Bloodlines – End of Season Stats

With the season concluded, the fantasy points are all totaled up. Drama-free out-early Leroy laid an egg, while Cara Maria dominated in both drama and performance, for a ton of points.

Points by Player - FINAL


Notes about the scores:

Most Fantasy Points of the Season

Cara Maria (340 points)

2nd Most Fantasy Points of the Season + Best Performance by a Rookie

Cory (250 points)

Cory opened the season with male crying points, hooking up with Aneesa when his cousin Mitch hooked up with her cousin (scoring double family hookup points) and verbal fighting. He was strong out of the gate and had a solid season.

3rd Most Fantasy Points of the Season

Jamie and Brianna (225 points each)

Bloodlines rookies Jamie and Brianna made it to the final, scoring performance and drama points along the way. Jamie’s performance points were more deserved, as they came even though he was on the losing blue team. Brianna was in the right places at the right times, getting points for Jenna’s three elimination victories and red team’s success.

Least Fantasy Points of the Season

Leroy (0 points)

Leroy is fun, gives great commentary and is pretty mature. These attributes are respectable, but not good for fantasy drama points. He’s in great shape and a solid competitor, but when his cousin broke her toe, they existed before Leroy had a chance to earn a single point.

2nd Fewest Fantasy Points of the Season + Worst Performance by a Rookie

Christina (5 points)

Christina tried, but because we didn’t actual see her hookup with Tony, she yielded just 5 points in her only episode before losing to Jenna in the elimination pit.

3rd Fewest Fantasy Points of the Season

Vince, Larissa, Emily and Raphy (10 points each)

Of these four, Vince was the biggest bust. He was around for 10 episodes, but he didn’t win anything, he was near but never really in drama and no one wanted to hook up with Creepy Uncle Vince. He was drafted first overall in one our leagues. If you assume a Bananas attitude and body, but with hook up potential, it seemed like a wise draft pick. Vince, however, was terrible at scoring fantasy points.

In general, the Bloodlines were, not surprisingly, not big producers of drama points.

The chart below reflects points for drama – fighting, hooking up and crying points only.

Drama Points by Player

Drama Points by Player

The top drama queens and kings are all Real World alum. Aneesa and Kelly Anne hooked up and fought (with each other), making them a source of entertainment and points. Even though those two are older, they are still single and still prone to craziness. Nany and Bananas have calmed down a bit, but still found their way into a couple of fights.

Camila didn’t stick around long enough to really lose her mind, but she did cry a fair amount.

An early physical fight meant that rookies Shane and Tony did pretty well in their few episodes. All drama, all the little time they were there.

It is a bit frustrating knowing that people (Kelly Anne and Dario, Aneesa and Cory, Thomas and Cara Maria, Tony and Christina) hooked up more than what was shown on camera and can be awarded points for.  Hopefully, because next season won’t include a cast member half full of normal people that just happen to be related to MTV reality cast members, there will be even more drama.

Also, Jenna will be single!

More on that in the Reunion breakdown, coming soon!


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3 thoughts on “Bloodlines – End of Season Stats

  1. Thank you so much for all of the work that goes into updating this!

  2. Justin says:

    Thanks for the work this season! Any thoughts of changing scoring a bit? Seeing a lot of zeroes was a buzzkill 😦

    Perhaps some points for backstabbing, trying (successfully or unsuccessfully) to throw a challenge, creating an alliance (only points for the creation of it), and things like that since the game has less partying and hooking up and more strategic discussions.

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