The Challenge Rivals 3 – Episode 1 Breakdown & Scoring

Skydive into the new season of The Challenge – Rivals 3! Now with mixed gendered teams!

The Challenge Rivals 3 - Ep 1 - Skydiving

The Challenge Rivals 3 – Ep 1 – Skydiving


Title: Mexican Standoff

Rivals 3 House

The Challenge Rivals 3 House in Mexico

Cool house, check. Reminder of who everyone is and if/how many times they’ve competed and/or won before, check. Bananas toast, check. Time to drink and get in the pool!


One the side of the pool, the Are You The One? cast members talk about how there are enough of them to have an alliance, but Brandon isn’t into it cause he has issues with Christina. Briana gets mad at Brandon for not being an AYTO alliance enthusiast (verbal attack – 5 points).

Briana yells at Brandon with pool audience

Briana yells at Brandon with pool audience

Some veterans line up to not-so-subtly eavesdrop, which makes for a great shot.

The pre-Challenge challenge is to skydive down to T.J. to learn what the season format is. Nany is scared and cries (5 points). Everyone jumps except for wuss Nate. As T.J. greets the cast on the beach of “the island” that is Mexico (Oh, Jenna), he expresses some clear disappointment in Nate (10 points).

T.J. goes through the teams. Camila is so pissed to be with Tony, who dissed her sister last season, that she cries (5 points).

Every rivalry is played up, but it’s clear that certain teams dislike each other more than others. Jenna just finds Vince annoying, while Johnny really can’t stand Jessica. Bananas really plays up his dislike for Sarah, something that is still just so over-dramatic considering he of all people should, and probably in reality reality (as opposed to reality TV) understands that she made the best move possible. Nevertheless, them not talking makes them a less scary pair… for now.

The cast is dismissed to go get drunk at the house before their first challenge.

Jamie and Ashley flirt, which is not at all a love connection I’d have ever guessed. Jamie is maybe the most normal person in the house and Ashley is pretty crazy, though she does seem very aware of the fact that she’s on reality TV and that’s probably not a good idea so maybe she is sort-of oddly secretly a little normal?

Tony, like the catty middle school girl he is, makes a list of the best chicks in the house, trying to make it seem fun by adding Bananas and Wes, two people he probably would impregnate if he could.

Rivals 3 - Ep 1- Simone Pissed

The Challenge Rivals 3 – Ep 1 – Skydiving

Bananas, instigator extraordinaire, tells Simone thinks that Tony thinks she wants him. Simone does not, and freaks out via verbal attack (5 points). She does hilariously mention that if she were to want anyone, it would be Cory. Cory smiles graciously. We later learn he has his eye on Cheyenne.

With Simone’s yelling serenading them, Jamie and Ashley head to the bathroom. They kiss (10 points each) and a bunch of people come to watch them hook up (20 points).

NOTE: We were tough on coitus points last season, but both Jamie and Ashley pretty much admit it so this one is good!

The actual challenge finally occurs. It’s called Give Me Some Slack. The guys on each team will hold the girls on a giant platform high in the air as the girls go and pluck off skulls and put them in a bucket. There are 5 skulls. Most collected wins, least loses.Rivals 3 - Ep 1 - Give Me Some Slack Challenge

Johnny and Jessica only get 2 skulls, most teams gets 3. Leroy drops Averey after the 3rd skull, complaining about his back. Sarah and Bananas, who haven’t talked at all, communicate pretty well, til Bananas drops Sarah and smiles about it. Sarah is annoyed at Bananas. I’m just annoyed that he is still pretending to be so mad at her when he has to be pumped that he’s paired with one of the strongest chicks in the competition.

Johnny and Jessica come in last and automatically will go to the elimination challenge. Vince and Jenna win (15 points each). T.J. said they “got it done”, which is a nice compliment, but no “you killed it.” As winners, they get to choose who goes in against Johnny and Jessica… next episode because MTV is out of time.

A la The A.V. Club, stray observations:

  • Camila and Nany are always good for crying points and they prove it immediately.
  • So good to have Leroy on a show. He just lives in Vegas and works, parties and does Challenges *smile*! He’s so charming, he makes Bananas rubbing his ass cute. But this back issue… did he get it skydiving? Before the season started? More info please, MTV!
  • Are Dario and Kelly Anne going to hook up again this season? Are they going to acknowledge that they hooked up last season? What about Tony and Christina? Follow up please!
  • God, a 90 minute premiere and we don’t even see an elimination. Le sigh. Seriously half of this episode was skydiving (fun, but not interesting to watch) and reintroducing us to people we already know. MTV editing fail!
  • Preview of the season seems to show a challenge where everyone is naked, Tony naked, Tony pursuing his intellectual equal Jessica, and more nudity.

Episode 1 scores shown below:

Rivals 3 - Ep 1 - Scores.png

The Challenge Rivals 3 – Episode 1 Scores

A link to the excel file is here: Rivals 3 – Ep1 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Ashley and Jamie (30 sexy points each)

Worst player performances of the episode: Most (0 points)

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5 thoughts on “The Challenge Rivals 3 – Episode 1 Breakdown & Scoring

  1. Lauren says:

    How do I sign up to participate? Is it too late?

  2. vrod305 says:

    I figured that was a verbal attack or at least an argument between Tony and Simone. Maybe I’m just disappointed with my team’s performance.

  3. RG says:

    “…trying to make it seem fun by adding Bananas and Wes, two people he probably would impregnate if he could.” Niiiiiiiiiice.

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