After a 90-minute premiere, it’s time for an elimination.

Rivals 3 - Ep 2 - Leroy & Averey

Leroy & Averey


Title: The Curse of the Black Skull

The Challenge Doctor (love that the Challenge has a Challenge Doctor… MTV without borders) comes to the house. This is never good.

Leroy is an 8 on the pain scale. Duh. He wouldn’t have asked for medical assistance unless he was in real, serious pain. He goes to the hospital. Averey is worried about him, and about their ability to compete.

Johnny & Jessica don’t get along so we have to watch Jessica be annoying and Johnny be too much of a “dickish” person to know how to handle her.

Rivals 3 - Ep 2 - Jessica and Johnny Hug

Johnny & Jessica Hug Because Pretending to Get Along is Teamwork

Winners Vinny & Jenna don’t seem to care about Leroy’s fate. Their strategy, apparently, is to keep Christina & Nate around because they seem like an easy team to beat later. The winners invite the Are You The One? team over to tell them they’re safe, but they better never vote for them.

The rookie get excited and nod. Christina even wipes her eye… hold it together, girl!

Vinny & Jenna decide to go for “quiet kid” Brandon & his partner Briana. Vinny & Jenna inform the new kids that they’re going in.

Sarah, Averey and Jenna watch the flirting. Tony & Jessica, Leroy & Nicole, Jamie & Ashley. Wes talks to drunk Tony and are like, “really dude?” Camilla is disappointed in her partner AGAIN. “This is why you fix dogs… Tony needs to be fixed.” Camilla is right.

Jessica decides that flirting with Tony has shown her the light to break up with her horrible boyfriend. Tony is like, “yeah, yeah, let’s hook up.” He’s wasted and he’s a dog who wants to hump. He doesn’t understand Jessica’s flirting without wanting to actually coitus.

Rivals 3 - Ep 2 - Naked Tony

Johnny & Jessica Hug Because Pretending to Get Along is Teamwork

So… he gets naked (10 points) and sits in her bed. Tony really is an animal trying to breed cause, boy he likes to breed. By the way, does Jessica not know or not care about pregnant ex-girlfriend? (This was shot before we knew other ex-girlfriend was also pregnant).

Nevertheless, Tony waves his junk at her and she sleeps next to him, but no sex because that is how you send mix signals.

The next day MTV does a great job editing between Jessica breaking up with her boyfriend, being so dramatic and crying (5 points) and Tony talking about how wasted he was, how he doesn’t remember if they had sex, how he may have pooped himself… he’s just laughing with Johnny, Sarah and another guy.

Rivals 3 - Ep 2 - Crying Jessica

Johnny & Jessica Hug Because Pretending to Get Along is Teamwork

T.J., our fearless leader, informs Leroy that doctors have ruled him unable to play. No Leroy means no Averey, goodbye. It sucks, cause Leroy is the most likable Challenge veteran AND HE IS A BARTENDER FOR BRITNEY’S SHOW IN VEGAS! But the man out when his partner got hurt early last season, is out again this season.

Averey isn’t mad, just sad. She cries (5 points).

Onto the next order of business, T.J. asks Vinny & Jenna who they are picking to go against Johnny & Jessica. They announce their pick, then T.J. requests an additional nomination.

Say what?


Vinny & Jenna go for their non-alliance rookie pair Devin & Cheyenne. Briana thinks maybe Nate said something and is mad, which makes Nate cry (20 points). Ugh, Nate. Get your act together, Jesus.

Cory really likes Cheyenne because she looks like Rihanna. Cheyenne can’t ride a bike. Forget crying Nate & Christina, Devin & Cheyenne are the layup to keep around.

But enough fun flirting time, let’s get to the jungle already!

T.J. explains that the elimination round at the jungle  Of the two teams nominated, only one competes. They pick from four skulls, of which three are white and one’s black. Black skull means you’re competing. Sarah loves the twist, too.

Rivals 3 - Ep 2 - Jungle

Leroy & Averey

Briana picks a white one, Cheyenne picks a white one. Cheyenne knows this means there’s a 50/50 chance, which means she may be smarter than Jenna.

Brandon picks white. It’s Devin & Cheyenne vs. Johnny & Jessica. Devin puts on a game face. Us viewers see a montage of all of Jessica’s challenge losses.

The challenge is Back It Up. Four walls are in the middle of the jungle. They have shelves for ceramic pots on the top. They have to share and shimmy, bringing the pot with them up the wall. First team to get all 3, wins.

Devin & Cheyenne get a pot up first. Jessica & Johnny aren’t far behind and Jessica does not want to go home first this year! Jessica pushes while Cheyenne stalls. Johnny & Jessica win (25 points each). First elimination win for Jessica. This is better than a chocolate bar!!!

Cheyenne feels bad, feeling responsible for her team’s loss. They are both bummed. It’s cool, though, they learned a lot on their two episodes.

Toast to Jessica by Johnny for her first elimination win. Aw, he’s acting like they’re buddies for a minute. How less “dickish” of him!

Stray observations:

  • I appreciate Cory playing the slow game, but when you flirt with a rookie, you may not get a chance to hook up. They don’t usually get to stick around too long.
  • Averey & Johnny were a for real actual couple who dated and lived together in real life. She’s gone without either cast member giving any update as to if they can/do talk, if they get along, how they feel about being on the same season. NOTHING. Unacceptable, MTV, unacceptable.
  • If only the NFL respected the health of their players the way the Challenge does.
  • Next week’s preview of a simulating sex challenge with Jamie identifying Ashley’s moans is comedy gold. You can’t write this stuff. You can just put crazy people in isolation until it happens naturally.

Episode 2 scores shown below:

Rivals 3 Ep 2 Scores

Rivals 3 – Ep2 Scores

A link to the excel file is here: Rivals 3 – Ep2 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Jessica (30 points each)

Worst player performances of the episode: Most (0 points)… notably Leroy who had back-to-back bad seasons of no fantasy points.

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  1. MillerTime says:

    We need a ruling:

    If Leroy and Avery get replaced in the next episode, do the teams who drafted the two original players automatically get the new rivals as replacements on their fantasy teams? Or are the teams S.O.L.?

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