The Challenge Rivals 3 – Fantasy Draft Preview


Favored Former Champs Sarah & Bananas

With the new season of The Challenge only one week away, it’s time to draft your fantasy team!

In drafting, keep in mind how cast members/Challenge players score points by examining the Officially Unofficial MTV the Challenge Rivals 3 Fantasy scoring system.

The MTV trailer for Rivals 3 is only one minute long, but gives us some clues about the season…

The trailer shows two girls up in each other’s faces fighting and another quick clip shows some sort of altercation between the male competitors, with Cory being held back by a few of his teammates.

We also see two chicks that I can’t identify making out (Are You The One? people, maybe) and a girl/guy bathroom make out session.

Toward the end, we see T.J. telling someone, “I’ve warned you before. You’re out of here. Get your stuff.”

What it all means is for you to interpret and decide.

The difficulty in drafting is that most cast members that are strong competitors, are not likely to yield drama points. Wes, Bananas, Sarah, and Leroy are veterans who know how to compete, but they don’t really hook up, get naked or be willing to engage in a physical fight. Going into next week’s premiere, you gotta figure Bananas and Sarah are the team to beat. Considering Sarah cries and Bananas pisses people off enough to at least get into a verbal fight from time to time, these two have high point potential.

Jamie and KellyAnne seem to be a pretty solid team. Considering Dario is on the show, KellyAnne could yield hook up points too/again/maybe! Dario is a solid competitor, but Nicole is a giant question mark, as is Leroy’s partner Averey, who could be good, but also could be a wuss.

At this point, it’s a little difficult to gauge the value of Camila and Nany. They are decent competitors who are a little crazy. Both are good for a meltdown or flip out, guaranteed for a cry. But since Nany inspired the Nany Bonus (hooking up with more than one person in a single episode) after Free Agents, she hasn’t been active in the sheets on Battle of the Exes 2 or Bloodlines. Nany/Wes is a solid team, but the Bananas alliance will go after them once the rookie sacrifices are complete. Watch for Bananas to have to tell Nany sorry, he has to vote them in again cause everyone hates Wes.

Dramawise, people are too scared of Camila to hit on her. As a competitor, Camila was great with leader Bananas and Tony is too dumb to be a solid leader. Likely the two of them will argue A LOT.

The cast members that may yield more drama points are the newer, younger, single competitors, like the fresh-faced Are You the One? players. However, they are more likely to be sent into elimination rounds rounds by the veterans. While there tends to be a rookie team that does well every season, like Adam and Brittany on Battle of the Exes 2, it’s tough to guess which team will be the Cinderella story.

This season there are three people that stand out as top fantasy picks, possible to produce in drama and Challenge performance: Jenna, Cory and Tony.

Jenna has reached the finals in the past two seasons. She’s single now, too, since her and Zach/Thor are no more. Her partner being Bananas’ cousin Vince has her in tight in the Bananas alliance. While Vince was a bummer of a competitor on Bloodlines, Bananas has perhaps whipped Creepy Uncle Vince into shape/Vince may be looking to salvage his embarrassing image he created last season. These two can go far, and maybe Jenna will hook up and/or streak and/or get drunk and argue with people along the way.

Cory and his cousin Mitch were runners up last season. Cory is unafraid of elimination, as he’s somewhere between confident and cocky. A former college athlete, Cory was made for these challenges. He hooked up with Aneesa last season, even though he had a girlfriend he no longer has. Cory looks like someone who can produce in drama and performance. His partner Ashley is a rookie, but does not seem so incompetent to fear he’s doomed from the start.

Tony had a short stint on Bloodlines last season, but still managed to have a bathroom hook up cheat on his girlfriend experience and a physical fight. He’s also impregnated 2 chicks in the past couple years, while seemingly not committed to either, not that it would matter to him. He could be a decent competitor, as he’s in good shape. His partner Camila is a plus for his ability to avoid eliminations by linking him to veteran alliances.

The two teams that seem weakest to me are Johnny and Jessica and Thomas and Simone. Johnny  and Jessica are in good, but not great shape. They have never really impressed on the performance front. Plus, it looks like Jess has a new nose, which she likely won’t want to risk damaging. While both do okay on the romantic intermingling, they don’t have a strong tie to a possible rookie alliance or veteran alliance. These two know each other well as housemates in Portland, and they do not see eye-to-eye.

Thomas went pretty far last season, but that was thanks to a special relationship with veteran Cara Maria. He’s a pretty skinny dude, outweighed by most of the other competitors. Simone was a weak competitor in her one brief challenge appearance.

Unlike previous seasons like Battle of the Exes 2, when Nany was an easy first pick, there’s no stand out 1st pick, so if your draft snakes (as ours will for the firsrt 2 rounds), picking 4th or 5th is probably the best position to be in.

If you are playing in Pat Mayo’s League, you get $100 to buy a team. Pat set prices per who he thinks is the most valuable. Here they are:

@ThePME  Value by player, in $ amount

@ThePME Value by player, in $ amount

What do you think!?

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One thought on “The Challenge Rivals 3 – Fantasy Draft Preview

  1. Caitlin says:

    The two girls making out are definitely Christina and Bri.

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