Bloodlines – Reunion

Better late than never!

Who the heck is Nessa? MTV seemingly picks random young beautiful women to host. But what about sharp veterans like Mark Long or Susie Meister? You know, people who know what it’s like and know what they’re talking about.

The reunion was a standard recap and catch up. We saw the Aneesa and Cory hook up montage, before learning that Nicole kissed Anthony outside the show. Why bother if we can’t get fantasy points for it? Come on, people!

This show had to bring us up to date on the Cara Maria and Abram saga. Cara Maria apologized and there was a ton of weirdness. Abram tells her she should have broken up with him before she left for the show because yeah, that would have been better for everyone. He also mentions that Cara Maria wrote him a love note before she left, telling viewers that if she was as miserable as she says she was, she didn’t show him that.

It is hard to watch. Cara Maria continues to insist she only kissed Thomas when that seems very unlikely.

In order to put pressure on another relationship, our unknown host brings up Bananas’ vote for Nany and what it had to do with his girlfriend Hannah. We learn Hannah does not like Nany. Bananas flops between the narrative that it doesn’t matter and that he doesn’t want to piss off his girlfriend. This too, is odd. Cory breaks up the weirdness by turning to Nicole and asking, “didn’t you vote for Nany?”

In an intermission we see the Banana cam tour behind the scenes. Of course Bananas is in charge of the bonus footage, he’s the MTV favorite child!

We revisit Aneesa vs. Kelly Anne. Aneesa owns up to her bad behavior.

There’s a montage about how bad at challenges Vince is. Bananas tries to defend his cousin, saying he failed on purpose. But every challenge? Come on, now.

We will see Vince and Bananas again in May, for The Challenge Rivals 3. More on that coming soon!


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