even it out in the real final

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