Rivals 3 – Episode 3 Breakdown & Scoring

Rivals 3 - Ep 3 - Cory & Ashley

The Return of Smashley

A challenge that simulates sex leads to no sex, no winning and no losing. This episode really goes nowhere.


Title: The Replacements

Drunk Ashley is insecure, drunk and decides that because Jamie talked to Nicole he made out with her. She cries in the bathroom (5 points). Cory comforts her because a happy partner is better than a raging, kicked off the show partner. When Nicole tries to use the bathroom, Ashley screams at her (5 points for verbal attack).

Back at the house, Ashley and Jamie make up. They kiss (10 points each).

In the morning, Ashley gets mad that Simone and Jessica are talking about how crazy she is and that she’s a complete emotional wreck for camera time. Ashley is all, “no, you’re the camera whore!” Ashley and Simone’s argument yields them each 10 points. None for Jessica because she just kind of sits there.

At the Challenge, T.J. informs us that with Leroy & Avery having to leave due to Leroy’s bad back, they will be replaced. Are You The One?’s Nelson & Amanda join the season. Having not watched their show, I have no idea anything about these people.

The  challenge is called Dirty Laundry and involves humping a pole of soap til the shell falls off and you can read numbers underneath. Then the pairs have to go to a pile of shirts and pick out the ones that correspond to the numbers on the pole and hang them.

Unlike previous seasons, instead of the winning team from the last challenge (which was 2 episodes ago, by the way) picking the order, the winners of the elimination get to pick the order. Johnny & Jessica put themselves in the last of the three heats so that they observe how it’s done.

Nate & Christina win heat one, while newbies Nelson & Amanda lose.  Nelson & Amanda

Rivals 3 - Ep 3 - Humping the Pole Challenge

Humping the Pole Challenge


bicker about their loss, but they’re not good for any fantasy points as no one knew they’d be on the show. In heat two, Wes & Nany win because they use strategery and Thomas & Simone lose because they’re terrible. Johnny & Jessica save themselves for the final heat, but still lose because they are also bad at challenges. Tony & Camila win.


But none of this matters because this season is against the normal Challenge-Deliberation-Elimination format. T.J. is all, “hey newbies, pick two teams you wanna go to dinner with. Also, no Elimination tomorrow night. We’ll have a house party instead!” Ummm… okay.

Unsure what to do, Nelson & Amanda pick Bananas & Sarah and Thomas & Simone to come with them. Wes and others wonder if it’s just dinner or some other weird twist. Back at the house, Wes wonders if an elimination is going on. The three teams just get drunk and eat food and get to know each other a bit.

After dinner, Wes talks to drunken Simone to find out what the hell happens and she confesses that she told everyone she thinks Wes is hot. He does not care about that! He wants to know if there was a secret elimination or if an alliance was formed or anything. “I never said I was attracted to you,” Wes (who has a girlfriend) says. Simone gets upset.

Rivals 3 - Ep 3 - Amanda Making Friends

Amanda Making Friends

Meanwhile, Amanda gets mad at Johnny for being polite so she starts to get real… real angry for no reason. Again, no points can be awarded for Amanda for verbal attack cause no one has her so she’s not really there and hopefully not there for long cause this chick is mean and mad for no reason.


And that’s it. No challenge winner. No elimination. You suck, MTV!

Stray observations:

  • Seriously, MTV should pretend to care about this show a little bit. In an episode without much action, they still don’t even bother to acknowledge that Christina & Tony hooked up last season and are back in a house together, as are Kelly Anne & Dario. A little follow-through on this would be nice.
  • Amanda is a nurse? She seemingly would have the worst bedside manner ever.
  • Last episode’s dichotomy between Jessica’s tearful break up and Tony not remembering if he had sex with Jessica was very funny. The guys win again with humor over drama as Wes doesn’t realize Simone may have had a crush on him when he was simply fishing for game information. Oh, girls…
  • On the topic of crazy ladies, Jamie handles Ashley very well. He is not pleased with her irrationality, but doesn’t berate her or fight with her, he pursues with rational and thought.

Episode 3 scores shown below:


A link to the excel file is here: Rivals 3 – Ep3 Scores

Rivals 3 - Ep 3 - Scores.png

Rivals 3 – Episode 3 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Ashley (30 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Everyone else, except for Jamie & Simone because no Challenge winner and no Elimination winner does not yield fantasy points.


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15 thoughts on “Rivals 3 – Episode 3 Breakdown & Scoring

  1. Amanda says:

    In the post you said Simone gets 10 points for her argument with Ashley, but that isn’t reflected in the score breakdown.

  2. Nick says:

    Ashley cried like 17 times last night. Are you only allowed points for crying once during an episode?

  3. PGV417 says:

    what about coitus points for Ashley and Jamie? And what about Nelson and Amanda?

    • rachelarbeit says:

      No coitus, not enough shown. Amanda and Nelson would get 10 points for Verbal Fight and Amanda would later get 5 points Verbal Attack, but in our league she was undraftable cause no one knew she’d be coming in as a replacement. If you are running with our rules but picking up different players each episode, you still wouldn’t have been able to pick them up cause no one knew they were coming into the game, so they don’t really matter.

      • What constitutes coitus points, then? In this case Jamie and Ashley were in bed, under the covers, one on top of the other, clearly nude. How much more explicit can it get?

      • rachelarbeit says:

        Look again. Jamie is not nude, he’s wearing a shirt and she’s ontop kissing his forehead. That’s not coitus. See their behavior in episode 1 for coitus.

  4. Shamir says:

    in our league we are using your points, but we drafted nelson and amanda knowing they were going to be entering the game. can you add them to the score sheet so we can track them

    • rachelarbeit says:

      Sure, but only if you let us know how you knew they were coming!

      • Shamir says:

        this list came up when we googled the cast list. It said “Replacement” next to their name


      • Danielle W. says:

        In our league if a team is kicked out/medically evacuated and are replaced the team who lost the original players picks up the replacements (boy for boy, girl for girl). It saved us (read: me) when Leroy and his cousin were kicked out last season for a stupid medical reason and will save us (read: me, again, because I keep drafting Leroy) this season.

      • rachelarbeit says:

        Cool. Nelson and Amanda get 10 pts for their post-challenge loss fight and Amanda gets 5 pts for verbal attack for her end of episode general tirade. This will be officially noted on the blog on Monday .

  5. Derek Tucker says:

    Why don’t Camilla and Tony get 15 points each for winning the regular challenge?

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