Rivals 3 – Episode 5 Breakdown & Scoring

2nd half of a challenge + deliberation + elimination FINALLY! Thank you, MTV! Rivals 3 - Ep 5 - Cory & Ashley


Title: Where the Rachet Things Are

We start where we left off, with Camila in the water on the Out on a Limb challenge. Her and Tony bicker, a clear example of an argument that’s not a verbal fight. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that these two are not on the same page. They should be a good team, but their inability to get along could work against them.

Meanwhile, Bananas and Sarah do very well swinging around the platforms because their rivalry is a shallow one. They even hug after a job well done. Bananas does flash his butt after Sarah falls, and when a body part is blurred, that’s nudity! (10 points).

Jessica is confident because her and her dad have done monkey bars before the season. All Johnny & Jessica need to do is make it to the first platform, because Dario & Nicole didn’t do that. But as Johnny tries to help Jessica from the bar to the platform, she lets go and ends up in the water.

Surprisingly, Jamie & Kelly Anne also blow the landing on the first platform. But Johnny & Jessica are the worst and fell the fastest, so they go straight to the elimination jungle. The winner of the challenge is Cory & Ashley (15 points each).

Cory and Thomas were on Real World Ex-plosion together and Cory tells Thomas that they’re cool cause they are buddies. At their power dinner, it moves quickly from Cory congratulating Ashley on her first challenge win to getting down to business. They easily agree that Nelson & Amanda are an easy team to throw in because they are rookies who came in as replacements and need to prove themselves. As for the second team, well, that’s a tougher decision.

Thomas & Simone are a weak team, so Ashley is okay letting them slide, as they’re not likely to make it too far anyway. Cory & Ashley scout out Wes & Nany for a sit down. Wes pitches an alliance and Cory says yes. It’ll be interesting to see how far this alliance goes. Cory is unsure if it’s a good deal. We’ll see if Nany is over the Bananas alliance or how this all goes down. Nonetheless, next the winners grab Nate & Christina and give them the heads up that they will be the other team going in.

Camila, that little pot-stirrer, tells Ashley that Simone told Jamie to stay away from her. Ashley and Simone get in an epic verbal fight (10 points each) revealing a level of trashiness that is not surprising, but almost impressive. Ashley and Jamie’s relationship is none of Simone’s business, but instead of making that point, Ashley’s quality line is that Simone’s butt hurts cause she’s a “weak ass.” This fight bring out the West Virginia accent in Ashley. It’s somewhere between amazing and horrible.

Simone taunts Ashley that they won’t put Thomas and her into elimination because Ashley has no power, Cory makes the decision. That’s Simone practically begging to be put in. Thomas calmly calls out Simone on this terrible strategy, but Simone is way too thick-headed to get it.

Cory tries to have a calm talk with Simone about how she went out of her way to stir something up. Simone tries to defend herself as if she was looking out for Jamie. Cory informs her that in reality, she’s butting into other people’s business. Stupidly, Simone doesn’t think to apologize to Ashley.

Ashley vents her frustrations to Cory and says Thomas needs to get her to move out of her room or they need to put them into the elimination. Cory doesn’t want to play the game emotionally and thinks they are a good team to keep around. Instead of working on moving Simone to another room, at the meeting with T.J., Cory decides keeping his partner happy is the best strategy and puts Thomas & Simone in.

Simone goes from having the “we’re not going to be put in” attitude, to “what just happened?” Nate is pumped that Simone is so annoying that she’s getting herself put in the elimination over a bro alliance. Johnny & Jessica must be thrilled, as this is the other weakest team in the house.

Thomas is not confident in Simone, no matter what Wes tries to say. Meanwhile, Amanda informs Simone that she shouldn’t care about anyone or anything because they both find being a pain in the ass more important than having any real strategy.

The Replacements: Rookies Devin and Cheyenne

The Replacements: Rookies Devin and Cheyenne

At the elimination jungle, T.J. reminds us that stupid Brandon & Briana quit, so there will be more replacements. He brings back Are You The One? rookies Devin & Cheyenne: the only team the entire season to actually be eliminated. They do not return in gear, which means they will not be up for elimination this time. The Are You The One? cast members are excited to have them back, as this is good for number for their game, if they ever figure out how to play it. Cory is excited, as he gets a second chance to try to hook up with Cheyenne.

Back to the game… Thomas picks a white skull, Nelson picks a white skull, then Simone goes up. While giving Ashley the death stare, she picks a white skull and celebrates as if that was the demonstration of some sort of skill. She screams expletives at Ashley (verbal attack, 5 points).

Nelson & Amanda will play Johnny & Jessica in Weight for Me. The guys will be on one side of a wall with rope, pulling their girl teammate up to see a puzzle, then lowering them to put the puzzle together. Fastest team wins.

Amanda Putting Together the Puzzle

Amanda Putting Together the Puzzle

Nelson is pumped. He knows that another Are You the One? team coming in is good for their game against the veterans. Also, he is ripped. Pulling Amanda up and down is just another day at the gym for him. Johnny is also doing alright using the rope, pulling Jessica up and down. Jessica, however, is simply not good at these challenges. She is panicking and unable to come up with a good way to memorize the oddly patterned puzzle pieces.

Tony correctly identifies that Amanda is cool, calm and collected while Jessica is “not cool, not calm, not collected.” I believe the word he’s looking for is “frazzled.”

Rivals 3 - Ep 5 - EliminationMeanwhile, for all the ridiculousness Amanda presented in the house, she’s focused and thriving off of the pressure. Nelson & Amanda win easily (25 points each).

Jessica is disappointed and cries (5 points). She tries to be positive, but Johnny is frustrated with her inability to compete well. T.J. refrains from knocking Jessica because hey, at least she didn’t quit.

Tony is not too bummed and mentions how attractive the women in the house are, wondering who he should hit on next.

Back at the house, Nelson & Amanda celebrate. This is the best feeling Amanda has ever had? Jesus. What are these people’s lives like off-camera?

Stray observations:

  • Crazy Kelly Anne is back! Between her nerves before the challenge and her thoughts about maybe losing the challenge show that Kelly Anne is still pretty unstable. On the other hand, though, Kelly Anne tried to calm Jessica down and get her in a good head space for elimination even though Jessica’s performance was terrible. There’s reasonable Kelly Anne again.
  • It’s refreshing to see Nate & Christina (well, at least Christina) be understanding of their status in the house and accepting that they will have to go in and that’s just how it is.
  • Simone’s dislike for Ashley is so much more important to her than valuing an alliance with one of the best teams in the house. Ugh, Simone is being an idiot.
  • Did Tony & Jessica ever actually hook up??? If they did, and MTV didn’t show it, that’s fantasy game negligence on the editors.

Hopefully, hook up fantasy points are on the horizon…

Episode 5 scores shown below:

Rivals 3 - Ep 5 - Scores

Rivals 3 – Ep 5 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Rivals 3 – Ep5 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Ashley (35 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Many people chilled with 0 points

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