Rivals 3 – Episode 4 Breakdown & Scoring

This week: Fighting, more fighting and none of it while competing in Challenges or elimination  jungles.

Rivals 3 - Ep 4 - Nany and Nicole vs Camila

Nany & Nicole vs. Camila


Title: I’m Going Home

We open the episode with learning that Simone’s butt hurts from rubbing the pole in the last challenge. Her and partner Thomas came in last in their heat, so her rear end issue wasn’t even from an effective effort. She goes to the doctor and is fine.


It’s unclear why this is worth screen time. But if these two have to go home for butt injury next week or something, it will make sense. Otherwise, it seems  like we are just learning that Simone is not the toughest competitor, something that was already pretty clear.


On a lighter note, we learn that Nicole likes Nate for some reason. I guess she missed him crying in episode 2. They decide that their first date will be the night’s first ever Challenge house party. It is not at all romantic, but it does have some charm. It’s middle school cute.


The producers of the show make a dance floor and hire a DJ and a bartender. This is probably cheaper then sending them out for a night.


Bananas accurately predicts that some Latina ladies, like Nany, Nicole and Camila, will get drunk and fight. They do (10 points each) about some Christina-based rumors about who in the house can and can’t be trusted. While Kelly Anne is supposedly involved in this “she said, she said” stuff, she is strangely a calm voice of reason, informing Nany and her cousin Nicole that Camila simply stated to trust no one. Camila hates this crap and cries (5 points). When Nany tries to apologize, Camila just yells at Nany for making something out of nothing.


Kelly Anne passionately yells with Camila at the end that it’s all stupid, which it is. You know it’s bad when Kelly Anne is making sense.


Moving onto the next pointless drama, Briana feels betrayed by her Are You The One? friends for not properly disclosing a rumored alliance between Christina & Nate and “The Real World” Simone and Amanda confront Christina and it’s tough to care, because what do alliances matter when there is barely a game to apply strategy to and there’s only been one elimination?


Rivals 3 - Ep 4 - Are You The One Girls Confrontation

Amanda & Simone Confront Christina because Are You The One? Girls Don’t Understand the Game

If the Are You the One? chumps are trying to be in an alliance, they need Christina & Nate, regardless of whatever side deal they are working. Amanda and Simone prove that these rookies have no idea how to play the game when they verbally attack Christina (5 points each), making Christina cry (5 points) and alienate someone they likely want/need for their alliance.


Briana sits in bed, fuming that her friends Christina and Nate are snakes for not disclosing every word of every conversation they’ve had. Briana goes on a weak verbal attack, but a verbal attack nonetheless (5 points).


Briana hates everyone and storms off. Brandon talks her into getting over it and not giving up.


In order to further demonstrate how to make a house full of people dislike you and itch to throw you into an elimination (if there ever is another one), Amanda proves again how obnoxious she is. Amanda and Tony have a childish fight over who was on a better show. (10 points each). Jessica, who either doesn’t know or care that Tony is a dog, finds his yelling at Amanda a turn off. She even makes him get out of her bed!


Rivals 3 - Ep 4 - Amanda vs Camila

Nany & Nicole vs. Camila

After Tony walks away from Amanda, Camila calls out the new girl for bringing the drama on herself for no reason. Amanda talks like the tough black chick she’s not, and gets in Camila’s face, screaming (10 points each). Camila shouts her resume and then Amanda pushes Camila who needs to be physically restrained, so this is a physical fight now (30 points each). Security is there and everything!


At this time, we are halfway through the episode with no sign of a challenge or an elimination. We are in episode 4 of the season and have seen just 2 challenges and 1 elimination. It’s extremely frustrating.


Thinking about the game that may eventually be played at some point this season, Amanda later realizes that pretending she’s cooler than everyone else and giving the entire cast a bad attitude might be poor strategy. She cries (5 points).
In what seems like the morning because it’s light out, Brandon talks on the phone to his girlfriend, who is labelled as “girlfriend” because MTV either thinks we can’t handle another name or this chick cares about her privacy or it just doesn’t matter.


Brandon’s girlfriend is sitting at home, sad and missing him and he wants to be there with her. GET A JOB! I mean, eyeroll.


After Dario tries to talk some sense into Brandon, he walks out to the street, saying he wants to quit. Briana wants him to go to sleep and talk (later) in the morning when they’re sober. They fight about it (10 points each). “Nobody cares that you have a girlfriend… be cool,” Briana accurately screams.


At the Challenge, because thank god, there’s actually a challenge, T.J. rips Brandon a new one for wanting to quit. Brandon is a lame, quitting, waste of space and episode time. Brandon gets a verbal beat-down from T.J., good for -5 points. Way to leave on a low note and a low fantasy score, rookie. Bye-bye!


Briana pokes herself in the eyes and then may cry when she’s hugging crying Christina (5 points), but we don’t actually see Briana herself cry.


The challenge is called Out on a Limb. There’s a square of platform 30 feet above the water that the teams have to make their way around by swinging on four bars. It’s a timed event. Slowest team goes to the elimination jungle, which is good because I was starting to wonder if elimination jungles were still a thing.


Because there was no jungle last week, the order is randomly selected. Vince & Jenna and Nate & Christina go first. Vince & Jenna make it 2 of the 4 platforms, while Nate & Christina only makes it to the first one. Next Thomas & Simone get to the 2nd bar, but don’t swing to the platform, so they have to drop.


Then Cory & Ashley make it to the 4th bar, but they can’t get to that last platform. When Ashley falls, she hits a rigging rope, something we’ve never seen in the Challenge ever. It does not look good, but it’s just a bad rope burn and we’re not losing another team due to injury.


Dario & Nicole grab the bar and swing, but fail to reach the first platform. Tony & Camila cruise over to the 3rd bar, but Camila takes a nasty fall, which concludes this episode of MTV’s The Challenge: Only Sometimes With Actual Complete Challenges.

Stray observations:

  • If we don’t see some regular Challenge-Deliberation/Drama-Elimination episodes soon, I’m going to start the hashtag #MaketheChallengeChallengeAgain
  • To be a more productive complainer, it seems  Justin Booth, who had been the showrunner for like the last 12 seasons or so, is out, and someone else is in. Maybe that explains the difference in episode format this season.
  • For the record, the best show is The Challenge. How was this not brought up in the Real World vs. Are You The One? fight?
  • Jessica and Tony are interesting to watch. She condemns his bad behavior, while also being attracted to it. I wonder if/when she’ll learn he cheated on his pregnant girlfriend with Christina last season.
  • On that topic, another episode, another 40 minutes of content that doesn’t acknowledge Kelly Anne and Dario or Christina and Tony. We hear Kelly Anne cheering on Dario during the Challenge, but that’s it for follow-up.
  • Watching Nicole tell Nate she cares about him, then walking away was quite amusing.
  • The preview for next week hints reveals there will be another replacement team. Any new pair better not get a waste of time evening out that cancels an elimination. CAN WE PLEASE GET TO THE GAME HERE?

Episode 4 scores shown below:

Rivals 3 - Ep 4 - Scores

Rivals 3 – Ep 4 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Rivals 3 – Ep4 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Amanda (60 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Brandon (-5 points and a world of shame)

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5 thoughts on “Rivals 3 – Episode 4 Breakdown & Scoring

  1. bandreblog says:

    Just a heads up, the picture and link of the scores aren’t working.

  2. Steve says:

    Brandon is the worst. He actually had me agreeing with Dario (who, previously, was the worst).

  3. vrod305 says:

    Can I trade everyone on my team but Nany and Tony for Amanda? This lack of scoring sucks.

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