The Challenge: Rivals 3 – Preview

In two weeks, The Challenge is back with its 3rd installment of Rivals. Can’t wait to see you again, T.J.!

2 Weeks Until The Challenge Rivals III

2 Weeks Until The Challenge Rivals III

Unlike the previous two versions of Rivals, this season features male/female pairs competing, so it’s like exes, but none of them have hooked up… that we know of. The cast contains mostly pairs from the same season.

Fresh off Bloodlines, 14 of the 26 cast members on Rivals 3 were on Bloodlines.

Here’s how they did:

Bloodlines Players on Rivals 3

Bloodlines Players on Rivals 3

Three halves of the Bloodlines finalists are competing this season. Jenna is paired with Bananas’ cousin, the giant disappointment that is Creepy Uncle Vince. Cara Maria’s cousin Jamie is a champion and he’s paired up with the crazy veteran Kelly Anne. Cory, who scored 50 drama and 200 performance points last season is paired with Ashley, who was on his season Ex-plosion for so little time that all I know about her is that she’s skinny and smokes cigarettes.

How these players will do this time around is unclear. There are, however, two Are You the One? rookie teams set to be thrown in eliminations early.

Veterans Bananas, Wes and Leroy have been on all three seasons of Rivals. No surprise that Bananas is on seeing as he’s always on. In the first installment of Rivals (The Jungle) in Argentina, Bananas was paired with his season-mate Tyler and they won, while Wes was paired with Kenny and they took 2nd place for the guys. NOTE: If you’re wondering why you don’t see Kenny and Evan anymore, it’s because it was a term in their toothbrush rape settlement. Leroy, who is very likable, but somehow has rivals, came in 3rd place in the original Rivals. He was originally paired with Adam from his Vegas Real World season, but Adam got kicked off and Leroy ended up with his season buddy Michael.

For the sequel in Thailand, Wes was paired with CT in Rivals 2 and they won, while Bananas and Frank from San Diego took 2nd place for the guys. Leroy was paired with incompetent Ty from the DC Real World. The two only made it to episode 7.

Now in this mix-gendered incarnation in Mexico, Wes is paired with Nany, Bananas with Sarah Rice and Leroy with Averey. It seems fair to say that Bananas and Sarah have the best chance of winning it all. However, even if that happens, they are not in the best position to score the most fantasy points.

While Bananas is good for some verbal fight points, he’s too seasoned to physically fight. Sarah is recently married and Bananas has a very steady girlfriend, meaning no hook up point potential for them. Also, since they are good at politics and alliances, it’s not likely they’ll see too many eliminations, unless their strength makes them a target for overzealous rookies.

On the topic of hook up points, Jenna is single now, so there’s some potential there. Also, Tony is back! While he only lasted three episodes last season, he managed to hook up and physically fight. He’s also VERY good at getting chicks pregnant.  (Thanks to RG for sending over that info). Tony seems good for drama/pregnancy points, especially since he’s paired up with Camila, who is good for at least one verbal fight and cry per season. Also, Tony really needs to win some money to pay all the child support bills he has and has coming, so maybe he’ll be super determined to do well? Or he’ll get kicked out for fighting. To be determined!

It’s exciting to have Wes and Bananas back together. They are likable villains. And to balance them out, Leroy.

See for yourself where you think the action will be! Watch the trailer. Check out the Wikipedia Page.

Also, please check out last season’s scoring system for our fantasy league. Obviously, the family hook up rules need not apply. If you have ideas for changes, additions or subtractions from the current system, please post in the comments. We will commit to a scoring system by Friday so that everyone can organize their drafts.

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2 thoughts on “The Challenge: Rivals 3 – Preview

  1. RG says:

    And fresh off baby #2 with a different girl, Tony is in prime condition to hook up with another rando or 3 and earn some reliable drama points.

    Good preview! Looking forward to this season.

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